Kang Ji Hwan "scandal" in the Philippines

Kang Ji Hwan is a famous Korean actor and he recently appeared in the hit Korean drama “Big Men”. Unfortunately, he got victimized by an overzealous fan from the Philippines.
On July 11th, the Filipina woman posted several photos of a Kang Ji Hwan and herself on her Facebook account. In the photos, Kang Ji Hwan is seen sleeping while the woman takes selfie photos.
She uploaded the photos with the caption: “…together sleep with Korean actor mr. Ji hwan kang
It’s known that there are Koreans who visit the Philippines for sex tourism. And posting a photo of a sleeping Korean actor with the said caption would surely create a virtual “scandal”.

Kang Ji Hwan scandal(?)
Kang Ji Hwan scandal(?)

The Filipino woman is the wife of the tour guide of Kang Ji Hwan and company. The actor visited the Philippines for a photoshoot. He was supposed to return to Korea on the 13th, but because of what happened he immediately left the country on the night of July 11th. He arrived in Korea in the early morning of July 12th.
The Filipina issued an apology for her foolishness and deleted her Facebook account. She posted “…very sorry only edited pictures hope you can forgive me because his my idol sorry again.”
The photos are all over Korean SNS sites. There are mosaic photos on news portal sites too.
I’ve seen the uncensored photos and they are just selfie photos of the woman with Kang Ji Hwan sleeping in the background. Both of them are fully clothed. No nudity, no inappropriate acts whatsoever.
Wanna see the photos? One Korean news showed the uncensored photos as uploaded on Facebook. Or make a Daum image search of Kang Ji Hwan’s name in Korean: 강지환

Hopefully, this will will not scare away Korean stars from visiting the Philippines.


  1. I just made a comment regarding the article that is totally discriminating to us, Filipinos. This thing for example, a Filipina who made a scandal about Kang JI Hwan. For sure, we now have this negative image again in Korea and to all the fans of this korean actor. I mean, let’s act appropriately please. I don’t wanna judge (the whole character) this fellow Filipina, but do you really need to post a picture of a person sleeping (knowing that he didn’t know) in facebook where the public can see it? and he is a public figure. Both of you have reputation to be taken care of. You can ask a picture with him while he is wide awake, i guess.
    think before you act all the time (as much as possible)

  2. Well, there’s a lesson here. It’s bothering me knowing that most Korean men go here in the Philippines because of sex tourism. If there’s only a way to avoid it, or at least have these poor women stop what they’re doing and get a real decent job. It’s hard not to judge this kind of “profession” ’cause I don’t want it be a label for my country! I honestly get upset and awkward when me & my korean bf go to dinner with his friends with “girls”, I just wanna lecture these women when I see them.

  3. Yes Overzealous and there’s this girl Gracia Calvara Tae-gyu that claims she is the secret wife of Kang Jiwan. Compare to her this girl has proof she was actually with kang ji hwan but the thing is, she acted stupidly!

  4. Why on earth would a married woman like herself do such a foolish thing? Has she not considered what her husband might think of her after seeing these pics? So pathetic!

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