Facebook groups of Filipinos in Korea

A decade ago, it was through Yahoogroups that Filipinos in Korea meet online. In fact, I met some of my friends through these groups ~ but now Filipinos in Korea meet through Facebook groups. Here are some of the more popular ones (description of each group is their own):

A screen capture of Pinoy EPS in Korea Facebook group ~
A screen capture of Pinoy EPS in Korea Facebook group ~

Pinoy EPS in Korea

Description: Reuniting all EPS/non-EPS workers in South Korea & to other countries as well. Sharing ADVICES, OPINIONS & HELPING one another especially on work related issues.
Membership: 20,539 as of July 22, 2015
One would assume that majority of the members are EPS workers and this where they share information about their working life in Korea. If you have a question or if there is anything you want to know about the EPS system, then this is the best group to join. The best part about this group is that ADS are not allowed and the members are generally nice and friendly when answering inquiries 😀

OFW IN KOREA (The Filipino Heroes)

Membership: 18,469 as of July 22, 2015
I am not a member of this group so I don’t have an idea of their posting.

Filipinos in South Korea

Description: It aims to provide everyone the information we need in South Korea and in the Philippines in terms of various aspects. One of its missions is to reach-out to every Pinoy in South Korea and promote Filipino Culture, World-Class Pinoy Products and everything that is truly Pinoy.
Membership: 11,711 as of July 22, 2015
Membership is a mix of Filipino workers, married immigrants, Filipinos in other countries, and even non-Filipinos. Postings range from housing ads, blog postings, viral videos, job ads among other things.

Embassy of the Philippines Seoul

Description: The official Facebook group of the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Seoul. Any Filipino living in South Korea is free to join the group.
Membership: 11,319 as of July 22, 2015
Find official announcements of the Philippine Embassy in Seoul in this group. If you have queries regarding advisory posted on the Philippine Embassy’s official website, you could post them here. Do you have a question about passport renewal? You might find the answer in this group.

Korea Filipinos Club and Events

Description: KFCENTS aims to create and organize a variety of events for all Filipinos and other foreigners residing anywhere in Korea. We would like to serve everyone; MENS, WOMENS, & CHILDRENS by organizing fun-filled events with the help of our selected and dedicated sponsors.
Membership: 3,784 members as of July 22, 2015

Filipina Wives of Koreans

Description: I create this group for all PINAYS who married to korean man and living here in KOREA…
Everyone are welcome here…Kaya join na kau!
The members can post/share a love, thoughts, poems, problem,sellling product and your life here in korea…
Membership: 2,013 as of July 22, 2015
There are daily postings but not much active discussions. Much of the postings are inspirational quotations and viral articles.

United Filipinos in Korea – UFILKOR

Membership: 930 as of July 22, 2015
Description: UFILKOR (United Filipinos in Korea) formerly known as UPIKOR ( United Pinoys in Korea) was organized on February 19,2010, through the collective efforts of the Philippine Embassy (thru the former Consul -General Sylvia Marasigan), the Seoul Global Center and the different Korean-Filipino organizations.
I am not a member of this group so I don’t know have an idea of what the postings are in this group.
No “secret groups” in this list. If you know any other Filipino groups, feel free to post the URL as a comment 🙂


  1. Hello there. I just want to ask, I used Zamian product few years ago and now I am in korea but I seem cant find those products sold in here. Can you please tell me where I can find it? I really appreciate it if you answer me. Thank you very much ❤❤

    1. I just buy them online but you can try the beauty supplies store in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun.

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