Descendants of the Sun: Song standee

The photo of a girl posing as Song Hye Gyo to Song Joong Ki’s standee made the rounds on Facebook yesterday. The scenery looked so familiar ~ like it’s just around my neighborhood. So I was right ~ the Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo standee were about 200 meters from where I live. They depict a scene from Descendants of the Sun:

Song Hye Gyo and Song Joong Ki
Song Hye Gyo and Song Joong Ki

Song standee

After work, I went to the grocery and passed by the restaurant where the Song standees are. Too bad I was alone and it kinda difficult to take a selfie ~ not that I’d do it. So I took the photos below:
Song Joong Ki standee
And here’s…

Song Hye Gyo - Song standee
Song Hye Gyo standee

When I was done taking photos, three girls stopped by and took their turns taking pictures of themselves with the Song Joong Ki standee.

Seorae Maeul

The restaurant where you could find the Song standee is called “Seorae Maeul”. It is kinda famous around my neighborhood. Last winter, there were production vans parked in front of it and it was obvious from outside that filming was going on inside. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes before one could get seated for dinner.
To get there, just take subway line 1 to Hoegi Station and exit by #1. Go down the stairs and cross the street. The restaurant is located beside Olive Young.
Incidentally, the filming location of the photo above is in Taebaek Sam Art Mine. I visited the place last June with my husband and in-laws. It was once a prosperous city due to its coal mine, but its economy went down and the people left after the mines closed. Hopefully, DOTS would be able to help revive the economy through tourism. It is a welcome news that Song Joong Ki will help promote tourism for the area. Taebaek and Jeongson are beautiful places ~ and we had so much fun there last year.

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  1. wow I’m looking for this talaga, thanks sis sa direction and sana lang maabutan pa namin to sa June hehehe,=

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