Namiseom (Naminara Republic) by ITX

One of the places in Korea that I keep visiting is Namiseom (aka Nami Island or Naminara Republic). In 2012, I went there twice in the summer. Once with my son (when my husband was on a business trip abroad) and the other time was to accompany a group of Filipino K-drama fans ;p
When I went to Namiseom with my son, I booked round-trip tickets on the ITX to Gapyeong. The ITX is the high-speed train that connects Seoul to Chuncheon. It’s faster than taking the Gyeongchun line, although the latter is more convenient as one doesn’t need to book in advance to secure seats. The ITX train has a two-floor car and my son was excited to try it.
I booked tickets through Korail’s website. I used the Korean website since I’m a member of Korail. There is an English version of the site.

Korail website is also in English
Korail website is also in English

On the English version of the site, click on the “Booking” tab and “Book Online”. Enter the details of “Departure Date and Time” and “Departure/Arrival Stations”. In this case, I chose “Yongsan” as departure station and “Gapyeong” as the arrival station. I set the time at “0” to show all the departure schedules. The type of train is “ITX-Cheongchun”.
Enter the details of your trip.
Enter the details of your trip.

After entering the details of the trip, the schedule of departure and arrival is shown. The greyed “Select” is sold out and cannot be booked. Click the magnifying glass to show a table of the fares.
To book tickets, enter the personal information required:
The tickets can be paid online using a credit card…
Pay for tickets by credit card
Pay for tickets by credit card

After payment, make sure to jot down or print the results. Make sure to be at the station (in this case, Yongsan) before the schedule to get the tickets from the kiosk or from the booths. The train leaves on time.
Tourists can board the ITX-Chungcheon line from Yongsan, Oksu, Wangshimni and Cheongnyangni stations.
Like I said, the ITX-Chungcheon has two two-floor cars. Unfortunately, the seats for them can’t be booked through the English site of Korail.


  1. Hi, I know this is out of the topic, but do you have any idea on how to go to Wonju rail bike in gangwan-do? Subways or buses to take? Or is nami island-petite france-rail biking doable in a day? Salamat!!

    1. Hi Lian! I have not been to Wonju rail bike but in early spring this year, my family and I went to Yongmun Rail Bike. You could take the subway to get there ~ just take the Jungang line going to Yongmun.

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