Korean Language Classes at Hana Darin

Last fall, I attended two Korean language classes ~ one at Kyunghee University and another at Hana Darin. The former is sponsored by the Dongdaemun Multicultural Center and the latter by Hana Bank. It was my first time ever to complete a course. In the past, I would apply for a course and attend just a lesson or two. All those times I had difficulty with the schedules since I also worked part-time. The Korean language course at Kyunghee University will not open until March. At Hana Darin, we got a two-week break and our class resumes tomorrow.

Hana Darin is located near exit 3 or 4 of Hansung University Station on line 4 in Seongbuk-gu. I found out about this places just last spring. The foundation funded by Hana Bank is for multicultural programs. Aside from language lessons, they also have special courses for married immigrants who want to learn English or play the guitar. They also have programs for kids and the facilities are open for multicultural groups for special events or meetings.
If you’re interested in studying Korean language at Hana Darin, just visit their website or call 02-743-6744. The director of the place is Korean but she and her staff are all so friendly and accommodating.
Last year, aside from attending the Korean classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10am~12nn, we also had fun activities like visiting the house of Choi Soon Woo and Gilsangsa. They also gave away tickets to PSY’s concerts sometime in September. For chuseok, we made songpyeon and I received a set of dishes as a present. And of course, we had our year end party where each student brought food to share. I brought baked shanghai lumpia 🙂
The Korean language classes at Hana Darin is free BUT the student has to make a deposit of 50,000 won. The deposit is refundable as long as the student is able to attend at least 80% of the classes. The book that we are using is called Yeollin Hangugeo ~ and for me it is a very good book with lots of exercises. Our teacher speaks Chinese and can understand English so she inserts English explanations on her handouts.
If you want to make your life in Korea easier ~ better learn the language. The locals will respect you more and of course learning exercises your brain 🙂


  1. Where i can see your worksheet for learning korean language. I cant find it can you please tell me please… Kamsahamnida

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