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From a reader:

Hi ate bechay I would like to ask what are the documents needed for me to become a legal teacher here in Korea. I’m a bachelors
degree holder in accounting and civil engineering
and an F6 visa holder. I worked before in a hagwon. They took all my original school documents like transcript, certifcation and diploma and the jumin dongbun. They told me they need it for me to be registered as a teacher. Pero wla ate bechay wla akong puhom then walang tax, Every month kinakaltasan nila ang sahod ko kasi bayad daw sa tax pro nung nag inquire ako wla. First time ko po kasi mg trabho dito. Iniisip ko na ipa red ribbon at ipa authenticate sa korean embassy and school records ko. tama po ba ggawin ko? at school records lng po ba ang kailangan ipa authenticate at ano2 po un except sa transcrip and diploma? at sino po ba ang mgppa rehistro sa akin sa MOE dito ang hagwon po ba o ako?
thanks and more power

First of all, if you have the F-6 visa you are allowed to work ~ even at a hagwon or private academy. Once you are employed at a hagwon, you need to submit the following documents: authenticated TOR and diploma. Get them from your school in the Philippines and get the red ribbon for them at the DFA. Submit the documents to the Korean Embassy (in the Philippines) and ask for authentication. They will give you a certificate that your school is operating legally and that your documents are authentic. A relative can do that for you (my elder sister did for mine).
Two years ago, the hagwon owner I worked for only asked for my diploma and TOR. Last year when I worked at another hagwon, the owner asked me for a “school authentication” from the Korean Embassy in the Philippines. So I sent my documents to my sister in the Philippines, and she applied for the document for me. See the date on the document? That was issued in July 2013.

A requirement from last year's.
A requirement from last year.

The hagwon owner is the one who should register your status as their teacher to the Education District. The hagwon owner should return the documents to you afterwards. Aside from that, you will be asked to sign a Police Clearance.
If you’re a full-time employee, your school should provide you with insurance ~ health, unemployment, pension ~ and you should pay part of it. However, whether you’re a full-time employee or not, your school shall withhold 3.3% of your monthly pay as tax.
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Update: From a Facebook comment, “Hi, Ms. Betchay. According to our lawyer, even if you are not a full-time teacher as long as you work for 15 hours/week, you are eligible to subscribe to 4 social insurances If less than 15hours/week, it is not mandatory.” Thanks Katherine 😀


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