South Korea as "Cosmetic Surgery Country"

I saw this on SBS news tonight while my husband and I were dining at our favorite naengmyeon (cold noodles) restaurant. According to the news, South Korea is the country with the most plastic surgery procedures with 1 in every 5 women living in Seoul aged 15-49 had undergone under the knife. The country is followed by Greece and Italy.

On MBC news...
On MBC news…

In the same news, it was reported that lipoplasty or liposuction is the most popular procedure in the world. The second and third most popular are breast augmentation and eyelid surgery.
In South Korea, Japan and China, nose augmentation is the most popular. Breast augmentation is the top procedure in the United States while many Brazilians have had butt surgery.
The total number of cosmetic procedures done in South Korea includes not only those done on Koreans but other nationalities who come to the country to enhance their looks.
Many believe that the kpop trend is influencing young women to have plastic surgery. I’ve only met one person by far who’ve had her looks “enhanced”. My former boss had double eyelid surgery. How many Korean women do you know who have had enhancements?


  1. A lot of korean celebs had surgeries, you’ll notice when you see their old photos, from eyelid surgeries to nose jobs. When i was in korea, I saw advertisements of plastic surgery inside the subway trains. Medyo nakakagulat yung pics na nasa advertisement kasi ang laki ng difference nung before and after photo, I can’t believe na pati yung jaw puede nilang paliitin (may pag-asa pa si Charice Pempengco,hehe!)

  2. No surprising! Watch those entertainers on TV. Don’t they look the same? A younger sister of a local girl band joined the Voice Kids singing contest. My! You have to see her and her parents’ appearance. The impossibility of producing such a pretty snger is pretty obvious. Talk about enhancements! Can’t wait to see these “enhanced beauties” offsprings before the knives do their jobs.

  3. Just take a count on the subway. Who looks natural and who looks like a drone. How many do I know? I know a few but I didn’t make many female Korean friends, mostly because of this issue.

  4. Hindi kasya sa daliri ko sa kamay ang mga Koreans na nakilalala ko who has done the plastic surgery.Most of them did the double eyelid surgery.Lalaki o babae it doesnt matter. And they arent shy to tell na they did a surgery as long as itatanong mo. Ndi tulad sa pinas maski artista deny to death pa kahit halatang halata. I heard pa na gift ng parents sa isang girl debutant ang surgery..its very normal tlga in korea kya magkakamuka na sila.

  5. It’s taxing on relationships when trends like this affect a girls perception. I had one girlfriend breakup with me because I didn’t like the idea of her getting breast implants, and also wouldn’t pay for them.

  6. Naalala ko tuloy yung news about the chinese couple. Nagtaka si guy bakit ang pangit nung baby nila nung asawa nya, then he found out na produkto pala ng plastic surgery ung asawa nya kaya iba muka nung anak nila. He filed a lawsuit against his wife at nanalo si husband sa kaso.

  7. My husband had his eyes done because he said it will be easier to land a job with big eyes. haha! His female cousin had her nose done. Mind you, she’s pretty even without having her nose enhanced.

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