Ate Ning's Homemade Yummies

Having Filipino food is a novelty for me here in Korea. It’s not everyday (and not even every week) that I could eat my favorite Filipino food. Most of the time, I get to taste pancit, adobo, menudo and sweet “kakanin” like “biko”, leche flan and “palitaw” only when I meet my pinay ajumma friends. This is the reason why I’m glad that one of my pinay ajumma friends has started selling her goodies.
I met Ate Ning online almost nine years ago. We had never met personally until this year. That day she prepared “palitaw” and coconut macaroons for our potluck party. Both were hits, especially the “palitaw” that I haven’t had for a decade!
Since Ate Ning started selling her “kakanin” about three weeks ago, I’ve already ordered “kutsinta”, cassava cake, “ube halaya”, “pandesal” and macaroons. They are all good and worth the price I paid for them. I especially like her cassava cake and pandesal. I even cooked “pancit bihon” for the “pandesal”!
Here are some of her goodies:

Ate Ning lives in Jeonju, but she sends her goodies via post office. The package arrives the next day. Since it’s winter and cold, the food stays fresh. Visit her FB page to order: Ning’s Yummies

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