N Love Tower: Namsan in Winter

We have been experiencing what is called as 꽃샘추위 (kkot saem chu ui) or spring frost. We had a really great spring weather last week and now it’s as if we’re back to winter! Perhaps it’s because I didn’t post a lot about the last winter we had so I was excited to visit Namsan in winter.
Last February 17th, we visited “N Seoul Tower” in Namsan. The mountain was covered in snow. We took the electric bus from exit 4 of Chungmuro Station. Even though the weather was cold, it didn’t stop the lovers, tourists and families from going up to see a winter-y view of Seoul. As always, we had a great time just looking at the people enjoying themselves. We walked on our way down to the path of the old fortress wall.
I can’t count how many times I’ve been to Namsan. I was there when the old Seoul Tower was still open. I always visit the mountain after my checkup when I was pregnant. My son is almost 7 years old already and like a true Seoulite, we never get tired of going up the mountain and look over the city we love so much ;p

If you’re ever in Seoul, never miss the chance to go up the mountain. If you can, walk on your way down to inhale the lovely scent of pine and breathe the less polluted air in the mountain. It’s free and isn’t Namsan in winter just spectacular?


  1. I suddenly miss Seoul! I went there last Seollal for a short winter vacation. We went hiking at Bukhansan, it was a wonderful experience. Freaking cold at Namsan tower at night (bcoz of wind chill). I think I will never get tired of visiting S. Korea^^

  2. This is so romantic! And it is really difficult to guess it is already spring 🙂
    My boyfriend lives in South Korea and I really want to go to Namsan tower with him. I’m so glad you wrote this post. Looking at the photos is the second best thing to being there.
    I wonder what kind of things do couples usually write on the locks?

  3. Hi! My friends and i are flying in on thursday! May i ask for your reco on what outfits to bring? Is it still that cold in seoul? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Bee! Not anymore but it is still cold in the morning and at night or when it’s windy. Just make sure to bring a jacket or a cardigan.

      1. Thank you! Really excited to be there! Sayang won’t be able to catch the cherry blossoms 🙁 thanks again! 🙂

  4. I read you visited the Tower whilst pregnant using the bus route. Is it safe? My sister in law is coming to visit and would like to take her to Namsan but I know from the bus stop we have to walk to the Plaza area. She is in her first trimester. Is it safe for her? Are there stairs? How long does it take to walk and reach the Tower itself? Salamat po!

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