Lechon in Korea

During my mother’s 82nd birthday celebration in California last year, guests brought two kinds of lechon ~ the traditional whole pig lechon and the lechon liempo (Filipino-style roasted pork belly). Here’s a photo of that whole pig with my sisters-in-law posing beside it…

What's a Pinoy party without a lechon?
What’s a Pinoy party without a lechon?

Surprise! Surprise! I’m not really a fan of “lechon” ~ and it started when in the 1990s my two elder brothers tried to kill a pig for our noche buena. It was their first time and it ended up being sort of a torture for that pig. I don’t remember anybody at home that time who ate the pig. Even at my mom’s party, I wasn’t excited for the lechon ~ and I didn’t touch it until it was time to cook lechon paksiw. I soooo love lechon paksiw and I love the way my mom cooked it back home in Angeles City, but I made the “lechon paksiw” myself through a recipe from Market Manila ~ and it was delish!
Market Manila is my go-to site for Filipino food recipes. For Korean dishes, I love 이밥차.
I haven’t had lechon in Korea in the 12 years that I’ve been living here. I know there was a seller in Bucheon but I never got to order from them. I’m not sure if they are still selling lechon in Korea.
When I saw a lechon seller in Korea on Facebook, I didn’t waste time contacting them and I ordered a kilo. The seller is PINOY AKO LECHON ~ I asked if I could just pick up my order. They said yes but when I learned where they are located, I asked to just send it by post 😀
I got my order the day after they sent the package. It was in an ordinary box ~ a kilo of lechon with a small pouch of Mang Tomas lechon sauce.
My order from Pinoy Ako Lechon ~
My order from Pinoy Ako Lechon ~

Like I said, I’m not really a fan of lechon so I just tried a small piece of the skin and the meat that I reheated in my air fryer. Then I prepared a dip of soy sauce and vinegar, served some rice ~ and then repeat! Hahaha!
The meat is tender ~ and I think that’s the best thing about that lechon.
I didn’t check if what I got was really a kilo but the next day. I cooked all the meat again, including the two rib bones included, in my four-year old Happy Call pressure pan. And then I made ~ lechon paksiw!
Where did I get the recipe for the lechon paksiw? Market Manila of course!
Lechon paksiw ~ lechon from Pinoy Ako Lechon and recipe from Market Manila
Lechon paksiw ~ lechon from Pinoy Ako Lechon and recipe from Market Manila

Will I order lechon from Pinoy Ako Lechon? Not in the near future ~ as I need to really lose weight in time for an event in October 😉
I’ll probably order a whole one sometime in December ~ hehehe.

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