Ho Lee Fuk! Asiana pilot names from KTVU

Ho Lee Fuk indeed – Asiana pilot names according to KVTU! The names of the pilots of Asiana flight 214 that crash landed on July 6 (US time) at the San Francisco Airport were erroneously reported by a news anchor from KTVU, a local news station in California. The following names were mentioned:
– Captain Sum Ting Wong
– Wi Tu Lo
– Ho Lee Fuk
– Bang Ding Ow
Apparently, an intern working at the station got the names from an NTSB official (National Transportation Safety Board). The NTSB denied that they gave out the names of the pilots.
A person familiar with Korean names would easily recognize that those names don’t sound Korean at all. Perhaps the intern should have done more research… or somebody should have used their common sense while typing the names for broadcast.
Here’s a news clip from Youtube:

Source: Paul Barrels


  1. Shame on the one who wrote it down and sorry that the news people couldn’t realize what was written and said.

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