Seoul to provide student food voucher

Here in Seoul, all students get free lunch at school. School has been delayed since March because of the coronavirus. Students have been attending online classes instead at the “comfort” of their homes.

Yesterday, May 18, I received a text message from my son’s homeroom teacher. It is about the food voucher (학생 식재료 바우처) provided by Seoul to each student.

Here is a brief description of the program:

  • Duration: May to July
  • Eligibility: Elementary, middle school, high school, and special school students in Seoul
  • Grant: 100,000 won food voucher per student
  • Usage: 60,000 won mobile coupon (30,000 won worth of rice + 30,000 won worth of ingredients) that can be used at Nonghyup, 40,000 in NH Mall points (register online and receive the 40,000 won in points)
  • Voucher period: mobile coupon can be used until the end of June, NH Mall point to be used until the end of July
  • Application deadline: until May 21 (at my son’s school)

To get the NH Mall points,

In our case, we can apply for the voucher until May 21. Please check with your child’s homeroom teacher.

If you live outside Seoul, please check with your child’s homeroom teacher of a similar program. Other cities/provinces are also providing this voucher.

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