Two women assaulted in Busan

Another incident that happened just a few days ago ~ and this is quite disturbing as the nation is still in shock at the Gangnam restroom murder.
My previous posts may seem a bit “negative” but I’m a citizen here and I love this country ~ I want a safer place for me, my friends and all its residents. Korea is a relatively safe place but awareness is important ~ so that people won’t take that safety for granted.
So what happened in Busan? What happened there made me angry as the victims are two women walking on the street. And the perpetrator? A mentally ill man walking on the street. Two women assaulted in Busan ~ by a man who should not be roaming the streets.

Busan assault, screen capture
Busan assault, screen capture

The incident happened on May 25th at around 5:15 pm. The 52-year old man saw the 77-year old woman and just hit her on the head with the wooden stick he was carrying. While the woman is on the ground, he hit her a couple more times on her head and shoulders. The helpless senior was not able to stand after the assault.
The man walked to the intersection and saw another woman ~ a 22-yr old just waiting to cross the street. He hit her a few times. Did he chose only women to be his victims?
It took four men to subdue the man named Mr. Kim ~ and he was brought to the police station for questioning. He exercised his right to silence but eventually told his story.

According to the police, the man visited psychiatric hospitals from 2003 to 2011. He spent about 4 years or 1,489 days in confinement.
Neighbors of Mr. Kim have complained that he has a tendency to be violent ~ shouting invective, damaging cars parked on the street, and breaking windows in the neighborhood.
The two women are in the hospital and receiving treatment. We could only hope that they get well soon ~ and as for Mr. Kim? He ~ and others like him ~ needs to be kept off the streets! By the way, he claimed that he didn’t choose to victimize women.
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