A Filipina grandma and her two grandkids died in a fire in Wonju

On January 31, 2021 at around 3 o’clock before dawn, a fire broke out in a village in the city of Wonju. Three people died: a Filipina grandmother (73), granddaughter (9), grandson (7). Two people were injured: the Filipina daughter and a neighbor in his 60s. They were taken to the hospital.

The fire happened at a redevelopment site in Myeongryung-dong. The fire apparently started at the neighbor’s house and quickly spread to the Filipino household. The surviving Filipina (R), 32, was able to climb out from the waist-high window with the help of her neighbors but they couldn’t save her mother and two children.

R’s mother came to Korea last year to help take care of the children. Her husband is working in China. She is currently recuperating at the Wonju Severance Christian Hospital.

The neighborhood is located in a hilly area with narrow alleys so the fire trucks couldn’t get as near as they could to where the fire was.




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