"Touch Love" from The Master's Sun

“Touch Love” is the main theme song from the Korean drama “The Master’s Sun”. The said drama finished on Thursday last week and knowing that I won’t see new episodes anymore kinda makes me feel sad 🙁
The Master’s Sun stars Seo Ji Sub (whom we love in Mi-Sa) and Gong Hyo Jin (who is always splendid in whatever role she’s playing). It has a total of 17 episodes (unusual?) and was shown on SBS.
This drama has everything one would expect in a typical Korean drama ~ a rich and handsome hero, a perky heroine, unrequited love, stuffed toy, a jewelry, funny characters, a relative who’s against the heroine ~ and more!
I love the theme song of this drama. “Touch Love” is sung by Yoon Mi Rae. Oh I wish I could play the piano!

And here’s the lyrics in Korean…

내 손끝에 그대가 스치면 차가웠던 심장에 온기가 번지죠
살며시 다가가 기대고만 싶지만 그대와의 거리는 좁혀지질 않네요
만질 수가 없어도 돼 안을 수도 없어도 돼
Lonely love Yes I love you 내 운명처럼 그댈 느낄 수 있어요
랄랄라- 랄라-랄라- 랄랄라- 랄라- 랄라-
랄랄라- 랄라- 랄라- 랄라-
내 맘 닿을 수 있어요 두 손을 내밀어 그댈 잡고 싶지만
더 멀어질 것 같아 그대 곁을 맴돌죠
사랑할 수 없어도 돼 닿을 수도 없어도 돼
Lonely love Yes I love you 난 멀리서도 그댈 볼 수가 있어요
만질 수가 없어도 돼 안을 수도 없어도 돼
Lonely love Yes I love you 내 운명처럼
그댈 느낄 수 있어요
랄랄라- 랄라- 랄라- 랄랄라- 랄라- 랄라-
랄랄라- 랄라- 랄라- 랄라-
내 맘 닿을 수 있어요 Lonely love

Piano version…

If you haven’t seen this drama… go ahead and find it on the net. You will enjoy every episode ;p


  1. Bought this on iTunes as soon as it came out even though I don’t understand Korean. I love The Master’s Sun. Yoon Mi Rae is such a talent. Not only can she rap, she’s a great singer, too!

  2. I just love So Ji Sub.. and touch love has been my ringtone and alarm tone since the day I heard it in Masters’ Sun..it’s too viral that in our office before it ends last week, most of my office mates call each other Bang Shil for fun ^__^

  3. I will surely miss this drama such great chemistry on So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. Hope to see more drama with the two of them together. I agree, love the song as soon as I heard it I already checked online for the video.

    1. LSS… it reminds me of the theme song of “All About Eve” which was in my mind for months!!!
      I will miss Seo Ji Sub… I hope it won’t take a long time before we see him again.

      1. Hello po ate Betchay! Hmm ndi nyo pa po nareread past emails ko 🙁 sorry po nangungulit lng 🙂 malapit na po kasi yung England trip namin 🙂 hope to hear from you soonest! 😀

  4. Oh i love seo jisub…he is the MAN! Kkk i like the drama but how i wish they hired a different actress not because she couldn’t act but because she doesn’t look good with seo jisub kkk

  5. I love Soji-sub! twas nice to read about the master’s sun here.
    Sexy nman kase ni joojoowon two three e 😛
    The lead actress might not be a beauty like other kactresses
    but she has her own charm especially when she is smiling and
    acting with sjs.

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