Happy Pepero Day

It’s November 11th once again and it’s another Pepero Day! It has been a year since we “celebrated” the Millenium Pepero Day!
What is Pepero? It’s the chocolate covered stick biscuits made by Lotte Confectionery. Every November 11th, we celebrate a commercial day for the yummy snacks. Pepero is available in five variants: original, almond, peanuts, nude and strawberry. My favorites are the nude and almond Pepero.
I’ve been getting Pepero since Wednesday last week. When someone gives me one, I give it to another person ;p Last Thursday night though, my son insisted we buy Pepero so he can give them to his classmates. Two years ago, I bought a box of Pepero that he gave away to his friends at the day care center on a Pepero Thursday. He wanted to do it again but too bad I couldn’t order that many in advanced.
By the way, Pepero has changed its packaging this year. Jehan posted about it on her blog – Pepero’s New Looks.
Here are the Peperos that my son bought for his friends:

Happy Pepero Day!

When he came home last Friday night, he also got Peperos from his friends. Since yesterday, he’s been greeting people “Pepero Nal, chuk-ha-hae!”


  1. i will greet yong ho oppa kkkk .. 🙂
    and i will give pepero also to him 🙂
    빼빼로 날 축하해 ~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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