Coldplay in Seoul vs Coldplay in Manila

My son loves Coldplay so right now I’m thinking of taking him to their concert in April, but I know how difficult it is to get tickets online. So I won’t be telling him yet ~
Coldplay is coming to Seoul on April 15 and it is sponsored by Hyundai Card. Tickets will open on November 23 at 12pm for Hyundai Card holders. Ordinary ticket sales will start on November 24 at 12pm. AS for the ticket prices?
Hyundai Card holders get a 20% discount on Colplay in Seoul tickets ~
The prices on the bottom is for Hyundai Card members, and the ones on top is the normal selling price. The venue is at Jamsil Stadium and here is how the stage is set-up:
Coldplay will also be coming to Manila on April 4th at the MOA Concert Grounds. The ticket prices though…
VIP – P22,500
Platinum – 17,500
Gold – 12,500
Silver – 7,500
Bronze – 3,500
Gen Ad – 1,800
Seems that Coldplay in Seoul is cheaper than Coldplay in Manila.
The perfect time to visit Korea in spring is in the middle of April. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom by that time and if you could get tickets to Coldplay then it will be like hitting two birds with one stone. Cliche 🙂
Colplay in Seoul tickets are available from Interpark and Yes24 only ~


  1. Hi, really great post for Coldplay fans. Thanks! 😊 I am from the Philippines and wants to watch the concert in Korea, instead. Do you know how will I be able to buy? Hoping that I can still buy even if I’m from here in Manila, Ph. Thanks! 😊

  2. Thanks so much for this, very informative! 🙂 I signed up for websites of both interpark and yes24, but I don’t have a Hyundai card so hopefully, there will be tickets left for online selling on the 24th. Really planning to go back to Korea in April! 🙂

  3. When they say Nov 23, 12:00 pm when is that exactly? Is it 12 noon as in after 11:59 am or is to 12:00 midnight after 11:59pm of Nov 22?

    1. It is 12 noon on NOvember 23 for those with Hyundai credit card and November 24th for everyone.

  4. Anyone here knows anyone with a Hyundai card? It would be best to catch the ticket pre-sale before tickets get (heaven forbid) sold out on the first few hours of November 24. Ugh. And oh, thanks Betchay for this article!

    1. Hi Cherry! Just online. I will try to buy tickets on Thursday since I’m taking my son to the concert. I just hope there will be tickets left for us.

        1. Hi! Just click on the “Interpark” and “Yes24” links at the end of the post. Interpark has an English site for tickets. And 12 noon in Korea is 11am in Manila.

  5. I was about to buy the tickets when the website got so many errors. I even couldn’t reserve the seats! And now, koreans are selling the tix for double or triple the price! Insane!

  6. Were you able to get tickets? Interpark did not allow me to pick seats and when I was able to get to Yes24, all seats were already picked out by someone else before me (that’s what the prompt message said). In a matter of minutes, everything was sold out.

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