Imbestigador: Filipina Forced to Marry a Korean

On Imbestigador last weekend, they featured a Filipina who was “forced” to marry a Korean. The Filipina is 19 years old while the Korean man is 37. She claimed that she met the Korean through a friend. They went out as “friends” on several occasions, then the Korean started giving the Filipina presents. She learned later that she has been “arranged” to be married by her parents to the Korean man. She claimed that she didn’t want to marry the Korean but he (and the broker) threatened that they should pay back the money that the Korean had spent.
In the Philippines, mail-order bride or matchmaking is illegal. In South Korea, many couples met through matchmaking as it is an accepted way of finding a partner. In the Philippines, a 19 year old cannot marry without the consent of the parents. In the end, their marriage may be annulled because there was coercion or the girl was forced to marry the Korean man. Too bad that the Korean now has to face charges, but let this be a lesson for both parties. Good for the girl that she could still meet and marry a man she loves (hopefully) if her marriage is annulled. Did the parents receive some cash for marrying off their daughter? It wasn’t mentioned in the report. The Korean was also not interviewed to air his side.

Next year, the new immigration law for F-6 or spousal visa will take effect. Hopefully, that would help curb incidences of mail-order brides and of forced marriages. It may sound idealistic, but marriage is not just a “piece of paper” or a contract. It is a lifelong commitment of love.


  1. Most wonderful ‘betchay’,
    Thank you again for keeping us well informed and writing an excellent non-biased article. You love Korea and the Philippines so much. That makes you a wonderful writer on the subject. I enjoy reading your articles and receiving them in my email box.
    Your faithful reader always,
    -Ben ã……ã……

  2. Old Korean guys and old Filipinas shouldn’t get married any more. The reason the old Koreans want to get married with Filipinas is that they are mostly poor class in Korea, so that they cannot find a Korean lady who would want to married them.
    Also many Filipinas try to marry old Korean despite of their age due to some fantasy on the life in Korea, and to escape from their hopeless reality in their home country. Then soon after arrive in Korea, many of them have affair with Filipino OFW in Korea and heart the innocent hart of old poor Korean guys.
    Koreans also don’t want Filipina wives in Korea, it causes complicated problems and the victims are the poor Korean people.

  3. hello Ms. Betchay,
    the marriage is not null and void but it can be annulled. meaning the marriage is valid until annulled. there is a difference between the two

  4. I have seen the video of this report. Was she really forced? She had dates with the Korean guy several times, they had a lot of guests in their civil wedding,she was wearing her wedding dress, she filed a complaint only after the Korean finished his documents needed to get her a visa,he was planning to take her with him to South Korea when he goes home..
    If she was forced to marry him,she cold have filed a complaint even before the marriage or after the so called ‘rape’..

  5. In the news, the Korean was not given the chance to speak(imbestigador)..the girl was introduced to the Korean guy by a Filipino driver…and they went dating,he gave them gadgets,and they got married..went on a honeymoon, where she said she was raped..the Korean went back to korea to fixed his papers for her visa, when he came back to the Philippines, she decided not to go yata and then the Korean said they/she had to return the money he spent and all the gadgets..which then prompted her to report it..
    Poor Korean ..poor young filipina….

    1. I agree with you. They havent showed the other side of the coin. Imbestigador should have been more responsible in doing some more research and giving chance for the guy to explain his side. Who knows, he might be actually also a victim. I heard he has showed a video of the wedding where the bride appears to be happy and not actually grieving…

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  7. This gives me the impression that the Korean embassy in Manila DO NOT CARE for the welfare of either side.
    They do not seem to at least “scrutinize” the marriage esp. that there had been cases of wives committing suicide or husbands killing their wives.
    Korean embassies need to do what the US embassies are doing. Background check and testing in the marriage is “legit” (couples knowing each other like usual couples)!

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