Korean Shopping

Update As of March 26, 2015: I couldn’t open the previous email I used for this shopping service for Korean products.
If you want to buy a product from Korea, please use this email instead:
or send me a Viber message at +821022913428


  1. Hi Ate Betchay. I normally visit your blog since I have a huge interest of trying my luck out there in South Korea in the near future. You have a bunch of useful posts that I can rely on.
    On another note, I may bother you of purchasing some retail clothes for me. Anyways, just keep up the great work and I will keep in touch. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It’s me again.. haha.. anyway, i love your blog i must say that again and i do hope i can visit korea someday..
    can you email me your pricelist of skinfood?im planning to sell them here in the philippines.. Compared to the mall prices i think getting them directly from korea is cheaper..

    1. Hi Areej! thanks… aren’t you the one from Laguna? anyway, i’ll email you the price list tomorrow…

  3. Hi ms. betchay or should I call you ate instead.. hehe.. anyway, I would also like to know your pricelist of skinfood.. I hope you can send it also to me.. ^^ thanks in advance ms. betchay..^^ I really want to buy skinfood products from you but I dont know how to use paypal, so can anyone help me? please… I never use paypal because i usually buy online products locally.. I hope anyone can help me.. ^^ thanks again ms. betchay..^^

      1. thanks areej! ^^ thank God you saw my comment.. I’ve already learn how to sign up at paypal the only thing i don’t know is what card to use? credit card or debit card? help please.. thanks again areej! ^^

          1. thanks sis ha.. ^^ salamat at alam ko na ung card na gagamitin.. ^^ price list nlang ni ms. betchay.. ^^ thanks again sis.. ^^

      2. Hi,
        Possible for you to send me ELIANTO PRODUCTS.
        Yes, payment shall be made by PAYPAL.

  4. Hi there! I am so loving your blog! Been visiting every now and then and super naaliw po talaga ako. It’s very informative and entertaining as well. I really wish I could visit Korea someday. ^~
    I’m interested to purchase Skinfood, Etude and Missha products. Will save up first para madame mabili. Do you have a pricelist po ba and are there other ways for me to settle the payment aside sa paypal (like western union po)? And one more thing: how many days/weeks po before dumating ang package here in the Philippines once you’ve sent them? Thank you so much and sorry for asking so many questions.
    God bless and please keep the posts coming. Reading your blog is like transporting myself na rin sa Korea. Thanks for allowing us to experience Korea via your blog. ^

    1. Hi Icing! Thank you for the kind words. I can send you the Skin Food price list. I still haven’t completed the other stores’ price list. Western Union is a little expensive, compared to Paypal. I mean, you’ll have to pay at least $15 AFAIK for Western Union remittance, but I’m not sure if it’s the same in the Philippines.

  5. Thank you so much Ms. Betchay! Can’t wait for the pricelist! ^^ Western Union fee is almost the same here in the Philippines. I actually pay an extra Php710 as fee whenever I purchase stuffs online from Hongkong. But it’s ok since I don’t know much about Paypal and my CC’s are usually maxed out from much shopping in malls here. Hahaha!
    How long does it take for package to arrive from Korea? Really have no idea kasi. Much thanks and belated Happy Thanksgiving! ^

  6. hello, im new here.. can anyone tell me what other products that in korean that interesting..?? thanks alot…

  7. hi ms betchay, i love skinfood products. would appreciate it if you could send to me your current pricelist ‘coz i wanna order online. thanks…

  8. Hi, ur blog is fabulous, I been reading for a while now and know intersted in buying skin food , face shop and innisfree product, can you sent me the price list that you have for those. Thanks.

  9. hi! ate betchay.. i am a big fan of your blogs. its entertaining and at the same time very informative. hmmm sooner me and my friends will be going there hahaha after we graduated from college (were still on our sophomore year 2 years more!aja!). its our dream to have a vacation there. btw, do you have elianto products? if you have, can you send me the price list. esp. the famous BB cream. ๐Ÿ™‚ i already encountered the BB cream but for its quite expensive since im still a student and im really hoping that the price there is cheaper. cross-finger thanks ate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. miss Betchay,
    hi, can you please send me a pricelist of the famouse skinfood products, just like many of your readers, I’m interested to try them moreso, the BB cream.
    Will appreciate your reply. thanks & God Bless!

  11. Dear Betchay, Happy New Year! It is my first time visiting yr blog, very fanastic! Since I am also looking for price list for Skinfood and want to sell here in my hometown in southwest China. Could u kindly also send me the skinfood pricelist to: angela6196@hotmail.com? I really appreciate yr help. Looking forward to visiting south Korea someday.

  12. Hello!
    I sent you an email. Im planning to resell BB creams. I hope you can help me. And hope we can have great deal. Thanks!

  13. ate betchay, i just want to asked kung san ako pwede mag apply ng work kc gusto ko talagang mag punta dyan sa south korea..para mag work ..andito po ako now sa dubai UAE kasalukuyang nag wowork..sana po matulungan nyo ako
    here is my email add. drazen_timothy@yahoo.com thank you hoping to hear you soon..

  14. Hello, I’m new here.. can anyone tell me what other products that in korean that interesting,can you please send me a pricelist of the famouse skinfood products
    thanks & God Bless!

  15. Hey Ms. Betchay! Is possible to ask you to purchase clothes from GMarket for me? My friend refused na because she’s way over the baggage allowance na. Thanks in advance!

  16. Hi! I’ve been visiting you’re blog recently. It’s really awesome and very informative. Since I’ve been patronizing Korean products here for now, I want to try skin food products. But its a little bit pricey here. Can I ask for a price list of the skin food products? I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thanks!

  17. hi.
    YOUr site is very interesting and very useful and helpful anyway, Anyway I am planning to come to Korea supposedly this December but its too cold out there so I move to March. I am interested to find a a partner in Korea coz im doing export and supplying to middle east since its very cheap to transport goods in there im expanding my export in asia you may call me at 0063-9054276552

  18. hi everybody,
    can anyone supply me the skin food at good price :). im using it personally at the same time my friends are using it too so i want to buy in bulk sana

  19. Hi. Your blog is sooo informative. Thanks so much. Would like to request pricelist of skinfood products.Many thanks!

  20. Hello po ^^
    Im just wondering po if you ship products to the uk din po?
    and if dual citizen po ako, british and filipino, do i need a visa to enter the country maybe po for a just 1 or 2 day stop over?
    thank you po in advance =)

    1. Hi Mimi! You won’t need a visa to come here if you have a UK passport. Yes, I also ship to UK. I even shipped to Sweden last year.

