Yoo Chun, Joo Won and Kim Bum at the Baeksang Awards

Waiting for the stars at the Baeksang Awards…
It was raining last Thursday, May 9th, but it didn’t stop me from taking the hike to Kyunghee University’s Peace Auditorium. The “Red Carpet” was scheduled from 4:30 to 6 o’clock, but it started a few minutes late. When I got there, hordes of fans were already waiting with their cameras AND umbrellas! I just stood at the back at first, but because of the pushing I was almost in front of the railings before it was time for me to go home to pick up my son at his taekwondo class.

Waiting for the Korean stars to arrive...
Waiting for the Korean stars to arrive…

Who did I see at the Baeksang Awards? I honestly don’t know a lot of the stars but the ones I know are Kim Ah Jung, Yoo Chun (of JYJ), Kim Bum and Joo Won. I was thrilled to see Joo Won since I followed him in “Kim Tak Goo” and “Bridal Mask”. It was my second time to see Yoo Chun, since I saw him last year at the SBS Studio while he was taping for “Rooftop Prince”. It was also my second time to see Kim Bum. The first time was at Lee Min Ho’s fans day at the same venue!
It was difficult for me to take pictures. I brought my DSLR but it was hard controlling it since the fans were pushing. I also couldn’t get a decent photo with my S3 phone, because of its casing. Sigh! The best snapshot I could muster…
Yoo Chun arrives for his turn on the Red Carpet
Yoo Chun arrives for his turn on the Red Carpet

Yoo Chun got the loudest screams until it was time for me to go home and pick up my son. While walking, I heard even louder screams. I even saw a stretched limo enter the gates of the university. I wonder who was in it ;p
Oh, Kim Bum is cuter than ever ;p


  1. Hi Ms. Betchay. I’m so glad you posted a photo of Yoochun since I’m a JYJ fan in Manila. Just wanted to ask permission if it’s okay to share and post your photo and link with the group of JYJ lovers in the Philippines? Thanks. 🙂

  2. Whoaaaa~ You’re so lucky to see him! I wish I could see him in person one of these days too~^^ 반가워요 언니~^^ Thanks for this blog post!

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