Lee Min Ho-Jeon Ji Hyun in the flesh!

Jeon Ji Hyun is one of my favorite Korean stars ~ even before I arrived in Korea 13 years ago! I first saw her in the drama “Happy Together” and later in the movie “My Sassy Girl”. Lee Min Ho is a very famous Korean actor and while I’m not really a fan, I have seen him several times in person.
The two are the stars of “Legend of the Blue Sea” which is on air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS. I have been following the drama since its first broadcast.
I have seen the two in person in one event. The first time I saw Lee Min Ho was at the Peace Auditorium of Kyunghee University, when I attended his fan meeting. I was only able to take a photo of the stage before he came out since the security was very strict with cameras. That was in 2010, a year before we moved to the neighborhood where Kyunghee is located.

Two years ago, I saw Lee Min Ho again at the red carpet event of the Baeksang Awards, which was held at the Peace Auditorium of Kyunghee University again. That was also the same event where I saw Jeon Ji Hyun in the flesh! It was the same year that “My Love From Another Star” was the most popular drama. I was able to squeeze myself near the steel barricades. It was probably the time I saw most of my favorite Korean stars ~ from Lee Byung Hun to Jeon Ji Hyun.

When a friend asked me when she should visit Korea, I told her it should be on the last week of May if she wants to see Korean stars. She could attend the red carpet of the Baeksang Awards at the Peace Auditorium ~ it’s so near where I live.
I’m expecting that Lee Min Ho-Jeon Ji Hyun will be attending the drama and movie awards in the coming year. And I hope I could see them again. Fangirl lang? 🙂
All photos in this page were taken by me during the 50th Baeksang Awards red carpet ~