May 14 is Rose Day

May 14 is celebrated in Korea as “Rose Day”. This is the time when roses start to bloom. I received a rose last Saturday, thanks to my friend’s son ~ Jisan. It was meant for Mother’s Day, though. I cut its long stem and put it in a cup, together with the red carnation I got last week for Parents’ Day.

Thank you Jisan for this rose :D
Thank you Jisan for this rose 😀

I was not a fan of roses, especially when I was younger, because they didn’t have a sweet fragrance. I thought roses smelled like an old lady’s bed 😀 I eventually appreciated its scent and beauty ~ more so when they are in full bloom in different colors.
In May, it is not unusual to see red rose bushes in Korea. For me, one of the best places to see roses is at Korea University. By the middle of May, the walls of the university campus would be covered in red roses and it’s such a delight to pass by the area.
Everland, the biggest theme park in Korea, also holds a “Rose Festival” in the month of May ~ not just one Rose Day. We were there in 2008 for my son’s second birthday…
Rose Festival in May ~ Everland
Rose Festival in May ~ Everland

There you’ll see roses of different colors ~ from white to red to blue!
At our old apartment complex, the area leading to the apartment’s commercial building is also covered with the red flowers…
Red rose bush at our old apartment - Rose Day
Red rose bush at our old apartment

One place that I would like to visit this year is Bucheon’s Dodang Park as they hold an annual Rose Festival. Haven’t been there and I tried to go there but the thought of a large crowd dissuades me 😀
Do you know what “rose” is in Korean? It’s 장미 or “jang-mi” ~

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