Is ramyeon bad for women?

Korea is the number one country in the world when it comes to consuming “ramyeon” or instant noodles. Last year, it was recorded that the average person had 74.1 packs of ramyeon in Korea. That’s 1 pack every 5 days.

I like my ramyeon with lots of garlic!
I like my ramyeon with lots of garlic!

Korean noodles is usually hot ~ in temperature and in flavor. The number one selling Korean noodles is 신라면. It’s a very spicy noodle but it’s yummy. I usually eat my ramyeon with lots of garlic and green onions. Sometimes, I also add rice cakes for texture.
In Korean news today, it has been reported that women who eat ramyeon at least twice a week are 68% more likely to acquire hypertension, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and obesity.
Korean noodles contain a lot of sodium and saturated fat which may harm a woman’s health. In fact, most Korean noodles have more than 1,700 mg of sodium per serving. The recommended daily allowance is 2,400 mg.
While eating ramyeon twice a week may be harmful for a woman’s health. Once or twice a month may not be that detrimental. Hopefully, noodle companies will find a way to lower the sodium and saturated fat content of their products. In the meantime, let’s just have ramyeon when there’s really nothing to eat!

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