Lea Salonga impresses Korean fans

Last February 22nd, Lea Salonga celebrated her birthday in Seoul performing for the Korean fans as a special guest of the British group IL DIVO. Too bad, I already have a schedule that night. Lea Salonga is well-loved by her Korean fans. She impressed them with her rendition of popular musical songs. Here are some of what her Korean fans are saying:

Translation: The Philippines produced the world’s best musical singer…

Translation: I could never imagine the legendary diva “Lea Salonga” standing in front of me. And she sang so easily the songs from Les Miserables, “On My Own” and “I Dreamed a Dream”… in addition from Memory to Defining Gravity.

Translation: When I was a child, I played at my father’s friend’s office and brought home the poster on the wall. I was so crazy hearing Jasmin’s voice in Aladdin. She is one of the people I want to meet the most, but the ticket for the Il Divo concert is so expensive so I couldn’t go.
A Korean blogger also wrote about her experience watching the concert. She took photos of the concert. She said that IL DIVO mentioned Lea Salonga’s birthday and they sang her a birthday song.

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