      1. woo..thank you po ate =)
        can i request po if you can email po the pricelist for skinfood, (skin79 and missha bb creams) and i heard po about a foundation called Hera HD foundation.. hehe sorry po about my very long request, i havent tried any korean products po kasi so i want to see which suits me XD
        thank you po ulet in advance =)

  21. Hi! I hope you can tell me something about shipping from the Philippines to Korea. Is EMS the best deal? THanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi gabby! I’ve used EMS several times. The first time I had a box sent here, my mother used DHL and it was expensive. Since then, I always ask my sister to send me my care packages via EMS or international air parcel.

  22. guys . ask ko lang kung may alam kayong murang school for korea . yung hindi for school year . just a summer class, para naman matuto ako mag korea. cause i`m interested to learn talaga and i want experience to have a boyfriend form korea . haha :)) un lang salamat . just contact me here if ever meron kayo. YM: yourshiningangel@yahoo.com tnx ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hi! I hope you can tell me something about shipping from the Korea to Indonesia? I want to be the reseller of skinfood products… please tell me about paypal, pricelist, and the shipping for detail. YM: amita_sakura2002@yahoo.com
    Thx ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. im here in shanghai right now and i have a colleague who is korean, and tells me few things about korea that got me interested. so I did some surfing of anything about korea or korean products then i came across your site. its informative and its fascinating how you presented living in korea. i feel like if i would be going there, your site will definitely be one of my guides! ๐Ÿ˜‰ it somehow inspires me that i should be documenting my stay here in shanghai as well (been here for 9 mos. already), like a diary..maybe it could be useful to others. (i just hope i have the time & dedication. hehe..) but really, this is a very nice site. keep it up! (anyway, speaking of korean products, you also got me interested with skin food, pls send me a copy of your list: jerimel23@gmail.com.) thanks again and good luck!

  25. Hi, Ms. Betchay…
    I want to try to buy the skinfood product from you. I’m in a hurry bcause my emulsion n essence have been used out…
    I love the skinfood product ^_^..
    How is it?
    thanks Ms. Betcahy…

  26. Hi Miss Betchay,
    I’d like to ask for your pricelist on Skin Food products.
    If it’s not too much, include The Face Shop products pricelist also.
    How much would I spent on EMS
    when you ship here in the philippines.
    I would really appreciate it.

  27. Hi sis betchay!i envy u,hahaha…i wanna live in SoKor even for a month of 6months lang sana.but syempre I should get a job there or something.I just love their culture (or at least some arts of it,hehehe).sis,pwede pa-send ng quote for Skinfood and TFS products?sooobrang addicted na ako sa Korean products!hay.kaso pag dito bumili,nakakabutas ng bulsa.hehehe…and how much shipping sis?delivery timeframe?thanks sis betchay!!!

    1. hi nikkitah! sorry at hindi pa ako nakakapag-update… upload ko sana last weekend kaso biglang may nangyayari

      1. hi sis!aaaw….ok,no worries.will just wait for it. me sings..”im so excited …and i just cant hide it….” hehehe….sis,may nabibili ba dyan na original dvd ng BOF with english subtitle?mga how much kaya?hehehe…
        thanks sis betchay!will just wait for your update (^_^)

  28. sis, interested ako sa mga korean products. they have a new line: baviphat and nature republic, parang gusto ko ma try. saka yung stippling brush ng etude lagi daw oos dito sa pinas. will send you a list for the price quote. thanks!

  29. Need some skin food nail polish and nail care product. Take 100 – 200 bottles each time. Please msg me for detail! Thanks

  30. Ate Bechay…baka may time ka na to send the updated pricelist ng Skin Food..na addict ata ako…super hiyang yung skin ko sa products nila..hoping to purchase more through you..hope to hear from you soon..

  31. hey,
    im superbly interested in the skinfood brand, Is it possible to purchase it directly from you or your blog? if so can you send me your price listings, im currently living in Canada

  32. hi ate betchay love how you find time to describe my beloved seoul
    i am interested to buy in bulk bb creams skin79, misscha and wigs from gabalstory. please do send me a pricelist thanks a bunch.
    and i love to visit korea but i dont where will i ask how. I heard there’s a process.. muchlove

  33. hi ms betchay! i’m joannes alonsagay. from manila, phil. gustong-gusto ko po talaga itong site nyo. i learned a lot.. i’m into kpop, korean stuff/ culture. i’m planning to study to korea, 1-2 yrs from now.. gusto ko po sana humingi ng tulong s inyo.. in terms of kpop stuff, balak ko po kasing magbusiness ng kpop album..bumili ng mga cd/dvd (like Super Junior, SNSD) indemand po kasi ngayon dito.. gusto ko po sana manghingi ng price list. maraming salamat po.

  34. Hi…
    I new to your blog. Can you email me the price list of SkinFood? I intend to sell in here Singapore.
    Thank You!

  35. Hi.. This is my first visit here and I am really curious about this skin food thing.. Kindly enlighten me and i’d like know the pricelist too.. Thank you..

  36. Hi ms betchay is the bb cream suitable for oily skin ? I’d appreciate it if you could send me the price list for skin food products that worth trying .
    The skin food products here are too expensive but they do deliver. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hi agneski! I have combination skin, oily T-zone and normal cheeks and I still use BB cream. I’ll upload the pricelist later. In 20 minutes siguro ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. hi i like a wig from gabalstory or pinkage please email me the price list
    also if you can the pics of the wigs from gabalstory and pinkage that you can get
    (serious buyer)

  38. Hello! I’m from Canada and would love to purchase a Heat resistant Gabal Story wig. please email me the price list thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. Hi, sent you email ordering SK products (personal consumption only) and inquiring about shipping from Korea to Phil. I hope to receive your reply pretty soon. Many thanks!

  40. Hi,what is the price of
    1.Water Sleeping Pack EX
    2.Strawberry Yogurt Pack
    3.Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel
    4.Waterful Wash-off
    5.Sunblock Triple SPF40/PA++ and
    6.Water Bank Essence EX

  41. hi! Ate, thanks for posting the Skinfood price listings. Do you have The Face Shop product list? Can I request for this also. Thanks a lot.

    1. hi curie! I’m still collecting all the TFS products. I’ll post it once it’s done. Thanks!

  42. ms betchay, is etude a good brand? there is a new shop here in manila (aside from face shop and skin food). thanks.

  43. Hi Betchay,
    I unable to opern the file for Skinfood pricelist.
    Can you email me the pricelist in excel format? Thank You!

  44. Ms. Bechay
    Hi, I’m Agnes from the Philippines and im so interested to buy the skin food product of korea since i’ved used it already & its so effective. I was thinking to sell those product here since the prices here in malls are to expensive I come up to a study of why not to purhcase product from you then sell it here offering a low prices compared to mall. Can you pls. email me on how to purchased & deals with you, regarding of payments & order. thanks & more power…

  45. Hi Ms. Betchay, I got back from Korea last week. I bought the Missha M Signature Real COmplete BB cream and I got the wrong shade. I would like to ask if how much would it cost me if ill ask you to buy one. including the shippine. I’m from Philippines.

