South Korea donates to Typhoon Yolanda victims

South Korea donates to typhoon Yolanda victims and more help is coming from the “Land of Morning Calm”. South Korea and the Philippines has a more than 60-year diplomatic relations. Filipinos love South Korea and Koreans love the Philippines as well (not counting the few “pasaways” from each country.) When South Korea needed help during the Korean War, the Philippines sent its contingent to help the country. They stayed as well for quite some time to help in the recovery efforts. Now that the Philippines need help, South Korean lawmakers held an emergency meeting on how it could best help the country. In fact, they have been coordinating with the South Korean Embassy in the Philippines and Rep. Jasmine Lee, the Philippine-born South Korean Member of Parliament.

Photo from Yonhap News
Photo from Yonhap News

Last November 11, an advanced team from MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) flew to the Philippines to assess the damage and how they could best assist in the recovery efforts.
On November 12th, it is announced that South Korea would donate up to 5 million dollars. They will also send manpower to help in the recovery such as emergency response teams and medical personnel. Source: <a″>Naver news
Samsung Group will also send 1 million dollars through the Red Cross and World Vision to help in the recovery efforts. Samsung Philippines will also send a 20-people volunteer team including service engineers. Source: Naver News
The Korea NGO Council for Overseas Cooperation will also donate 1 million USD. The Jogyesa Buddhism Order will give 100,000 USD.
Hyundai and Kia Motors will give 600,000 dollars as donation.
On Thursday, there will be a televised nationwide fund raising telethon hosted by KBS and Rep. Jasmine Lee will be there from 4 to 6 PM.
Rep. Jasmine Lee has been working hard talking to different organizations to raise funds for the victims of the typhoon. Thank you so much!

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