Korean Visa for Filipinos

UPDATED: August 29, 2016 / Korean Visa for Filipinos



Philippine passport holders who intend to visit or work in Korea are required to secure a visa at the Consular Office.
Visa classifications are as follows:
– Temporary Visitor’s Visa (Tourist/Business)
– Transit Visa for Seafarers
– Holders of Confirmation of Visa Issuance number from Korea’s Ministry of Justice.
Temporary Visitor’s Visa may be granted a regular period of stay for 59 days, and if requested, maximum period of stay for 90 days. Transit Visa for Seafarers is granted period of stay for 59 days. For those who have Confirmation of Visa Issuance number, the period of stay will depend on the approved length of stay from the Ministry of Justice in Korea.
For all those who wish to apply for a Korean visa, they must comply the list of requirements.
Required documents depend on the applicant’s occupation and purpose of visit to Korea.


For Philippine Passport holders:
59 days (or less) stay in Korea — GRATIS
60 to 90 days stay in Korea — PHP1,800.00
More than 90 days stay in Korea (not applicable for tourist visa)
Single Entry — PHP2,700.00
Multiple Entry — PHP4,050.00
American Passport holders — PHP2,025.00
Foreign nationals in the Philippines applying for a tourist visa — PHP1,800.00
*Fees may differ for some nationalites


After completing the required documents, applicants may file their applications at the Consular Office from 8:30-11 am only, every Monday to Friday. This is on a first come, first serve basis. No appointment is needed. Representative may file the applications as long as the documents are complete. Frequent travellers who have previous tourist visits within 5 years to OECD member countries, those who have at least 2 tourist visits to Korea, and seafarers who plan to transit to Korea should apply at Window 3. Those who have no previous tourists visits within 5 years to OECD member countries, and holders of confirmation of visa issuance number must present their documents at Windows 1 or 2.
List of OECD member countries


Processing takes 5 working days for first time travelers and 3 working days for frequent travelers. This may be extended though, depending on the Consul’s decision.
Releasing time is only from 1:30-4 pm.
Applicants, especially the First Time travelers, are advised to personally claim their visas. An interview with the Consul may be required before the result of the application is given. E-6 Applicants/Entertainers, must personally appear for an interview before the visa can be issued.
For family applications, documents for proof of relationship is a must. (eg. Marriage Contact, Birth Certificate)
Family applications should be filed together at the same window, at the same time. Representative may file the visa applications of all family members.
Validity of visa is only 3 months from the issue date. Do not apply more than 3 months prior to the date of travel.

Visa exemptions are as follows:

  • If using Philippine Official and Diplomatic Passport.
  • If transiting only and going to the U.S., Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. But must not stay beyond 30 days and with confirmed onward ticket to the 3rd country.
  • If the individual has been to Korea for four (4) times within the past two years with a C2 or C3 visa. Or has been to Korea for more than ten (10) times already.
  • If Nationality is among the list of those exempted from securing a visa. For information, or list of these nationalities, you may visit the website.
    for other visa information , you may also refer to this site:
    For further inquiries or clarifications regarding visa matters, you may contact us at
    Telephone Number +632 856-9210


Applicants may file their applications at the Consular Office from 8:30-11 am only.
Releasing time is from 1:30-4 pm only.
For family applications, documents for proof of relationship is a must. (eg. Marriage Contact, Birth Certificate)
Family applications should be filed together at the same window, at the same time. Representative may file the visa applications of all family members.
Validity of visa is only 3 months from the issue date. Do not apply more than 3 months prior to the date of travel.
Visa processing takes 5 working days for first time travellers, and 3 working days for frequent travellers.
There is no expedite processing.
Apply for visa prior to purchasing your airline tickets since visa issuance is subject for approval of the consul in charge.



