Filipina mother raising four kids alone

Dong Haeng (Hangeul: 동행) on KBS TV is a weekly show featuring people in Korea who might need help. I used to watch this show before when it was still on its Thursday time slot. It opened me to the reality that there are a number of people in Korea struggling to make ends meet. It also made me realize how charitable the people in Korea are. I’m glad that the show is back albeit on a late Saturday schedule. I don’t remember not being teary eyed whenever I see this show and last night was not an exception.

Jean and her four kids
Jean and her four kids

The January 31st episode of “Dong Haeng” features a young Filipina named Jean. Only 30 years old, she has been a widow for a year and a half. Her husband died due to alcohol poisoning treatment and she was left to take care of their four kids. I can’t imagine how hard it is for her. Raising one kid in Korea is already difficult for some, what more if you’re raising four by yourself!
When Jean goes to work early in the morning, she drops her kids to the day care center. The oldest child is only 8 years old entering grade school. After work when the day care center bus drops off her kids, she also has to do household chores. And she still has the strength to teach her kids. Amazing mom, isn’t she?
While there are some women who complain about household chores ~ Jean fulfills her duty as a mother unconditionally.
The kids are left ALONE at night during their bedtime. Jane works part-time at a nearby sauna. Her eldest child is left to take care of his three siblings.
The TV show setup a donation page with a goal of raising 12 million won that opened on January 29th. The viewers are generously giving what they can and they’ve also posted messages of support.
To make a donation ~ visit the Naver Bean page.
Here’s the episode as uploaded by Connie Lopez Lee on Dailymotion.

동행- 제인 씨의 다짐,엄마라는 이름으로(Jean Story) by conniegutierrezlopezlee

Jean, the Filipina mother raising four kids, is one amazing Filipina. Fighting!

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