Mister International 2014

It’s a pageant for men! And there are two full-blooded Filipino contestants representing two countries in this pageant for men.
Mister International 2014 will be held on February 14th at Hotel Inter-Burgo in Ansan City in Gyunggi-do. Twenty-nine contestants are vying for the title ~ including Mr. Philippines Neil Perez.

Neil Perez and DJ Gennie
Neil Perez and DJ Gennie

Last Thursday, February 5, I was able to meet some of the contestants at the invitation of DJ Gennie. Oh right! I should have posted about this earlier but ~ there were just some things that needed to be done first 😀
The men are staying at the Benikea CS Hotel near Nokdeon Station. Supermodel International contestants were also billeted there. Speaking of Supermodel International, Stephanie Cruz of Puerto Rico won that event. We saw her having breakfast with the management of Benikea CS Hotel ~ she is tall, pretty and thin.
Mr. Philippines is an active police officer assigned at the PNP Aviation Security Group. PO2 Mariano Perez Flormata, Jr. wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, who is also a police officer. “Neil” as he is known to the public didn’t plan on becoming a model or a celebrity. He joined the Mr. Philippines contest through the encouragement of a friend. With his natural good looks and healthy physique, he won the title of Mr. Philippines-International.
My impression of Neil ~ he seems not to know how good-looking he is. He has beautiful eyes and long lashes and the camera doesn’t really give him justice. He’s a lot more good-looking in person than on the photos I’ve seen of him online.
Asked whether he would change professions, he said that his priority will always be being a police officer.
So who’s the other Filipino in the Mister International Contest? It’s Dan Marana ~ representing Mr. Canada. Dan was born in the Philippines, but his family immigrated to Canada when he was nine years old. He has not been to the Philippines from that time but he plans to go back home for a visit soon. The 22-year old hopes to break into modeling with his exposure at the Mister International.
Now if you want to see 29 hunks on Valentine’s Day ~ head on to Hotel Inter-Burgo in Ansan for the event! Those guys will surely make your V-day hot hot hot!
MISSOSOLOGY has a lot of the latest photos and videos of the Mister International Contest.
I thought I took a lot of photos ~

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