Kim Yuna robbed?

Disappointing but not totally unexpected. While watching the ladies’ free skate program, I read in a forum that there were two Russian judges in the jury. One of the posters said the result would be Lipnitskaia, Sotnikova and Kim in that order.
Kim Yuna obviously skated well. I was holding my breath watching her glide on ice. She was perfection, as far as I’m concerned (oh yeah I did say I was cheering for her). Checking the score, she got low GOE or grade of evaluation. Her technical score is about 5 points lower than Sotnikova.

Kim Yuna gets two bears :D
Kim Yuna gets two bears 😀

Oh well, Twitter is on fire now! And most of the post is about Kim Yuna robbed of the gold medal. Could the two Russian judges have anything to do with what seems to be a biased scoring? Yuri Balkov had a judging scandal before. While Alla Shekhovtseva had controversies before and even as early as the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Chicago Tribune post: “Now the other Russian, Adelina Sotnikova, is her country’s first women’s Olympic singles champion, thanks to a judges’ decision that may go down as among the most questionable in figure skating’s checkered history.” (full article)

Nevertheless, Kim Yuna is truly a classy athlete. Her performances are unforgettable and tonight, I love “Adios Nonino” more.

Thank you Kim Yuna and Asada Mao for making figure skating exciting!
Oh I’m so bitter! And I’m not even Korean 😀


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