  46. Good day maรขโ‚ฌโ„ขam!
    Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขd like to ask how much is the shipping rate here in the PI.
    and i have questions regarding customs. may mga naencounter na po ba kayo or may alam po ba kau kung paano ung processing sa customs? baka kasi mataas yung itax if ever.
    thank you.^^

  47. Good day maรขโ‚ฌโ„ขam!
    Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขd like to ask how much is the shipping rate here in the PI.
    and i have questions regarding customs. may mga naencounter na po ba kayo or may alam po ba kau kung paano ung processing sa customs? baka kasi mataas yung itax if ever.
    thank you very much.

  48. Good day po Ma’am!!
    I’d like to ask what cream po dapat ko gamitin para gumanda po cutis ko at matangal some piklat on my legs.. kc im maried with a korean at palagi po ako nakoconcious sa kutis ko at palagi po ako naiinsecure and i really lost my confidence,,im hoping some response..

  49. Hi! Ate, I’m a big fan of Super Junior here in the Philippines. Their concert was really successful held in Araneta last April 10. Since they’ll be releasing their album next month, I wanna buy the version a. Magrelease din pala ng Photobook: Boys in the City 3 Hongkong Photoshoot nila. Pwede po ba kpop album magpabili din? Mga magkano po kaya all in all. Wait ko po reply niyo. Tnx!

      1. Thanks po! Photobook po ung Int’l edition (with Eng sub) folded poster. Just pm me including all the details.^^

  50. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    Gusto ko rin po nung photo book ng SUJU. If you can also inform me kung magkano magpabili including the shipping. Thanks po! =)

  51. hi ate betchay..i sent an email to you asking for laneige products. hope to hear from you soon. have a great day! Thank you so much.

  52. Hi Ate Betchay,
    Pwede po ba mgask na pasend sa email ko yung price list ng Skin food in excel format kasi hindi ko mabuksan ung dito na pinost mo. And also ung shipping rate sa manila. Thank you so much.

  53. HI ate betchay… this is my second message to you.. the first one i dont know what happened and bigla nawala sa site mga comments mo.. =) I really am interested in buying Skin food products. I would like to ask for the price list to be sent out sa email ko junellene.sapinoso@hotmail.com Kasi di ko maopen ung pinost mo dito sa site mo po. ngeerror sya. tska ask ko na din po ung shipping rate and all the details, im located sa Manila. thank you sooo much.

  54. hi ms. betchay =)! i’ve been a fan of your site since last year =). i was wondering if you could purchase for me Bae Yong Joon’s Photo Album – ‘Memory of the Journey’ in search of Beauty of Korea. I’m really his big. Pls. just email me details regarding the payment. Salamat po =)

  55. ma’am betchay do u sell bb creams po bah..? like skin 79 and missha..? and also the face shop..pls let me know and their price list… thank you po…

  56. hi first of, i enjoy your blog & want to ask u pls if u can shop Babara shoes as well? andyan kami nuong last month sa Korea pero meron akong nabiling babara pero gusto ko yong isa kong nakita sa w/site nila. pls let me know if ok for you & i’ll send u the site.

  57. Hi Everyone!
    I’m going to the Philippines soon, and I was wondering where you can buy Skin Food and Skin79 in malls or shops? If someone has an address for me, please mail it to me! Thankyou!

  58. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    Kamusta po yung mga bags n orders ko? Available po b silang lahat? Thanks!!!!

  59. Hi! How much does it cost including shipping & handling fee to malaysia for the skinfood rice wash off mask?

  60. hello po ulit! mam ask ko lang po kung kelan ang pickup ng box ko dyan? yung pictures po pa send n lng po. Thanks po ulit Ms. Betchay.

  61. Hi there, I sent you an e-mail via this site over the weekend… Can you plz let me know if you got it?? Otherwise, I’ll resend again shortly ^^;
    Have a nice day!!

  62. hey hi, can you email me the price list of the skinfood products in korea? thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. hello ms. ana. hanggang ngayon hnihintay ko p rin yung bill of lading ko. kinakabahan n ako baka di na ship yung box ko. pls understand my situation. padala mo n pls.

  64. hi! do i need to register at the buykpopstuff site o pwede na email nalang like dati? pls advice. thanks!!! =)

  65. hei, do you send to Norway?^^ and poydi mag request ng tony moly and innisfree products?^^

    1. Hi Mary! Sure I can get Tony Moly and Innisfree products. Oh, I read the email you sent me pero I thought I’ll reply this weekend.

  66. Hello~
    How are you? I want to buy some products from you
    May I know your number?
    Are you Filipina?
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  67. hello..i read ur website here..im looking for korean products..like whitening lotion..whitening cream..na effective talaga,i hope u will help me nman po..nghahanap tlga aq ng products ng korea..thanks..im waiting for reply..

  68. Hi po. I just wanna ask if there is any Lee Min Ho goodies? or any kdrama goodies? I’m a sure buyer. Thanks po

  69. i would like to know how much is the price for these Laneige products:
    -moisturising foam cleanser
    -water bank essence
    -strawberry yoghurt peeling gel
    -clear c effector
    -BB cream natural
    and could you pls let me know how much is the shipping of all of these items and also the service charge to here in new zealand. email me pls. thanks!

  70. hi!
    Nag email po ako sa inyo. Na received ko n yung box kaso kulang ng isang item…next time po air parcel n lng muna.
    Paki reply nmn po sa email ko. Thanks.

    1. hi alex! ni-check ko uli yung picture ng products… wala nga yung grapefruit body wash… sa susunod na lang… dami naman freebies di ba? not sure kung ganyan pa rin kadami freebies next time kasi umalis na yung dating manager sa store na pinupuntahan ko…

      1. ms betchay un 2 cd ba ng youre beautiful..A.N Jell nandun un kanta ni jeremy ky park shin nye un kinanta nya sa bus scene cla? nkita ko kc un online shop mo..nkita ko un cd album nila plan q bumili nd cd nila..plz response

  71. hi ms betchay ask ko lng kung ano unit samsung corby un gnamit nila JGS sa youre beatiful korean drama..gusto ko sana bumili nun..kaso di q alam un unit..sana alam u..hehehe,

  72. hi ms. betchay!
    just saw ur post and so i sent u an email regarding the items that i would like to purchase in korea. i will be waiting for ur response. thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Hi, would like to purchase laneige and etude/skin food products from you, by the way how much is the shipping fees to malaysia here? I need to know how much is the shipping cost first to make sure whether it is more worthy to purchase online ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, it need how many days to receive our ordered items once u post out, thanks =) And 20% service fees is charged also? Thanks

  74. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    Kamusta po kayo ngayon? I hope you are doing well. I sent you an email regarding the items I would like to buy. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless. =)

  75. Hi! I have been doing business with Ms. Betchay for almost 7 months now. She is really true and honest. Despite of her super busy schedule, she is able to deliver my orders completely. Thanks to her. I appreciate it very much Ms. Betchay. Sa uulitin po.

