Princess on KBS Norae Jarang

Today we celebrate Chuseok ~ and it ain’t over yet for myeonneuris (daughter-in-law) like moi. The Chuseok holiday ends on Tuesday and the in-laws will be staying with us until they decide to go back to their hometown. I waited for KBS Norae Jarang today at noon ~ and I was able to watch about half of the show until I had to help prepare lunch. So I wasn’t able to catch the performance of one Filipina scholar in Korea. Thankfully, the show has been posted on a Korean VOD site. I can only watch VODs but I have to pay to download. So I just took a screen recording of what I was watching ~ the quality is not great.

From the FB page of Princess
From the FB page of Princess

KBS Norae Jarang, a Korean TV program and one of the longest-running ever, broadcasted a special Chuseok edition featuring foreigners living in Korea. One Filipina scholar attending HUFS joined the contest and won first place! Her name is Princess Kaite Corporal, a smart, pretty and talented young lady ~ she wowed the crowd with her imitation of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. She sang one of Ailee’s hits ~

Princess won a monetary prize of 2 million won, a medal and certificate. We hope to see her at the grand finale of the 2015 KBS Norae Jarang. Last year, another Filipina won the grand finals of the said Korean singing contest ~ Helen.
Princess is not a professional singer ~ yet. She is currently taking her Masters at the Hanguk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul. She posted about her win last week on her Facebook page ~ and I posted it here too 😀
Filipina wins a Korean singing contest
Congratulations Princess!

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