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Balibayan Box Companies in South Korea

Balikbayan box is part of Filipino culture. Wherever Filipinos go, their minds are on the people they left back home. Even before leaving the country, they already think of the things they could buy and send to their loved ones. Chocolates, soap and shampoo, lotions, canned food, shoes, and now gadgets. It doesn’t matter even if they could get the same products in the Philippines, they just have to send a balikbayan box even just once a year.

So what are the companies that Filipinos in Korea use to send their balikbayan boxes back home?

For my first time sending a box in Korea, I used Bagaheng Pinoy. I think they have folded up after a few years or they might have changed names. Then I used Supergem when I started doing my shopping and shipping service to the Philippines. When my friends and I sent used computers to the Philippines back in 2014, we used D8 Brothers. Since they don’t do cargo anymore, I switched to LBC Korea. And now Hanpass.

I NEVER HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH SENDING BALIKBAYAN BOXES all through my almost 18 years here in Korea. The only problem I had before was the delayed response whenever I asked for a box. With Hanpass, I never had that problem since they send the boxes by “tekbe” or through a local delivery.

Here are the balikbayan box companies currently operating in South Korea that Filipinos can use to send boxes to their loved ones:

Supergem Super Express Air and Sea Cargo

I have used Supergem several times in the past before and I never had any problem with them, except when I had to wait for them to deliver an empty box. Pick-up was no problem though and their staff was friendly. They have been in the business for more than a decade. They would accommodate odd boxes or special boxes for specific items – like washing machines or refrigerators.

Phone010 87739469
Balikbayan boxes at Supergem warehouse

Goldstar Cargo

I have never tried Goldstar Cargo, but some of my friends who use them are quite satisfied with their service. There isn’t much info on their prices and duration of delivery. On the “Services” tab of their FB page, it just say “duration varies” and the price range is 70,000 to 140,000. It would be better to call them and ask about this information or visit their Facebook page.

Phone010 6447 7447

UMAC Express

One of the oldest cargo companies for Filipinos in South Korea. They have been operating for more than 30 years. I have never personally used them, but they are a reliable company with a good track record.

UMAC Express pricing as of December 2020 (please call to confirm)


Hanpass is what I currently use whenever I send boxes to the Philippines. The last time we use this company was when we sent donations last November.

Hanpass offers both air and sea cargo. Their air cargo service usually takes 3-5 days while their sea cargo is anywhere from 2-5 weeks depending on the final destination. When sending gadgets, I would recommend to send via Hanpass air.


Do you know other balikbayan box companies in South Korea? Whichever balikbayan box service you use, make sure to follow their rules. Don’t overpack your boxes and make sure liquids are well sealed so they don’t spill. The insurance is limited to 100,000 won, but do check with the company you’re using.

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