Filipino Food in Seoul: Banana Grill

Banana Grill is the newest Filipino restaurant in Seoul. They opened in the first week of July and I was there with DJ Gennie of Multicultural Family Broadcasting on its second week. I first heard about this place from dear friend Cherish, but it was when I read about it on a Naver blog post that I decided to go there.


Banana Grill is soooooo easy to find. Just take the subway to Itaewon station and get out through exit 4. See the intersection? It’s just on the other side ~ across Hamilton Hotel. You won’t miss it ~

Banana Grill is right across Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon
Banana Grill is right across Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon

Business Hours

Banana Grill is open daily from 11 o’clock in the morning! So if you’re craving for Filipino food ~ just drop by anytime. No need to wait for Sunday!

Filipino food and live grill

Unlike other Filipino restaurants in Seoul, Banana Grill offers specialty food such as Chili Crab (never tried this before!), grilled squid, banana grill salad, gambas and their exclusive “Banana Platter”. They also have pancit bihon, lumpia rolls, adobong kangkong, crispy pata and chopseuy.
What really sets them apart is their “live grill” ~ you can choose from their selection of meat (beef, pork, chicken, seafood) and have them grilled in their open kitchen. Prices range from 900 won (longganisa) to 12,000 won (crab).

Gennie checking out the  food items for the live grill ~
Gennie checking out the food items for the live grill ~

Filipino chefs

The restaurant employs three Filipino chefs. When we were there, we were able to talk to one of them. He said he’s from Cebu, like DJ Gennie. His two other companions come at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I don’t remember his name but he was courteous and if he made the chili crab we ordered, then he is a skilled chef.

Dining Area

The huge dining area is furnished with wooden table and stools, just like the ones typical at a Filipino home. They have chopsticks, matching fork and spoon, kitchen shears, plates and drinking cups set up on the tables. The dining area is very spacious and the wall is covered with huge photographs of Filipino beach scenes.

Open kitchen and the dining area
Open kitchen and the dining area


If I were there with my “kaberks”, we would probably order everything on the menu ~ just like we always do. Since it was just Gennie and I, we ordered “adobong kangkong” (12,000 won), chili crab (25,000 won) and garlic rice (4,000 won).

adobong kangkong
adobong kangkong

The friendly Korean waitress handed us vinyl gloves to use for the crabs. It was my first time to try chili crab and it was delicious! A little bit spicier than I thought but definitely appetizing.
chili crab
chili crab

Adobong kangkong was also good but I’m not sure if they were really kangkong ~ perhaps a variety? Or “minari”? I’m not really sure but it went well with the garlic rice.
We almost didn’t finish our food (my companion is easily full) ~ but I made sure not to waste the chili crab. The items may be a little bit pricey but definitely worth the price.

DISCOUNT for Filipino customers

According to Gennie, the restaurant gives a 5% discount for Filipino customers. (Oh she paid for the meal that day ~ it was her birthday a few days ago.)
Try Banana Grill ~ their chili crab is mouth watering!
Their address:
180 Itaewonro B1
Phone: 02 793 3008

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