Korean ferry sinking: Entertainers join the nation in mourning

When the news of the Korean ferry “Sewol” was first broadcast, all the terrestrial channels: SBS, MBC and KBS stopped their regular programming. Up to today, they only been broadcasting about the Korean ferry accident.

Cancelled or postponed  ~ entertainment shows
Cancelled or postponed ~ entertainment shows

Korean Drama and Variety Shows
From April 16th, Korean dramas, variety shows, comedies and even musical programs have been postponed. Among them are MBC “Radio Star”, SBS “Oh My Baby” and Wednesday-Thursday dramas. Even cable channels joined in the mourning. Mnet Countdown, MBC Everyone “Showtime ~ Burning the Beast”, tvN sitcom “Potato Star” were all cancelled on April 17th. tvN’s “SNL Korea” and “Comedy Big League” are cancelled on the 19th and 20th, respectively.
All musical shows are all cancelled this weekend: M Countdown, KBS2 Music Bank, MBC “Music Core” and SBS “Ingigayo”.
There is no law banning the showing of entertainment shows, but there is an unwritten policy among the broadcasters that in times of disaster and the nation is mourning, it is best to empathize with the country. After all, the television viewers themselves do not feel like watching these shows. It also happened in 2010 when the ship “Cheonan” sank.
Movie Premiere, Press Conferences
Movie premieres and movie press conferences are either cancelled or postponed. The premiere for the movie “Make a Move” was supposed to happen at Wangshimni CGV on April 16th but was cancelled. The movie premiere of the animation “Rio 2” is also postponed. Movie premieres and press conferences scheduled from the 18th have been postponed.
Press conferences, comeback events and promotion schedules by stars like Jeon Ji Hyun, Jo In Sung, EXO, Lena Park are either postponed or cancelled.
Fan Signing

Many fan meeting and fan signing events are also postponed, understandably so. Actor Yoo Yun-seok’s fan meeting on the 20th is postponed.
My friends here in Korea have given up watching the news. I’m still tuned in to KBS and YTN. At this point everyone is waiting for news about what happened to the people who are still missing. We are hoping that somehow there are air pockets in the ship where the people are staying. It’s only a matter of time, but I hope everyone will go home soon… alive.


  1. Feeling really sorry for missing children and their parents. Hope more people will be found alive soon..

    1. And it will be hard to accept that the kids could have escaped if they were given proper instructions, instead they were told to stay where they are while the ship was listing.

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