    1. hi acel! yung cosmetics mas mahal ng konti syempre pero original sila at nise-send ko lahat ng freebies…
      yung mga CD and DVDs, kapresyo nila yung music store sa taas ng Nature Republic sa Myeongdong… at mas mura ako ng konti sa music store na malapit sa post office sa Myeongdong

  76. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    Thank you so much! Nareceive ko na po yung binili ko sa kpopmall ninyo. Thanks sa freebies! Awaiting for your quote sa request kong items. Let me know so I can pay for it asap. Thanks again and more power!

    1. Ms. Betchay I sent you an email a few weeks ago.. I know you are super busy.. If you have time please reply po.. Ang mahal po kasi nung mga products dto sa Australia.. Hope to hear from you soon. =) God bless.. =)

  77. ate betchay! its me monica, i dunno if u got my email that i received the package na pinabili ko & thank you uli! i was wondering kung pwede magpabili ng JYJ the beginning special edition album? pls pls pls email me back thank you!!

      1. Hi ate betchay! May nkita po ba kaung all about tvxq season2 and kung nakunan nyo din ako ng jyj album.. Thanks!!

  78. Hello i wanted to know if ever i order how do i start that – i would like to order skin foods products.
    Thank you

  79. Hi, pde ba ko umorder ng The face shop blackheads remover? di na kse xiah available sa philippines.. dont know why. pls. PM me on my fb. tnx! w8 for your reply <3


    1. hi Anne! baka hindi ko na-gets? humahabol ako ng email eh… may nag-email sa akin na media last week ngayon ko lang nasagot ;p

      1. hi ate betchay! send nalang po ako bago ๐Ÿ™‚ include ko nalang po name ko sa title ๐Ÿ™‚ thanku po!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. hi.. uhm.. ask ko lang po ms. betchay. may kakilala po ba kyo na willing magbenta ng KPOP items like CDS and send na lang po ung items via EMS here in pinas?…

  82. Ms. Betchay tanong ko lang po mahal po ba ang laptop dyan? Or mas maganda kung may dala na ko bago pumunta dyan? Thank you..

      1. That’s cool… I’ll try to get order a Korean netbook from you when I get sufficient funds.
        Nagse-send din po ba kayo to Canada?

  83. Hi there Ms. Bethay, hello everyone. ask ko lang pag mag work ka ba dyan may 15-30 days na pondo bago mo makuha yung paycheck? paano po ba yung sa accommodation ng company may kasama ka ba sa room or solo mo? Thank you and more power. God blessรขโ‚ฌยฆ..

  84. hi ate betchay! sensya na talaga kung makulit ako, nakabili po ba kayo nung jyj album & dbsk dvd? lapit na kc yung showcase nila d2 sa la eh gus2 ko sana mkuha na yung album before ng showcase.. pati kung available na yung photobook ni micky yoochun for sungkyunkwan scandal pa add na din po. thank u sooo mush & hope to hear from u soon

  85. Hi Ate! Natanggap ko na po ung package ngyon.. salamat po at mabilis kong ntanggap.. kaso kulang po ng 1 item.. wala po sa package ung Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Mate spf12 PA $23.03.. pano po kaya ang gagawin natin dun?

    1. Hi Riyaku! I’m sorry. I forgot to put it in the box. I sent it a day or two after I sent the box. Hopefully, you’ll get it in a day or two also.

      1. Hi Ate! Thank sa mabilis mong pagreply. Salamat ulit sa freebies! We’ll continue to support your shop! God bless! =)

          1. Ate Ana natanggap ko na po! Kaya ang saya saya ko! =) hehehe.. about dun sa mga items na nirerequest ko po e alam ko naman sobrang busy kayo dahil may full time work kayo at mommy at wife at DIL pa kaya naiintindihan ko po.. sana pag nagkatime po kayo e maemail nyo po sakin para makapagbayad din ako kagad.. (crossed fingers na hopefully this november na.. hehehe) para xmas gift ko na rin sa sarili ko.. salamat ng marami ulit! =) God bless!

  86. hi sis. ๐Ÿ™‚ how much minimum order from the philippines? and lahat ng fees pa na babayaran? thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. hi ate yung prices nyo po sa skinfood yun na pop yung original prices dyan sa korea?..how much po thru ems?

    1. Hi betina! Hindi kasi binebenta ang mga phones dito na kagaya sa Pilipinas. Nakatali sila sa carrier.

  88. hi ate betchay! di ko pa po narecv yung pricelist na sinend ko po..may SALE po ba ngayon na korean makeup jan? ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you po! ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. Hi Ms Ana!
    I’ve Emailed you! ^ ^
    Hope to hear from you real soon!
    Hi Ms Ana!
    Ko na-email na kayo! ^ ^
    Hope na makarinig mula sa inyo tunay na sa lalong madaling panahon!

  90. I was wondering if you send skinfood samples? Like their different masks. Also, if for BB cream samples. It’s always hard to choose. If you do send samples how much would it cost?? Thanks!

  91. Good day!
    hi po ate . . .I was wonderin if you received my mail regarding on BRTC blemish recover balm? anyways pwede po ba ako mgpabili sainyo nito? salamat po . . .:) pls email me at . . .hope to hear from you soon. . .tnx again

    1. Hi Justine! I’m checking me email now. I didn’t check it yesterday since I was so tired from our weekend activity.

      1. Thanks ate . . .hope you can get me some . . . ๐Ÿ™‚ really want it. . .I’m giving it as a gift this Christmas . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Hi. been looking for best price of skin food and i bump into you site. how many days po yung delivery? say i will order mga dec 2 kelan ko po matatanggap? i need kasi for xmas gifts sa mga inlaws hehehe para maiba namna di ba. and also, please email me latest price list.
    i noticed po pala wala yung grape seed oil d

  93. hi betchay! i would like to ask for a favor po sana, just wanna ask, am i able to ask u to buy a korean tv series for me? sana ung may english subtitle ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ve been dying to get my hands on this tv series: รซยงโ€ฐรซยยผรซยจยนรฌยโ‚ฌ รฌหœยรฌโ€ขย รฌโ€ยจ / Makdwaemeokeun Young-Ae ssi. English title is ugly young ae, i’ve been searching numerous sites and i can’t seem to find a place or site where i can purchase one. I was in the philippines last month and i watched it on tvn and i was instantly hooked. I’m back in australia and wala talaga kong makita na dvd ng series na yan. if u can find one, just tell me the price and postage fee. salamat ng marami! ๐Ÿ™‚ kinapalan ko na talaga face ko, heheh! just tell me the price and i’ll send it thru paypal. kung di pwede, ok lang din! salamat ulit!

