Korean Scandal: Yoon Chang Joong

Yoon Chang Joong, fired for indecency
Yoon Chang Joong, fired for indecency

Here’s a Korean scandal that is hugging the headlines nowadays. What is the Korean word for a “pervert”? If you say 변태 (byun-tae) then you’re right. The hottest news in Korea right now is the scandal involving Yoon Chang Joong. Who is he? He used to be the Press Secretary of President Park Geun Hye. He got involved in a scandal while in the United States, as part of President Park Geun Hye’s entourage on her first US trip after her election.
Apparently, Yoon Chang Joong “grabbed the buttocks” of an intern working at the Korean Embassy “without her permission” (based on the incident report filed in Washington and shown on Korean news programs). For this “shameful” act, Yoon was fired and rightfully so. South Korea is not a perfect country, but a high standard of accountability is expected of public officials.
Where I came from, public officials would get involved in shameful scandals and still hold their heads up high and cling to their positions as if nothing happened. Oh well! I still wish for the best in my home country ;p


  1. Your article put a grin on my face and I chuckled at your humorous way of starting off. This was a great article because people will see the headlines and need to know the facts. Thank you for letting us know what’s up.
    In America the politicians go thru the same mess. New York actually hosts most of U.S. Congress’s high dollar ladies. And last year we learned that Secret Service personnel go there for fun too. What a shame, if any wrong is being committed by any person regardless position.
    However, I pray we don’t take things too far when slamming these humans down.
    Because we need to realize:
    1) Korean men are widely accepted as having mistresses,
    and it’s widely considered healthy to the man and his marital relationship.
    2) This is true also in Europe and other advanced parts of the world,
    and has been historically for a long time.
    3) The U.S. is one of the few places where having girlfriends and mistresses,
    as a married man, is widely unaccepted.
    And so.. for a U.S. politician I’d expect a wide public outcry. But I will be surprised if Korea slams hims too harshly. Because after all, a sin is only a sin, if the laws say so, and in most courtrooms, the “unwritten” laws and culture, are taken into account, and this incident is a great example of why they should be taken into account.
    Koreans should not condemn their own, by U.S. culture standards. In fact, to defend my position on that, let’s take into consideration the divorce statistics, and also of unhealthy family, broken family, destroyed children, homes, and families. The future of America, looks bad, while the future of Korea looks strong and healthy.
    And I’d suspect Korea’s more realistic standards for a man, is to thank for that. America’s unrealistic standard for a man, was written for sole purpose to destroy Mormonism. Same with the Monopoly law (cattle goods).
    American history reveals flaws in most of the amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
    If America wants to save the family, itself, it needs to learn from Korea. I pray Korea doesn’t make the mistake of learning from American amendments. The original America, its constitution, and bill of rights, was practically flawless. And improvement, would be amazing. But unfortunately America is backsliding. I pray Korea doesn’t follow that.
    Women need rights, but men do also. And realistic gender and psychologically based laws are necessary. Man and woman’s needs are not the same. They both deserve freedom, high pay, great lives, and so on. And both deserve to have their necessities met!
    Any laws that don’t take that into consideration, are destroying their future. Because family is what creates the future. Children are that future. And based on that fact, if you look at America’s children, you’ll realize what’s coming. They are the spawn of nearly two decades of war, based on greed, corruption, and power. Which began long before. And has reached a boiling point, or rather, inception.
    A good politician or General might be good at fulfilling the responsibilities and roles that applies to that office, and yet be terrible at other things. We hire that person for their abilities in that job, not for their abilities or failures in other areas. I’d rather have a murderous pig whose good at being a General, as the man leading me into battle, than to have a perfect upstanding Priest, who is terrible at being a General and is going to get us all killed and lose the war.
    And as for the office of Priest, I will choose the man who isn’t a pedophile. See what I’m talking about? Choose the man, or woman, according to the job. If they’ll be around children, make sure they’re morally right. And if they’ll be around politicians and generals making national security decisions, make sure they’re hard skinned.
    And let them take care of their own personal affairs if those don’t affect the job at hand. Some things don’t need to be posted in the lime light. The only persons that get hurt by publicized criticism and persecution, is the child that’s watching CNN.
    Some things don’t need to be made public, and don’t necessitate the resignation of that person. Where would we be if General Eisenhower or half the Presidents of the U.S. were fired because of their affairs and murders?
    Thank you for bringing this incident and the facts to light!
    I love your articles!
    -Ben ã……ã……

  2. For me, hindi kailangang maging lax ang Korean government sa pagkundina sa ganyang gawain dahil lamang sa “normal” or “tanggap” ito sa karamihan. Iba ang “having an affair” sa “sexual harassment”. Ginawa pa talaga during President Park Geun Hye’s first trip to US.

    1. I have to agree. Ang taas ng posisyon niya at siya ang “bibig” ng presidente. Dapat lang umarte ng nararapat.

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