Thank you Korea!

Thank you Korea for being so generous and helpful! As I watch today’s special broadcast of KBS to raise funds for typhoon Yolanda’s victims, I couldn’t help but feel elated for the warmth generosity of Koreans! I’ve been monitoring the events in the Philippines for days. And it makes me sad seeing the devastation to the cities in so many provinces and the helplessness of the people. I know what it’s like to feel uncertain about the future. When Mt. Pinatubo erupted 22 years ago, we also had to evacuate and leave our home. We lost our livelihood but thankfully, we were able to get back on our feet.
I’ve been living in Korea for ten years and I’ve experienced the kindness and helpful nature of Koreans so many times. I still remember how much Korea has helped Haiti when it was struck by an earthquake a few years ago. And now that killer typhoon Yolanda devastated the provinces of the Visayas region, Korea didn’t bat an eyelash to help a neighbor in need.
On the special broadcast of KBS today, I felt tears when I saw little kids donating their piggy banks because they saw how the typhoon affected the children in the Philippines. A few of the older donors mentioned about how the Philippines helped South Korea during the Korean War and that they are just returning the favor. Generous hearts lined up to drop their white envelopes to the boxes in different cities in Korea. Thank you so much!

KBS Special Broadcast for Typhoon Yolanda on November 14th
KBS Special Broadcast for Typhoon Yolanda on November 14th

The South Korean government announced that it’s donating 5 million USD worth of relief. It sent an advanced team last Monday night to assess the situation on ground zero. On Wednesday, they started shipping the goods which include food, blankets and even hygiene products for women and diapers for babies. Aside from the relief goods, the Korean government is also sending medical personnel and workers to help in the recovery efforts.
On the same day that the Korean government announced its donation, Samsung Group also announced it’s donating 1 million USD to Typhoon Yolanda victims through the Red Cross, World Vision and Sagip Kapamilya. Samsung donated $250,000 to the Philippine Red Cross, $500,000 to ABS-CBN’s Sagip Kapamilya and $250,000 to World Vision. Thank you Samsung!
The Korean NGO Council for Overseas Cooperation also donates $1 million. Thank you!
The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism also donated $100,000. I just visited their temple last month and I enjoyed the beautiful chrysanthemum displays.
Our favorite figure skater ~ Queen Yuna Kim ~ is giving $100,000 through UNICEF. She also asked her fans to help through UNICEF. I’m looking forward to the Winter Olympics because of you. Good luck Kim Yuna! The Philippines will be cheering for you!
We are cheering for you!
We are cheering for you!

LG Electronics also gave $500,000 to the Philippine Red Cross, with the inspiring Dick Gordon accepting their donation. They will also install solar panels worth $165,000 at the evacuation centers.
Dick Gordon accepting LG Electronics' donation
Photo from Dick Gordon’s FB account

Asiana Airlines also sent emergency kits with food and non-food items. I’m so excited to fly Asiana come January ;p
Korea donates to Philippines
Hyundai Heavy Industries is giving $200,000 through the Red Cross. They are also sending a 21-ton excavator and a backhoe loader to help in the recovery effort along with equipment and operational support personnel. Their president, Lee Jae Sung sends his message of condolences and hope that the people will recover and be back on their feet soon.
Hyundai Kia Automotive Group donated a combined $600,000 to the Red Cross. As a global company, it is committed to social responsibility to provide humanitarian assistance. Thank you Hyundai and Kia!
SKONO Korea, the shoe company, also donated 20억원 or about $2 million through Good People. You truly are “good people”.
SKONO Korea gives through Good People
SKONO Korea gives through Good People

Hite Jinro is giving 100,000 bottles of water. K-Water is also sending 200,000 bottles of water and another donation of $100,000. Thank you!
Busan City is donating $100,000 while Seoul City is giving $200,000 ~ other cities in Korea have also given donations through KBS on November 14th. Your help is much appreciated!
Countless business establishments and organizations in Korea have donated to typhoon Yolanda victims!
Hanyang University Hospital
Hanyang University Hospital

Kyeongin Women's College
Kyeongin Women’s College

Thousands of individual Koreans used their phones today during the KBS broadcast to donate 2,000 won ~
Individual donations to KBS
Individual donations to KBS

There have been Koreans on ground zero assisting in the relief efforts…
Distributing relief goods to typhoon Yolanda victims
Distributing relief goods to typhoon Yolanda victims

Koreans on ground zero delivering relief
Koreans on ground zero helping in the recovery

And to the millions of Koreans who have expressed their sympathies and moral support… thank you!
Thank you to the Korean TV stations that have been airing up-to-date information even before typhoon Yolanda made a landfall in Samar. I watched KBS news broadcast last night and I saw news footage that I didn’t see in other news channels.
Thank you too, Rep. Jasmine Lee for your tireless efforts… supporting both the Korean government in one of its biggest humanitarian efforts and for being the link to the victims of typhoon Yolanda.

Thank you Korea! The Filipino people is grateful for your help and generosity.

I am no graphic artist but I want everyone to know how actively is Korea helping the typhoon Yolanda victims.
I am no graphic artist but I want everyone to know how actively is Korea helping the typhoon Yolanda victims.

I apologize if I failed to mention every company that has donated as my Korean skills is lacking. The photos used in this post are not mine but owned by the respective news organizations where I got them from. I found them through Daum.


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