PICCASSO Makeup Class

Guest posting by Myla Ellorando (President, Akbayang Pinay)
I love make-up, who doesn’t?
PICCASSO, a famous brand for makeup brushes held a makeup class for bloggers. (How did I get in? Betchay of BUHAY KOREA was set to travel to the US for a month-long vacation. Spell LUCKY, because she asked me to fill-in for her. What an irresistible offer!

Piccasso Makeup class, July 26th
Picasso Makeup class, July 26th

My interest in make-up started a few years back when my friends from all-over the world would ask me about Korean brand makeup. I get to buy a lot for them, later did I know that Hallyu Make Up is at par as Hallyu Kpop!
Here’s the thing, since almost everyone I meet wears makeup, I over-supplied myself with makeup products, only to end up giving them away. Because I’ve realized, I don’t know how to apply them, I might end up looking worse than pretty. Believe me, in my part of the world where looking good is essential, I’ve seen a lot of the ugly, the messy, and the best makeup.
Here are the 3 important points I’ve learned during the PICCASSO class:
*Choose the palette/color that suits your skin. Korean brand compact powder, bb cream, and foundation are too light for Filipino skin.(#23 is the darkest). You don’t want to end up looking too white (espasol) or too pale.
**There are a lot of options when applying makeup-from fingertips, to sponges, and everything in between but what I’ve learned from my PICCASSO class is, it is best to apply foundations or bb creams using a brush because it spreads the cream evenly on the skin, making it more natural-looking.
***Study the tricks on applying makeup (I usually watch tutorials on YouTube), arm yourself with the right make-up tools, and you are pretty to go.
Picasso makeup brushes
Piccasso makeup brushes

The class was fun and informative. We were surrounded with makeup, brushes, mirrors, beauty products, wine, and food! I suggest you getting a basic make-up class too, aside from investing on makeup alone. But if there is no chance to enroll, don’t despair, I had a thumbs up from our makeup teacher on how I applied my eyeliner (I just learned from watching tutorials then practiced countless times).
How to apply eye makeup
How to apply eye makeup

Here’s to hoping that I get invited to PICCASSO’s next make-up class again. It was indeed fun learning the basics, and seeing first-hand how professional makeup artists do their thing.

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