  94. it’s okay! thanks anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚ i really love that show! sobrang nakakatawa! i’ll just try to tell hubby to download the episodes online. haha!

    1. Hi janetted, parehas tayo ng problema. Kasi sa TVN season1 lang ang pinalabas. Kaya naghahanap din ako sa Torrent pero wala talaga. Pag may nahanap ka, share mo na lang sakin ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks in advance!

  95. Ako na sasagot for Ate Betchay…
    It means hindi mo mabibili ang phone from any other shop other than the carriers’. So bibilhin mo sila sa carriers like SKT, LGT, and KTF (similar ang function nila sa Smart and SingTel d’yan sa Pinas) and lahat ng phones, naka-lock sa carrier.
    In my case, dito sa Canada, you can buy phones without a contract, or you can get a prepaid locked phone; pero they’re also sold by carriers and may “unlocking fee” (na pwede lang i-avail after ng contract, or kung wala kang contract). The problem is, expect that they would cost you at least CAD$500. I don’t know kung may ganito rin sa Korea.

  96. hi ate . .
    Happy new year! ate I’ve sent a message po pala sa email nyo po, hope you can read it soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Patricia! Sure I could get the CDs for you. I think you also sent me an email but I haven’t replied to it.

    1. hi po . nagbebenta din po kayo ng kpop albums po ?? If oo please po pa’email naman po @Innocent_ghirl123@yahoo.com . thank you po . god bless .

  97. Hi, mura ba dyan ang samsung galaxy tab and other samsung products? available in english? Where can I buy one if I go there. Thanks again

  98. Hi po. Tanong ko lang po kung mas mura ba dyan yung SF Peach Sake Pore BB cream or dito? I’m really interested. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Hi Ms.Betchay, just wondering if pwede magpabili sayo ng refill ng LG Aroma Therapy Air Freshener..I bought one dispenser & 6 refills when I went in Seoul last spring time in Lotte Mart but got confiscated in Incheon Airport.. ..Meron dito sa Pinas refill pero di sya sukat sa dispenser..Hope you could help me buy thru air parcel.
    Thanks in advance!

  100. Hi Ms.Betchay is it possible if i could order Pancoat jacket from you? I sent you a link and email thank you.

  101. Hi Ms. Betchay did you receive my e-mail already? is it possible to buy that jacket from you? I need it for my birthday which is 2 weeks from now ๐Ÿ™‚ Waiting for your reply.

  102. Hi ate Betchay did you read na po about my email? I was wondering po if you could get me again BRTC products ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to hear from you soon . . .

  103. Hi Betchay,
    Hope u received my email about shipping costs to Australia.
    Hope to here from u soon

  104. Hi po… what about The Face Shop products pwede po ba?
    Home Aesthetic Pack Smooth Seaweed Pack
    Homme Classic BB Cream
    tia… ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. @glyniz: i downloaded ugly young ae season 1, pero walang english subtitle unfortunately ๐Ÿ™ i can read ,write and i speak korean pero di pa ko masyado magaling.. mas madali sa kin magbasa at magsulat ng hangul kaysa magsalita… saka pag di ko naiintindihan, i just ask hubby kaya pwede na rin.. hehe! just the same, pag may nahanap ako na english subtitle, i’ll inform u. i’m still looking for season 2, and the 3, kasi meron ako nahanap na season 4.. lol! just tell me if u want the link for ugly young ae.
    Thanks ms. betchay!

  106. Hello, are you still in Korea?.. can you send me an updated list od skinfood products?.. thanks..=)

  107. Hi all
    Does anyone know Miss Betchay’s email? I’ve tried combinations of the one above but all have bounced back.
    Much appreciated!!

      1. Oh sorry po Ms. Anna, for a moment there I forgot the reason why you replaced @ with AT in the first place. Please just edit my post.

  108. ask ko lang po, mura ba dyan ang electronics, like samsung tab, laptop? and are they in english? suitable for philippine use. thanks

    1. hi marlette! hindi ko alam ang presyo sa pilipinas eh… pero ang samsung at LG na binebenta sa Korea ay “Made in Korea” hindi kagaya ng ibang Samsung at LG products na binebenta sa labas ng Korea… ang mga computers dito eh Korean ang operating system, like yung binili kong netbook na Asus, Korean ang Windows XP niya… yung outlet dito ay two-round prongs

  109. Hello I live in Suwon, S.Korea… I want to Buy IPhone. can you tell me how can i ? and whats the rates

  110. Hi po Ms. Betchay! I love reading your blogs and checking out your freebies! I started reading your blog when I applied a scholarship to CUK (unfortunately I wasn’t accepted..hehe) Anyhoo, ask ko lang po how much un laptops and cellphones po jan? Interested rin po ko sa mga korean items like un Lee Seung gi 2011 calendar. Fave ko po xa eh..wala po ko nakitang goods na related to him..I also love watching 2 Days and 1 Night. Meron po bang mga dvd na binebenta ng mga episodes nila? nagbago po kase un schedule nila sa KBS world eh..Hindi ko na po naabutan..
    Ms. Betchay, wait ko po un reply nyo ๐Ÿ™‚ Jal ji ne seyo! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Here’s my email ad: hazelway24@yahoo.com

  111. hello po ms. betchay! ๐Ÿ™‚
    i’ve emailed you about something. hoping for your reply. thank you po! ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. hi po ate betchay..i love reading your blogs..nakakatuwa kasi marami akong nalaman about korea….sana makavisit ako jan sooner..i really really love kpop..and also love korean beauty products..
    Godbless you always and keep on posting…:)

    1. Hi Freya! Salamat sa pagbisita. Oo sana makapunta ka rin dito para ma-enjoy mo rin ang kpop…

      1. hi ate betchay wer goin to korea on amy 17 to may 31 ,i love korea so much even their skin care products and everything sa myeondong lang ba puede bumili ng whole sale products like skin food and etude 5 times na ko nakapunta sa korea but dun lang lagi ako nakakabili ng mura baka meron kang alam na outlet na mas cheaper thank you 6 kami mag travel with my family kaya ok lang kahit madami kaming dala thank you.

  113. Ate kahit Tony Moly ba tumantanggap ka ng order? I have a friend kasi na interested to purchase some stuff., so I will recommend your site to Ate Vernz if okay.

