How to Change E9 to E7 Visa

E-9 is the visa given to EPS workers in Korea. Filipinos who want to work in the manufacturing industry in Korea can come here through the EPS system. Read this post if you want to know how to work in Korea.

change e9 to e7 visa
change e9 to e7 visa

The E-9 visa has a lot of limitation. The visa is dependent on the employer, so it is not easy to change jobs and the worker cannot stay in Korea once his visa has expired. There is no chance of residency, whether temporary or permanent. If the E-9 worker wants to be a resident of Korea, the way is to obtain the E-7 (Skilled Professional) visa first. Then it will be possible to acquire the F-2 or temporary resident visa and after that the F-5 or permanent resident visa. One advantage of the E-7 visa over the E-9 visa is that the immediate family is allowed to be dependents in Korea of the E-7 visa holder whereas the E-9 visa holder can’t even invite the spouse to visit Korea.

Change E9 to E7 Visa

What are the first steps in acquiring the E-7 visa? The requirements are quite difficult, according to one who asked during the EPS Forum with Jasmine Lee. Until that forum, only 43 people have successfully changed their visa from E-9 to E-7.
~ The applicant must have 4 years experience in manufacturing (basic industries)
~ Age limit: 35 years old or less (or less than 40 for Basic Industries ~ 뿌리산업)
~ College education (or High School graduate for Basic Industries applicant)
~ TOPIK Level 3 or KIIP Completion (or Level 2 for Basic Industries)
~ Monthly salary that is higher than the Korean average in the same field for the past year OR holder of a National Technical Qualification Certificate (HRD Korea offers free skills training for EPS workers, also private institutions offer training and assistance for a fee)
(Based on MOEL survey, the average salary of a regular worker in manufacturing is 2.54 million won per month)
E9­> E7비자 변경의 주요 내용은 다음과 같습니다.
1. 4년이상 제조업에 근무할 것
2. 34세 까지
3. 본인의 국가에서 전문대 이상의 학력
4. 한국어 3급 이상
5. 1년 월급이 한국인 근로자 평균보수 이상일 것(직종별) 또는 기능사 이상의 국가기술 자격증 취득자
Now the number of applicants for E-7 visa at a company also depends on its size. This is the allowed number for manufacturing companies:
10-49 employees ~ 1
50-149 employees ~ 2
150-299 employees ~ 3
300-499 employees ~ 4
500 and over ~ 5
Ready to change E9 to E-7 visa? Bring your documents to the Immigration Office and complete the form “체류허가 신청확인서” or Application for Change of Sojourn. And these documents ~
신청서(별지 34호 서식), 여권 및 외국인등록증, 표준규격사진 1장, 수수료
(appliation, passport and ARC, photo, fee)
② 학위증명서(단, 뿌리산업법 시행령 제2조의 뿌리산업에 종사하는 자는
고등학교 졸업증명서), 재직증명서 (Certificate of Employment), 기술자격증 (National Technical Qualification Certificate) 또는 최근 1년 간
소득입증서류 OR 1 year proof of income , 한국어능력시험 성적표 (TOPIK Certificate) 또는 사회통합프로그램 이수증 OR KIIP Certificate of Completion,
고용계약서 History of Employment 등
③ 사업자등록증 사본 Company Tax Certificate 등 고용업체 관련 서류 (업체변경 시)
Be prepared for the interview and good luck!
Also check the “Korea Ppuri Industries Center” website (Basic Industries)


  1. Gustong gusto ko tlg toh kaso topik level 1 pa lsng ako …..noon ko pa gusto toh… very interested having an e7 visa

  2. Pede po ba less than 35yrs old…? 1 1/2 yrs pa lang po ako dito at bago ko maabot ang 4 yrs stay dito di pa rin ako 35yrs old… thanks po in advance sa reply… 😀

  3. hello !
    i want change visa E-9 to E-7 but i dont have application in hight shcool so can i change it ?

  4. Is it possible for me to get e7 visa while in 4 years has been changed company few times ?

  5. May Korean friend ako ng gusto ko ihire na magmanage sa private academy nya pero hindi English teacher. Possible kaya un?Thanks.

    1. Hi Maceh! Hindi kasi kasali sa E-7 visa ang managerial position sa isang hagwon (private academy). Hindi ka naman pwedeng E-2 dahil Philippine passport holder. Ang best na pwede niyang gawin ay magtanong sa immigration kung posible. Tawag siya sa 1345.

      1. mam pano po b malaman kng eps level topik 3?nid pba kmuha ng exam pra dun?cbt passer po ako s pinas at tngin kone meron ako nung ibng requirements n nid nila..slamat

  6. Anu po ung college graduate or high school graduate for basic industries? Need pa po magaral ng basic industries?

  7. D vah pwede magchange e9 visa to e7 visa…ang below 35 years old maam..,,,,?my experience na po aq sa manufacturing pero hindi d2 sa korea..pede vah aq mka apply maam?,,,,

  8. Actually i havent completed my intermidiate education of 2 years, and i came korea, so Is there any chances to change to e9 visa to e7 except it could fullfill all the requirements for e7, can i apply for it, or it just worthless?

  9. Do E7 visa holders can multiple entry as a choice? Like 6 months satay in s.korea and 6 months stay in our country? Is it possible?

  10. is the interview gonna be in english or in pure hangeul? and as per other blog they’re saying that you have to have at least 30million savings/show money?

  11. Recently i quite my job but i have a still 4 years and 8 month can i apply for E7 visa when i will complete my job duration ……..?

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