Filipino food delivery in Korea: Lutong Bahay

When I posted about Coconut Grill a few weeks ago, I didn’t know that they will be closing permanently. A lot of people excitedly visited the place to try their food only to find out that they were closed. Sorry about that ~ but you could try Filipino food delivery in Korea. They deliver your food right at your doorstep so you save on travel time.
Now if you’re in Korea and you can’t cook Filipino food, I would suggest ordering Filipino food delivery. I know that there are lots of them on Facebook. I remember a friend once posted a photo of “ube halaya” and it got me salivating. When I asked how was it, she said it looked really nice ~ that’s it! She felt she wasted money and she only ordered because some said it was delicious. To her disappointment, she felt she could have made it better.
One seller I would suggest is “Lutong Bahay sa Korea” ~ I’ve tried their food twice and I would say I was not disappointed on both times. You can read about my first review of “Lutong Bahay” here.
The last time I had a Filipino food delivery from them was about two weeks ago. Anna Ardio Koh (the owner and cook) sent the package on a Friday and I got it on Saturday morning before lunch. The dishes were packed neatly with ice packs in a styrofoam cooler. I immediately put them in the fridge and planned how to “attack” them ~

Filipino food delivery from Lutong Bahay

These were the dishes ~ dinuguan, binagoongan, sisig, fish with gata, bilu-bilo and leche flan.
The bilu-bilo, dinuguan and fish with gata were delicious. Topnotch! What I like about the dinuguan most is that it doesn’t smell funky ~ one of the reasons I don’t enjoy the food at Hyehwa πŸ™‚ From the container, I transferred the contents in a shallow dish and microwaved for 2 minutes (our microwave oven is 13 years old with 700 watt power).

Dinuguan from Lutong Bahay
Dinuguan from Lutong Bahay

The dinuguan was soooooo delicious that I forgot I was on a less-rice diet.
The bilu-bilo was not too sweet ~ just the right sweetness and even better than before. Love that it had coconut strings and langka strips. I don’t remember seeing “sago” but it was alright. It was perfect ~
Perfect merienda!
Perfect merienda!

It was my first time to eat fish with coconut milk. I grew up eating “pinangat na isda sa kamias” and “paksiw na isda” but “isda sa gata” was a first for me. And I enjoyed it ~
Isda sa gata from the best Filipino food delivery in Korea
Isda sa gata

The binagoongan was delicious but the meat was a bit on the tough side. Or perhaps they should have been sliced smaller.

I like that the sisig has no egg nor mayonnaise. I might sound arrogant but being from Angeles City, I could say I know what a truly great sisig is. It has been my favorite Filipino dish since I was 8 years old ~ in 1982. And it’s the first thing I eat whenever I go back home in Angeles City. Well, the sisig from Lutong Bahay is grilled ~ as how it should be. It had chopped onions and chili pepper. It just lacked the “tang” that I love about sisig. But I’m pretty sure that Ms. Anna Koh could work on it πŸ™‚ I won’t suggest to have it chopped smaller since it’s the most difficult part about cooking sisig. So yeah, I have a pretty high standard when it comes to sisig.

I forgot to take a decent photo of the leche flan. I finished half of it in one sitting (after devouring the dinuguan). I loved the caramel ~ which was a bit bitter.

Must try!

If you want to try Filipino food delivery in Korea, you should follow Lutong Bahay sa Korea’s Facebook page. The owner, Anna, offers different kinds of Filipino viands. She also conducts a regular “raffle” so you could try her dishes for free.
Anna is open to suggestions and she courteously listens to her customers’ suggestions. We all have different tastes when it comes to food, but “Lutong Bahay” has a consistent following ~ proof of satisfaction. You won’t regret it and you will order again and again. I should know πŸ™‚