2015 Korean Government Scholarship Program

For those who are asking, the Korean Government Scholarship Program for graduate studies is currently accepting applications. The application period is only until March 15, 2015 ~ which means you have less than two weeks to complete the documents as required if you have not done so.

2015 KGSP
2015 KGSP

Why should you apply for the 2015 Korean Government Scholarship Program?

First, the scholarship benefits (as listed on the Korean Embassy website):
o Round-trip airfare
o Monthly allowance; Research allowance; Settlement allowance
o Language training fee
o Tuitions
o Dissertation printing costs
o Medical insurance
Second, the full scholarship period covers full academic terms (with condition)
o Master’s – 1 September 2015 ~ 31 August 2018
(1 year of Korean language + 2 years of Master’s)
o Doctoral – 1 September 2015 ~ 31 August 2019
(1 year of Korean language + 3 years of Doctoral)
o Research – 1 September 2015 ~ 31 August 2016
(1 month ~ 1 year)
Third is the chance to work in Korea the extended D-10 visa. They will also be able to get permanent residency later. After six months, master’s (or doctoral) students can also invite two of their immediate family members or spouse to stay with them in Korea. Here is the Korea Times article on the amended visa rules for foreign students/graduates.
Ready to come to Korea to pursue your masteral or doctorate degree?

Download the application and read more info

from the Korean Embassy site NOW!


  1. Just wanna ask, if factory lang po ang pwede applyan sa korea. Is there any vacancy we can applied for like sales or cashier. And if ever na tapos na ung kontrata, can we stay there and find another job?

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