Toothpaste recall in Korea

Early this year, the Korean branch of Reckitt Benckiser suffered damages from a boycott of its products by South Korean consumers. The company has been sued by hundreds of people harmed with the use of one of their products. Apparently, toxic chemicals were used in their humidifier disinfectant product. The sales of the company’s products in the country have been halved due to this boycott. I have also stopped buying their products ~

Toothpaste Recall

On September 27th, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced a toothpaste recall. The recall stemmed from a report that chemicals containing CMIT/MIT ~ considered a cytotoxin ~ were distributed to cosmetic manufacturers by the company named Miwon Chemicals.
The toothpastes affected are manufactured by Amore Pacific. The “MEDIAN” range of toothpaste is the topselling toothpaste products in South Korea. Amore Pacific claimed that it is not aware that the harmful chemical is included in its toothpaste range. While Miwon Chemicals included Aekyung (another toothpaste maker) in the list of companies it supplied with the chemicals that has CMIT/MIT, the company denied using it in their toothpaste products 2080.
If you have the following toothpastes in your bathroom cabinet, better have them exchanged:

Toothpaste recall
Toothpaste recall

Supermarkets started accepting toothpaste products included in the recall since Tuesday afternoon.

Where to return/exchange?

These supermarkets will accept your toothpaste even without a receipt:
– E-mart
– Homeplus
– Lotte Mart
– Lotte Department Store
– Hyundai Department Store
You will need to present a receipt at these stores:
– Shinsegae Department Store
– CU
– GS 25
– 7-Eleven

Consumers responding to the toothpaste recall
Consumers responding to the toothpaste recall – Yonhap

I don’t have any toothpaste at home manufactured by AMORE PACIFIC. I don’t recall ever buying toothpaste in South Korea as we always get a box or two during Chuseok and Seollal. The ones I have are manufactured by LG. I know many of you here in Korea got toothpaste as gifts during the holiday. 🙂
Authorities said that the amount of CMIT/MIT in the toothpaste is not enough to cause harm, but we shouldn’t be too complacent. The welfare of the consumers should be a priority for the personal care companies.
Amore Pacific has opened its hotline (☎080-023-5454) for any inquiries on this issue.
Source: Daum