Viral video of 5-yr old girl and father reaches Korea

5-yr old and her blind father
5-yr old girl and her blind father

In my 13 years in Korea, I have yet to see a street child or a young child at work. There are orphanages and civic centers that take care of abandoned or orphaned children. Many of the kids here are virtually spoiled by their parents. That was not the case more than 60 years ago during and after the Korean war. During those times, many children were left orphaned and living on the street. That is probably why their (Koreans) hearts melt easily when they see young children struggling to survive.
Korean netizens are once against impressed with this 5-yr old girl who leads her blind father to his work. They walk barefoot on rough and hilly terrain to the farm. It takes them an hour to get to work. The 5-yr old girl waits for her father to finish work. Despite his disability, the father struggles to work to earn a decent living.

Many of the people commenting said that they want to donate a small amount for the girl.
Jessica Soho did a story on the father and daughter a few days ago.

The 5-yr old girl is just one of the thousands of young Filipinos with parents struggling to make ends meet. It’s a good thing that they are now receiving attention and getting the help they need. There are so many more that need our compassion and help. Hopefully, the time will come when Filipino children will only worry about school and nothing else.