Real Men speak Tagalog

Surprise! Surprise! The cast of the Korean show Real Men went to the Philippines earlier this month to film their special challenge working with the ARAW Contingent. I tuned in to MBC last night to watch the show and I was so excited to see the Philippines in a popular show here in Korea.
The cast of Real Men went to Tacloban to help with the reconstruction effort as part of South Korea’s commitment to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda. The Real Men practised Tagalog by doing the scenes from famous Korean dramas in the Philippines: Dae Jang Geum and Endless Love (Autumn Tales). It was funny watching them sound like robots in pronouncing Tagalog words 😀

In another scene, four girls performed “Sorry Sorry” as Henry is a member of the idol group Super Junior. Henry greeted the girls and they were just so excited and asked Henry if they could approach him. The young man said yes and made the girls all giggly.
Another of my favorite scene was of the two boys who lost their parents and younger sister during the typhoon. You just want to hug them an tell them that everything is going to be all right. Henry said he felt like crying hearing about their story but he couldn’t just let his tears fall realizing how strong the boys are.

I will definitely be waiting for next week’s episode of Real Men. I watch Running Men whenever I can but this time, I’ll stay tune to Real Men.
You can find more videos of Real Men from MBC’s Entertainment channel or their Facebook page –> MBC Real Men on Facebook


  1. nakakatuwa naman! sarap na sarap sila sa manga lalo na si Chun Jung-Myun! hehehe! I love Kim Su-ro since Family Outing, nakakatawa talaga sya!

    1. 나도… we’re supposed to watch baseball on Sunday but I declined because of Real Men

  2. I don’t really watch Real Men coz I can’t find a subbing team who subs this weekly unlike Running Man and other k-variety shows but I was aware that they went to Tacloban to help. I was glad that it was already aired last week! I immediately looked for the raw videos of this episode and watched it eventho I can’t understand that much 🙁 I hoped someone sub this episode & the upcoming episode & I keep looking and waiting until today 🙁 sigh~ The episode is so heartwarming~ I also felt really bad for the people in Tacloban and I salute the Real Men staffs to come and help~ One of my episode scene was that when the boys told Henry about their parents buried in the church until they went to their house, it was really heartbreaking and I cant help but to shed tears.. I am also excited for the episode today!! Def gonna watch it 😀

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