PSY Hangover

“HANGOVER” is the title of Psy’s newest music video. He made the video with American rapper Snoop Dog while G-Dragon of Korean idol group Big Bang also has an appearance in the video.

G-dragon in Psy and Snoop Dog's Hangover
G-dragon in Psy and Snoop Dog’s Hangover

For the past few days, Korean news has reported on the the music video’s teaser. The teaser reached over a million views in just one day.
The full video of HANGOVER is now available on Psy’s official channel in Youtube.

In the video, Psy and Snoop Dog are seen drinking the Korean beer HITE and soju CHAMISUL. In one scene, they are in the convenience store GS25 drinking bottles of “Condition” a Korean “hangover potion”. Psy is an endorser of all the mentioned brands.
Watching the video, it seems that PSY didn’t do a lot of singing. The song just features repetitive lyrics about drinking and getting a Psy hangover 😛 The song does not have the kind of appeal that made “Gangnam Style” famous, but they did try to make the music video “hilarious”.
The video ends with “New single DADDY coming this summer”. Will PSY be able to do a repeat of “Gangnam Style”? That we have to see.
So did you enjoy Psy Hangover? It’s just that it’s not my kind of music but curiosity got the better of me 😀

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