Girls Generation Pop-Up Room

SM Town had a pop-up store opened for a week at Lotte’s Young Plaza in Myeongdong. I went there on January 12th to get some stuff. The pop-up store was at the basement and highlights Girls Generation collectibles. There were also collectibles from Super Junior, Shinee, EXO and TVXQ.

On the way to Lotte Young Plaza for the Girls Generation Pop-up Store
On the way to Lotte Young Plaza for the Girls Generation Pop-up Store

On the first floor of Lotte Young Plaza was the Girls Generation Pop-up Room where fans can ogle on the girls’ memorabilias that are on sale at the pop-up store. The Pop-up Room was divided into four sections, two of which are places where fans can have their pictures taken. There was a bench in one of the section and a Merry-Go-Round horse in another. The other two sections displayed stuff on sale downstairs. Since there were a lot of tourists that time having their photographs taken in the room, I didn’t take a picture of the whole place. I took some of the items that caught my attention.
The Pop-up Room followed the style of Girls Generation’s new album: colorful! I remember seeing the girl group during the Road for Hope Concert. They danced well ;p
When I tried to buy a notebook with Tiffany on the cover, I had to call a sales rep. She said the one right in front of me is Tiffany! Ahahay… I feel so old!


  1. omo! loads of SNSD merchandises! ;A; I want them all!
    how I wish makavisit ako sa Korea someday. 🙁 Kaso kasi need pa pala ng VISA tapos syempre airport fare pa.
    Any idea po if may mga Inn or hotel na cheap dyan sa Korea?

  2. Whaa! So what happened when you saw Tiffany, you didn’t get to greet her? Are they really gorgeous in real life, who do you like the most among them?
    They were in the Philippines last week, and they left the same they they arrived. I hope they had a fansigning event here.huhu

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