Ups and Downs of Working in Korea, according to Prof. Abagat

Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat is much loved by the Filipinos in Korea ~ and for good reasons! Despite her hectic schedule as a professor, she manages to share her time helping Filipinos in need. The first time I met her was in December, 2011, but we knew each other before that. She is soft-spoken and has a very sweet voice that makes one feel relaxed talking to her. She is not intimidating at all ~ unlike the many teachers I’ve had in the 18 years I attended school!
Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagata shares the ups and downs of working in Korea on ABS-CBN’s Global Filipino page. I always enjoy reading articles she writes. Her positive attitude radiates from her words, even when she talks about the not-so-positive things that she has experienced. Truly, she’s an inspiration for every Filipino working and living in Korea.
Read about what she has to say working in Korea as a professor.

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