  114. hi good day.. can u send me price list of skin food and misha products there.. im using it and i like it,.. tenkz

  115. Hello, I wish you can help me to buy the korean stuff.
    I know that you are dealing with the skin food and stuff.
    But what I really want to buy is.. bowlingual (dog translator) in Korean b/c I’m Korean.
    Would you please help me with that?
    I know on ebay they are selling in Eng. version but I really want Korean version so that my parents can understand it also.
    The item’s name I want to buy is Bowlingual รซยฐโ€รฌลกยฐรซยงยรชยฑยธ
    And I find it http://english.gmarket.co.kr/challenge/neo_goods/goods.asp?goodscode=163128002 <<here
    It can take the USA Credit card but somehow, this item won't ship to USA…
    Please help me with this..
    Thank you very much!!

  116. Hi Betchay,
    I’m from Australia and i’m really interested in Korean beauty product, but it’s hard for me to find a website that shipping korean product to Australia (except from yesstyle, but there’s a limitation of brands from yesstyle), can you ship to here? (please, help me, i’m really desperate from wanting to try those product especially BB cream). Also, if you can how can I place an order and make payment?
    Sorry for asking many question

  117. Hello~! I’m the girl who was talking about Bowlingual~!
    I sent you email 2 times, but you never reply..
    So I was wonder if you got my email or not ;;
    I just want you to know that I bought the Bowlingual from Gmarket and wrote your address as shipping address and wrote your name too !
    And I know you give me %20 discount for the shipping from your house to my house. (5000won) So, would you please tell me how can I pay you? You want by paypal right?
    Then just send me payment from paypal. I gave you my paypal account by email, so please check!
    And I will waiting for the respond. So please respond this as soon as possible~!
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi! I’m sorry but I think you misunderstood what I said in the email. I sent you a private email.
      I usually don’t reply to emails on weekends since it’s family time for me.

  118. OH I think I did misunderstood..
    Sorry about that~!
    Would you do the small package shipping for me?
    Thank you very much!
    And contact me by email about detail and payment please~
    Thank you!

  119. Hi! this is Clarizza I just wanna know your products and the pricelist, could you send me the link instead? i’ve always been a fan of korean products Infact all of my skincare and cosmetics are from faceshop and etude is it much cheaper in korea than phil? I’m from Laguna.thanks!

  120. hi ate betchay, i dunno if u still remember me, this is monica.. nagpabili ako sau noon ng kpop stuffs hehe ask ko lang if theyre selling in korea jyj’s 3hree voices season 2? thanks!

  121. hi ate betchay…im fe ..i find your blogs entertaining and informative as well that made me interested to write to you
    …im from an english review center, located in pampanga here in the Philippines..im sure you knew many koreans going here..ate is it possible that you can refer koreans to our review center ,for english enhancement? we can also accept online tutorials..i will appreciate it very much if you reply ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Hi ate!
    I email-ed you po about being my supplier for kpop items.
    I hope you reply very soon!
    And oh! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! =)
    Thanks for sharing a lot of things! I hope we get to be friends~

  123. Hi Miss Betchay i’m Vangie Vunj for short we would like to ask for help kasi my husband is going to Korea from May 29 to June 4 nagpapabili ako ng BB Cream but he doesn’t know when to buy it could you buy for me then deliver it to him then sya na po magbayad sayu. then also can you suggest some good pasalubong for kids .. he might also be needing to rent a mobile phone while in Korea for 7 days nga eh ang mahal sa airport. hope to hear from you soon thanks

  124. Hi! I sent you an email last Sunday about Face Shop products. Hope you reply soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    I am first time here, like ko po sanang magpurchase ng skinfood at etude as well as magsell sa mga friends ko, ahmm pwede po ba pasend ng pricelist?

  126. Hi Ms. Betchay! Me too. I like to buy some items from you. ^^ Can you please send me the price list? Do you also sell Korean foods? I’m looking forward to seeing your email ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh! I just want you to know that I am checking this website everyday from 6AM until 4PM KT. HAHAHA! Got so addicted with your entries. Hope you’re okay there. Godbless. ^^

  127. Hi Ms. Betchay.
    I went to Seoul last May. Naku I love there =)
    If I want to buy something from Missha, will you get it for me and how’s the breakdown =) Can I also request for the price list? =)
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. Ms. Betchay
    Skin care advice: I dont break out and I have a clear skin. I was wondering if you can tell me which product should I use. Hiyang po ako sa Iope. Maganda po ba itong product. When I go to my korean spa I only use sulwasoo.
    Kindly send me the price list for Iope. Please and thank you.
    Thank you

  129. Hi Ms. Anna! Meron bang korean skincare products para sa mga buntis? May mairerecommend ka ba? Thanks!

  130. Hello!
    I want to purchase a few products of of famous cosm. Korean brands such as Innisfri or Skinfood, but I am afraid to buy in Sasa , because I think it may be China-made. Cuold you help me to buy authentic products?Many thanks for answer.

  131. Hey, I’ve managed to stumble upon your website via google. I was wondering if it was possible for you to ship some ‘the face shop’ products to New Zealand? How much does shipping usually cost? (say, if it was for two 150mL items) Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Hannah! I’ve sent packages to New Zealand. You can try mock shopping at http://www.cosmekor.com to check how much the shipping will be. I own that site and I’ve been taking orders there. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, just click on Contact and I’ll add it there.

  132. Ey, I was browsing google and found your blog. Do you ship skin care products going to Dubai? i will send you the list i want from skin food, please tell me how much the shipping cost. Thanks a loT!

    1. Hi Juna! Sure please send me the list and I’ll give you an estimate. You can also try http://www.cosmekor.com That is the Korean cosmetic shopping site I’m building. I also process orders through the site much faster. You can try mock shopping to check shipping fee.

  133. Hi Ms. Betchay!:) I’ve sent you a messge 2 times in your email asking about balik bayan boxes. And you haven’t replied yet.. have you recieved my email? or you just don’t entertain those kind of questions? Please enlighten me with this one. Thank you:)

    1. Hi Tala. I get a lot of emails a day and I try to answer them with the limited free time that I have. ;p

      1. aww,, I’m sorry about that.:) please take your time to answer my question about balik bayan boxes.:) Please do email me, if you have the time thanks:)

  134. Hey Betchay, I went to your website and the items I wanted weren’t there. I was wondering if I could just buy the items online at the Face Shop website, and have the package delivered to your address? Seeing as I have a korean credit card but they dont ship to international address. Might be easier for you as you won’t have to go out and buy the item and package it for post. And I will just deposit the cost of postage plus the service charge. Tell me what you think ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  135. Hi Ms. Betchay, I was googling and came across your blog.. Can you send me the price list for skin food and missha products through email.. pede po kaya through balikbayan box ang padala? para walang prob sa customs. thank you. will wait for the price list.

