Authentic Happy Call Pressure Pan

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking for authentic Happy Call pressure pan. Whenever I visit my family, they always ask me to bring Happy Call pans. Two weeks ago, my sister had a layover here in Korea and we bought two Happy Call pressure pan and she took them with her to the US. I can’t recall how many Happy Call pans I have bought through the years. My mother gives them as gifts to her friends and so do my other sisters.
I have an authentic Happy Call pressure pan at home that I bought four years ago. The last time I used it was two days ago when I cooked fish. I love my Happy Call but to be honest, my favorite kitchen gadget nowadays is the Mullex Air Fryer that I bought last year for less than 90,000 won πŸ˜€
Happy Call pressure pans come in different sizes. The one that I usually buy is called the “Multi-purpose sauce pan”. It’s size is 275 x 245 x 75 mm and weighs approximately 2.5 kg. It’s bigger and heavier than the ones being sold in the Philippines at 2,995 PHP.

Authentic Happy Call?

A lot of people have been asking how do you know if the Happy Call pressure pan is authentic. The truth is I don’t really know because I have not seen a fake one. I buy authentic Happy Call pressure pan only here in Korea.
Here are the different kinds of Happy Call pressure pan sold in Korea:

Kinds of Happy Call Pressure Pans
Kinds of Happy Call Pressure Pans

No. 1 is “Cutie Pan” and its dimension is 210mm x 40 mm.
No. 2 is “Nureungji Pan” and it is good for cooking burgers ~ 245mm x 220mm.
No. 3 is “New Double Sided Pan” and this is the size sold in the Philippines at 275mm x 245mm x 55mm.
No. 4 is “Multi-purpose double sided Pan” and this is the one that I usually buy for my family. Its dimension is 275mm x 245mm x 75mm.
No. 5 is the brown version of No. 4
No. 6 is the “Jumbo Red Double-sided Pan”. The size is 300mm x 250mm x 80mm. One of my sisters has this and she cooks a whole chicken in it.
No. 7 is the brown version.
No. 8 is the “Jumbo Grill Pan” and it has the same size as No. 6. The only difference is the grill side of the pan.
Here is the Happy Call on display at a retail store in Korea. It’s the “multi-purpose double sided” and is sold for 37,000 won or 37 USD. If you get something significantly lower in price, be aware that it could be fake. Or if too expensive ~ then you’ve been had πŸ˜€ I remember the shock on my sister’s face when she saw the price of the Happy Call here. She bought another brand in the Philippines for 9,000 pesos!
authentic Happy Call on display at a retail store.
Happy Call on display at a retail store.

Happy Call’s popularity is not surprising as it is very efficient ~ it’s non-sticky, durable and saves gas! I can cook a lot of different kinds of food in it ~ from fish to chicken adobo.
If you want to get your own authentic Happy Call from Korea, visit my niece (in-law’s) IG: icelouiseshop or send her a message at 0932 625 4115 if you’re in the Philippines. You can order from her or you can also send me a message from my Facebook page.


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  2. How much do you offer the authentic Happy Call pan? im interested to buy one for my mother.
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  3. Good day! How much is the authentic jumbo double sided pan brown color? I want to have one for healthy cooking

    1. Hi Susan! Sorry for the late reply. I will go to the Philippines next next week. I will send you an email.

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