IRIS Season II stars Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae.
IRIS Season II stars Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae.

I’m currently finishing a project for winter. I’m multi-tasking by reviewing one of my favorite Korean dramas “IRIS” on TV! It’s absolutely one of the most exciting, most entertaining, well acted Korean dramas ever! And now I’m excited with the news that IRIS 2 will premiere in February. The 20-episode drama will be broadcasted on KBS2 from February 13th (Wednesday).
IRIS starred Lee Byung Hun, Jung Jun Ho and Kim Tae Hee. IRIS Season 2 will be topbilled by Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae. I couldn’t be happier with the casting. I loved the two stars in Chuno, which is also one of my top Korean dramas.
A lot of Pinoys may hate Lee Da Hae for that English accent blunder, but I still love her! Can’t blame me because she was adorable in “My Girl” and “Chuno”. I’ve been a fan of Jang Hyuk since his “Please Teach Me English” days with Lee Na Young. Oh yeah, I still wish it was Lee Na Young who starred opposite Jang Dong Gun in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” instead of Kim Ha Neul, but that’s just me.
As much as I’m excited with IRIS 2, I don’t think I’m watching on February 13th though. It has been my policy to not watch a drama while it’s airing. Or else, I’ll go crazy like what happened with “Bridal Mask” last year!


  1. Annyeong Ma’am Betchay..ask lang po ako if my new jod hiring naba sa mg Pinoy korean..Balak ko sana mag apply bakasakali meron!! thanks po^^

  2. I don’t expect too much at all in IRIS 2. While it is true that Iris 1 was so great, the ending was just too crappy for me as well as the sequel…Athena.
    And should I add that I don’t have any expectation at all with Lee Da Hae too? her recent drama, Ms. Ripley was just a waste of my time it was so nonsense for me.. I watched it because of Kim Seung Woo and Yoo Chun.
    I like Jang Hyuk a so much.. I did watch all of his drama series but he’s too unlucky with his co-actress…if he didn’t die in a story, he ended alone and lonely… I hope to see him acting on a romance comedy though.

    1. Please Teach Me English is romance comedy, it’s a movie though. Try to watch “Chuno” it’s fast paced and well acted, IMO.
      I like Yoo Chun too, but I didn’t see Ms. Ripley.

      1. i did watch Chuno ate betchay 🙂 honestly, if I willl upload my hardsubbed kdramas on my file, kulang ang 1TB kekeke. Jang Hyuk’s eyes always look miserable when he act that’s why I am interested to know if he can portray a funny and romantic guy role like that of Hyun Bin, Kang Ji Hwan and Park Shi Hoo because he deserves to be as popular as them 🙂
        I’m not being bias w/ LDH but when she quit East of Eden, I am so disappointed with her that time and I think that right now, I can easily compare her as the female version of Choi’ Si Won’s Kang Hyun Min role in king of Drama.

  3. oh, haven’t watched Iris yet… but i remember watching the music video with Anne in the subway, haha!
    ate Betchay, same here.. i really couldn’t endure KHNs acting opposite JDG that’s why i stopped watching after a couple of episodes.
    didn’t like LDH in East of Eden ba yon that’s why I also didn’t try watching her succeeding dramas. i would love to give Iris2 a chance though because of JangHyuk and the other Korean stars I see in the poster that I really like(Jumong’s mom and LeeBomSoo(?)…^^,

  4. I have been watching few of the Korean films off-late and have found them to be of very strong story and characterization. I had seen the IRIS – The Movie, it was really one of the best movies i have ever seen.
    Now a days I try to watch more and more Korean films online. Few of them have subtitles so it really makes the watching pretty easy!

  5. Hi
    i watched alot of korean series and i like to learn korean language and their i try to learn from movies but its so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love korean people and i belive i will come to your country.
    IRIS2 is the best action and korean drama that i have seen and i following this movie
    have a best wishes for you.

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