  136. Hi Ms.Betchay, ask ko lang po sana kung magkano magpabili nung book ni So Ji Sub (titled Road)? Thanks po! ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. hi ms. betchay. i’m from philippines po. Today ko lang po nadiscover itong blog niyo and got addicted reading it. i’m reading your blog for about 4 hours na.ahah.. i really want to try skinfood and skin79 bb creams but i’m afraid to buy online because of recent news about fake products. wish you can send me the pricelist so i can start saving money.ehehe.. thanks po in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. hi! I sent an email a few days ago =) i hope you can answer if i can still order the following items. thank you very much =)

  139. hi, i’m from indonesia. could you send me your price list. please send it in won, not in USD. because as the USD when exchanged into IDR is so expensive. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Hi Ms Betchay… i went to korea last week for a vacay and of course to shop for bb creams. Iv seen a lot of Beauty stores everywhere from SF, Mishha, hankin, Nature republic, etude Faceshop etc..However i didnt see Skin79 store… where can i buy skin 79 beblesh balm in korea…? Thank u! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. There’s a Skin79 store on the first floor of Nook in Myeongdong. You might also want to try Lotte Plaza in Cheongnyangni. I love that place since they have all the cosmetic shops all on one floor (Beauty Credit, Skinfood, Skin79, The Saem, Baviphat, The Face Shop, Missha and others). You can also find inexpensive but quality clothes there ;p

  141. Hi! I’m from Manila, Philippines. I sent you an email and hope you’ll receive. I look forward for your response and your help on Korean cosmetics purchase. Many thanks! God bless!

  142. Hello, i’am from Manila. Do you have a list for The Saem products? I am interested in ordering them. Thanks.

  143. Hi, I’m interested on the Laneige product.
    Can you send me the price of “prefer renew dual touch eyes” & “water bank essence”?
    Please email the price to my email account.
    Hope to hear from you soon. TQ!!^^

  144. Hi Ate Betchay! Im interested on selling Bb cream skin79 products.. Can you give me the price list? I would love to hear from you! Thank you! <3

  145. hello po, i’m an aspiring entrepreneur from Philippines and i wanted to resell cosmetics from korea. i’m planning to open a pre-order for the cosmetics and i think getting the products straight from korea is much cheaper than finding a supplier here in the Philippines. Can I know po your terms and conditions? and how much is the shipping fee?
    hoping to hear from you.. balak ko po ksi mag open ung shop ngayung sem break. super thank you po and more power!

  146. Hi! Ate Betchay how much po ung Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Hot Pink? Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. hi! my mom and i will be in korea for 4 days, since on the 5th day we will take the 1st flight back to Cebu..any suggestions or itinerary?? place to stay as well..not so pricey and not so cheap..thanks a lot!

  148. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    Ask ko lng ma’am kung how much po ang star bucks mug and tumbler from seoul?
    Yung katulad po ng pinagiveaway nyo before also po around how much po estimated price
    for shipping if ever….
    *nageerror po sa link ng email – buykpopstuff AT gmail.com .
    Thank you very much po and More Power!!!

  149. Hi! Ms. Betchay, I am from New Zealand. I’ve sent an email message to you last night about the skin food product that I want to purchase. Hope you receive it . I am looking forward for your response. Thanks

  150. hello, my name is Glendy, I am interested in buying skinfood products, but first, I just have one question, how do I pay shipping through EMS, or Air Parcel? Sorry, this is my first time doing this.

  151. Hi Ms.Betchay!I’m very interested in buying korean skin care. Could you please send me the pricelist of it’s skin in korean won?Lots of thanks.

  152. Hello
    Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm from Russia and i wanted to resell cosmetics from Korea. iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm planning to open a pre-order for the cosmetics and i think getting the products straight from Korea. Can I know your terms and conditions? And how much is the shipping fee?
    Would be glad to cooperate with you ^ ^

    1. Hi Julia! I’m currently on vacation and I won’t be back in Korea until the middle of January next year.

  153. Hello, accidentally nabasa ko ung website niyo as well as the comments and it seems po na may access kayo sa skinfood products. By the way I’m a user of skinfood aloe vera foaming cleanser at peach sake serum kaya lang super mahal dito sa pinas ng mga products nila baka naman po pwede akong makahingi ng pricelist nila at fortunately maka-order ako sa inyo. thanks

  154. Hi po,
    Interested in buying korean cometics. paemail naman po ng pricelist ng innifree, laneige, nature republic, tony moly at etude. Thanks..

  155. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    I’m very interested on IOPE products as you’ve mentioned in your blog aside from searching it on net. Could you please send me the pricelist especially the whitegen intense cream and its moisturizer. This is my email add shalmaborowa@yahoo.com. I’ve been searching a store here in PH but haven’t found one only on on-line store, pero its hard to know if its authentic or not.
    Thanks and GOD bless…:)

  156. Hi Ms.Betchay,
    I sent you an e-mail regarding my inquiry for Skinfood products and The Faceshop.
    Thanks a lot,

  157. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    Pasensya po, my second post ko po eto. I sent you email at buykpopstuff pati sa cosmekor regarding skin food product. Hope you receive it..May i know if you’re the owner of Cosmekor?
    Thanks and GOD bless….

  158. Ms. Betchay!
    I really wanted to buy Skin Food products… I’ve used some and I like them so much… Can you send me a price list please because the prices here in the Philippines are way too high I think than getting it directly from Korea through you…. Hope to receive a reply from you…
    Thanks much and God Bless!

  159. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    Instantly fall in-love with your blog when I saw it for the 1st time. Ever wanting to purchase k-pop albums from there as I heard that it’s way cheaper there! That goes the same for cosmetics..They mark-it so high in Malaysia here… T^T
    Was wondering, could you spare a lil of your time & send me a price list of the shops you know~~Ever appreciate it! Thx…
    (Ohya…secretly envy you cause of that status-Korean wives รฃโ€ฆโ€นรฃโ€ฆโ€นรฃโ€ฆโ€น )

    1. Hi Carrie! I’m in the process of changing webhosts. I’m targeting the middle of March to open the online shop again.

  160. Ms. Betchay…I already posted my order at cosmekor website regarding skin food products. tanong ko lng po kung na-received nyo ung payment ko thru paypal kasi first time ko to use it on-line…^_^
    Thanks po and GOD bless…

      1. Aigoo! Thanks a lot…Despite your nightmare, you’ve managed to sent my order (just kidding ^_^)…Looking forward on my next order..
        Thanks again and GOD bless…

  161. Hi Ms Betchay
    I emailed you at your gmail.com address as well regarding History of Whoo products. Like Kim, I haven’t heard from you so not sure if you have received the email. Please have a look into as well. Thank you so much.

  162. sent you an email Ms. Betchay! I would love to receive pricelists for Etude, Skin Food, Missha, Majolika, Nature Republic products..please drop me a linw. thank you.

