Seoul Police Anti-School Violence Campaign

I saw this post on my FB news feed.
The girl group BESTIE singing and dancing to an anti-bullying (anti-school violence) video with members of the Seoul Metropolitan Police.

I just realized how young the policemen are in Seoul, because I don’t see a lot of them. I only see the riot police squads when there is a rally in downtown Seoul.
Oh I remember our two encounters with policemen in Seoul. The first one happened sometime in 2005. A married couple was fighting in the apartment complex. Someone called the police but they knocked on the wrong door ~ ours! My husband and I wondered if the reason that neighbors thought it was us was because of us being a “multicultural” couple.
The second time we had a close encounter with the police was just last year when I gave my son a cellphone. He dialed 112 because he was curious if it was really the number for the police. The policemen arrived at our doorsteps less than five minutes after our son made the call. ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹
Back to the video… the number to call the police in Seoul is 112 but for special cases like school violence, the number is 117 as mentioned in the campaign.

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