Elaine Gwon Rocks!

Elaine Gwon who? It has been a week since I first heard her sing on a video that has been available on the Facebook page of SBS. I got goosebumps listening to her sing a Korean rock ~ and that doesn’t happen all the time. Elaine Gwon rocks and I’m an instant fan. I showed my husband the video and he too was amazed by her singing prowess. I had never seen him react that way to a Filipino singer aside from Charice.
Elaine Gwon is a contestant in the Korean TV show “Fantastic Duo” on SBS. I don’t watch the show and it was the first time I had seen it so I’m not really familiar with the show’s format. It got me reading wikipedia ~

Elaine with Kim Kyung Ho ~ from her FB :)
Elaine with Kim Kyung Ho ~ from her FB 🙂

First, they choose three contestants to sing a duet with a Korean singer. In this video, Elaine sang with the two other contestants. Then only one is chosen to sing a duet with the original singer of the song. The contestants sang ‘나를 슬프게 하는 사람들’ ~

Luckily, Elaine was chosen as expected. On her second video, she sang “비정” which means “Heartless” a rock ballad by Kim Kyung Ho. I have seen this so many times the past week. She sang so powerfully, almost flawless to my untrained ear.

Elaine is originally from Navotas but now lives in Daegu with her husband and a son. She is expecting another baby in a few weeks ~ as evident from the video. She is so talented and so young ~ I hope she goes places.
Catch her again on “Fantastic Duo” on SBS at 4:50 pm today! I surely will ~ I’m a fan!


Elaine was eliminated in the November 20 broadcast of Fantastic Duo. She was not chosen as the final fan ~ she lost by 5 points. It’s okay though ~ she made people notice her. She’s going to give birth soon ~ and will have to take care of her kids. The right time will come for her ~ she’s so talented and we’d love to hear her sing.
Here’s her duet with her idol Kim Kyung Ho ~ around the 3:50 mark everyone stopped breathing literally!


    1. No we don’t. That’s very rude. There are many people from all over the world who can sing better than us. This is why the rest of the world don’t like Pinoys. We are good but we are not better than everybody else.

      1. Hope you could make this comment too in the SBS Youtube videos. We need some rudeness taken out of us.

  1. I’m so proud to be a FIlipino! Even in Korea, they’re representing the unrelenting talent of the Filipinos! – Myrra (www.myrrazenkate.com)

  2. Wow! Our very own Filipino talent awed Korea! This is just another proof we excel in every aspect specially singing, wherever we are in the world.

  3. It’s amazing when you discover amazing talented singers on tv shows like this. In the Uk we have the X Factor, a similar show i guess.

  4. Another talented Pinay rocking on another country, makes her fellow kababayan’s proud :)) Though she didn’t win it she just made it more clear to the world that Filipino talent is so legit

  5. Hirap na hirap na si Kim Kyung Ho sa duet nila ni Elaine! Para na syang na-iihi na hindi maintindihan. hehehe…. Pero ayun as usual, foreigner in Korea, edi na eliminate nnaman kahit obviously no one can beat her vocals. erks chaka na. Anyway, go Pinoy pa din! ^o^

    1. Hehe miyu magaling nmn tlga pambato natn pero napakinggan ko din ung kinanta nung champion maganda rn nmn nakakalma ung music

  6. Wow! That’s really a talented Filipina singer there! The video showed clearly how she wowed her audience. Hope she’ll really find her place in the music industry soon.

  7. I’ve never seen or heard of this show but it sounds a lot like the American Idol show in the US. Elain has an amazing voice! I can’t believe she got eliminated. I’m sure someone in the music industry has recognized her talents and will reach out to her (if they haven’t already).

  8. Wow! Talk about talent! It’s amazing that there are really Filipinos out there impressing foreigners. I remembered when Charice used to dominate a Korean variety show.

  9. Most of my foreign friends would say. Filipinos can all sing and i tell them its our national sports. Lol

  10. Wow! She’s got a powerful voice on her, that’s for sure! It’s always exciting seeing people from your home country succeed internationally! I hope this is just the start for her!

  11. The videos are embedded are now unavailable. 🙁
    I tried to search for her name on facebook and watched her performance. It’s amazing how she sang a Korean song without any mistakes. She’s really someone Filipinos can be proud of.

  12. The videos in the post don’t work so I can’t comment on her singing ability, sadly 🙁 This show sounds like the Korean version of American Idol though, which is highly entertaining!

  13. Too bad I couldn’t see any of the videos that you shared, either way thank you for sharing and shining a light on Filipino culture in Korea. I’m glad Korean TV shows are starting to show more and more diversity.

  14. Hello po. I think Elaine and Kyung Ho’s duet is available in Itunes. I hope we support her and buy that single. Just search for Kim Kyung Ho and you’ll find their duet listed. Please support Elaine!

  15. The vibrato of Elaine is excellent! That was truly her advantage though she lost by 5 points, she remains to be noticeable.

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