  163. Hi poh!
    Muzta na po kau? Nagsend me ng email sa inyo para malaman kung pwede magorder korean cosmetics, ive sent the links and the name of products (brand KLAIRS) the links are from the korean page.
    Thank you poh

    1. Hellow poh,
      Nagsend aq poh ng isang email pa para mag order an additional item (O.S.T original vitamin c20 serum)… pero wala meng natanggap na reply…
      Sorry poh kung mejo makulit ako, first time ako magorder sa inyo, hnd qoh poh alam kung how long it takes you to make the shipping.
      thank you very much ate betchay.

  164. hi. sayang cds pa naman ung pahahanap ko dyan, kasi my daughter loves snsd eh… mukhang sold out online na lahat… just so you know i’m looking for Paradise in Phuket 6dvd pack ng girls generation…. hope to hear from u soon. thanks

  165. Hi there Ms. Betchay….
    I wanted to order MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream for my friend but she like the #27 shade. But as I browse at your kpopmall, the only shade available is #21 and 23. Available po ba yong shade #27?
    Looking forward on your reply…Thanks and GOD bless!

  166. hello…please send me a price list of skinfood products and missha too. thanks betchay^^

  167. hi miss betchay! first time ko po mag comment dito but i have been reading your posts for 4 months now.
    i would like to ask po, just in case you could help me, if how to send dried mangoes from philippines to korea? and how much (you think) would it cost? my korean friend likes it so much when i brought some during my vacation in korea last may.

    1. Hi Clangy berry! It’s better to ask the post office in the Philippines. Dried mangoes are available here in Korea for 3,500 won per pack.

  168. Mam betchay, same here siguro po natabunan na ang message ko,, want to order din sana as in marami ang oorderin kopong Korean products, baka po pwede ko kayo maging supplier, sumagot napo kayo sa email ko one time pero hindi papo nasasagot ulit , Thank u

  169. hi ate.. pwd pong magtanong if pwd magpabili ng anycall or htc touch screen phone?? i have a korean friend po kasi and nalaman ko na mas mura ung mga phones sa korea. can you give me an idea how much atleast are the prices ?? thanks po ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Yan! The phones here are all CDMA and they are tied to the companies that issue them. They are only cheaper because of the phone subsidy offered by the telecoms. Example, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is priced at 900,000 won but the telecoms give discount depending on the phone plan on a 2-year contract.

    2. di advisable na bumili ng cellphone sa Korea then gagamitin sa pinas…80~90 characters lang kc ang limit ng SMS mga cellphone d2…isang workaround ay i-root ang phone, pero mahirap din i-root ang mga korean made cellphones..

  170. Ms. Betchay,
    Please send me price list of skin Food & other skin care products. am planning to sell it also.
    Nagsend din po ako sau ng mail waiting for your response.
    If any requirements you need please do let me know.

  171. Hi, I need Nori Sheets or Laver sheets with 100sheets/pack whichever is cheaper how much kaya diyan? Pati mga basic needs like Korean Salt and korean chili powder ( koreander – is this how it is called?). Kindly check the prices for me. Other orders will be made soon if price difference is better through your help. thank you.

  172. Hi, I need Nori Sheets or Laver sheets with 100sheets/pack whichever is cheaper how much kaya diyan? Pati mga basic needs like Korean Salt and korean chili powder ( koreander รขโ‚ฌโ€œ is this how it is called?). Kindly check the prices for me. Other orders will be made soon if price difference is better through your help. thank you.

  173. hi Ms. betchay pwede po ba pa request ng price list ng skin food skin care at etude house . thanks in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  174. Hi Ms …I emailed your regarding Starbucks planner korean edition..Im willing to buy some of them.Hope you can get in touch.Thx

      1. Thank you Ms Betchay…as of now medyo madami2 pa daw depende sa area.But if December medyo limited na…Once you check , ill get maybe 10 planners..Thanks much..

  175. hello ate Betchay! ate regarding my items, napashipped nyo na po ba siya? Pwede ko po malaman kailan? Wala pa daw po kasi sa post office eh. :))

  176. Hi miss Betch ๐Ÿ™‚ anyway i just want to asked if you have an idea or if you do shipping from Phil to korea? thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  177. ask k lng po, san po kau ngppdla ng shipping?d2 kc ako s laguna.may tax pb n bbyran based s experience nyo?sna ung door to door.order p sna ako s inyo nung missha product.pls rply asap coz am leaving phils soon.or any from customers who has idea for my queries.thanks

  178. tnx po s rply.pno po tax?may bbyran pb??door to door po b yan?pde po b shower gel ipdla dun.i lyk missha shower gel n lotion..tnx po

  179. Hi Ate Betchay, if ever i wanna buy a Star1 Magazine to you pero wala ako creditcard, meron ba ikaw family dito sa phils na pwede ko mapadalahan na lang nung money? ๐Ÿ™‚

  180. hi po ! I just found out about your blog. xD I want to buy a couple of KPOP CD’s po kasi in my place its wala po masyadong Kpop stores. I don’t have paypal po can I pay through Westerrn Union or Bank Transfer po?

  181. hi po ! I just found out about your blog. xD I want to buy a couple of KPOP CDรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs po kasi in my place its wala po masyadong Kpop stores. I donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt have paypal po can I pay through Westerrn Union or Bank Transfer po?

  182. Hi mam pwede po bang makahingi ng price list of etude, misha, skin food cosmetics .. i’m new here po thanks

  183. How much is that jo in sung bracelet as of now in philippine currency?waiting for your response.thanks

  184. Hi Ate Betchay!
    Do you accept pabili ng chocolate sa korea and padeliver also sa address sa Busan? Kaya po ba yun ng mga delivery services jan? Want to send chocs sana sa friend ko jan. Will wait for your reply. Thanks!

  185. Hello po! Gusto ko po sanang malaman ang shipping information and fee po ninyo para makapagdecide po ako kapag nag-order. Planning to open a shop po eh. Okay po ba na parang maging supplier kayo? Reply asap po. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  186. Hello ate Betchay! Naaalala nyo pa po ako ๐Ÿ™‚ anyways did you received po my email the other day? I was hoping you can buy some stuffs for me again ๐Ÿ™‚

  187. oh this is so cool. i just happened to browse through your blog (which i find lovely and really interesting!). would you also be accepting orders for baking supplies? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi! Sure but I’m currently in California and I won’t be back in Korea until the end of the month.

  188. hi miss betchay i would like to ask if you can help me buy an item from gabalnara ๐Ÿ™‚ I would like to wear it on my friends wedding, i already emailed you the details. have a good day ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. hello everyone.. i would like to recommend you the original and the first invented beauty products in korea,
    email me for more info..

  190. Hi unnie! Are you still accepting requests? Can I ask for the pricelist and send it to my e-mail instead?
    Kamsahamnidaaa~~ ^^