Tourist/Business Visa Requirements for Employees
1. Application Form
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable only)
6. Original Certificate of Employment
(must include applicant’s position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number(cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address)
7. Original Personal Bank Certificate
(must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB)
8. Bank Statement
(original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
9. ITR(Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 Copy
10. Copy of PRC Card or IBP Card (If applicable only)
* If personally invited by Korean
. Invitation Letter
. Photocopy of invitor’s Passport or Identification Card
(authentication not required)
* If invited by Company in Korea
. Invitation Letter
. Photocopy of Korean Company Business Permit
(authentication not required)
* Frequent travellers who have travelled as tourist to OECD member countries within 5 years are exempted from submitting ITR.


Tourist/Business Visa Requirements for Businessmen
1. Application Form
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable only)
6. Photocopy of Business Registration from SEC or DTI
7. Photocopy of Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit
8. Original Personal Bank Certificate
(must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB)
9. Bank Statement
(original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
10. Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316
11. Copy of PRC Card or IBP Card (If applicable only)
* If personally invited by Korean
. Invitation Letter
. Photocopy of invitor’s Passport or Identification Card
(authentication not required)
* If invited by Company in Korea
. Invitation Letter
. Photocopy of Korean Company Business Permit
(authentication not required)
* Frequent travellers who have travelled as tourist to OECD member countries within 5 years are exempted from submittiing ITR.


Tourist/Business Visa Requirements for Students
1. Application Form
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable only)
6. School Certificate (Original)
7. Copy of School ID
8. Copy of Birth Certificate
9. Parents’ Documents
– If employed: Employment Certificate Original [must include position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number(cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address]
– If Self-employed: Business Registration from SEC or DTI (Copy), Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit(Copy)
– Original Bank Certificate [must include account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average balance (ADB)]
– Bank Statement (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
– Copy of Income Tax Return(ITR)
– Copy of Nso Marriage Certificate
* If personally invited by Korean
. Invitation Lettter
. Photocopy of invitor’s Passport or Identification Card
(authentication not required)
* If invited by Company in Korea
. Invitation Letter
. Photocopy of Korean Company Business Permit
(authentication not required)
* Frequent travellers who have travelled as tourist to OECD member countries within 5 years are exempt from submitiing ITR.


Tourist/Business Visa Requirements for Housewives
1. Application Form
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable only)
6. Additional documents
– If husband is employed : Husband’s Employment Certificate Original [must include position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number(cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address]
– If husband is self-employed : Business Registration from SEC or DTI (Copy), Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit(Copy)
– Original Personal or Husband’s Bank Certificate [must include account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average balance (ADB)]
– Personal or Husband’s Bank Statement (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
– Husband’s Copy of Income Tax Return(ITR)
7. Copy of NSO Marriage Certificate
* If personally invited by Korean
. Invitation Lettter
. copy of invitor’s Passport or Identification Card
(authentication not required)
* If invited by Company in Korea
. Invitation Letter
. copy of Korean Company Business Permit
. copy of invitor’s Passport or Identification Card
(authentication not required)
* Frequent travellers who have travelled as tourist to OECD member countries within 5 years are exempted from submitting ITR.

Tourist/Business Visa Requirements for Retiree (Retired Senior Citizens)

  1. Application Form
  2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture
  3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
  4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
  5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable only)
  6. Original Personal Bank Certificate
    (must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB)
  7. Bank Statement
    (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
  8. Copy of Senior citizen’s ID

* If bank documents to be submitted are named to another family member, submit proof of relationship. (Ex. Copy of Marriage Contract for spouse, Birth Certificate for child, etc)
* If personally invited by Korean
. Invitation Letter
. Photocopy of invitor’s Passport or Identification Card
(authentication not required)
* If invited by Company in Korea
. Invitation Letter
. Photocopy of Korean Company Business Permit
(authentication not required)
* Frequent travellers who have travelled as tourist to OECD member countries within 5 years are exempted from submitting ITR.



Visa Requirements for Religious Workers
1. Application Form
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable only)
6. Copy of Church SEC in the Philippines
7. Certification from Church Original
– If Employed: Embloyment Certificate Original [must include applicant’s position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number(cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address] & Copy of ITR
– If Businessmen: Business Registration from SEC or DTI (Copy), Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit(Copy) & Copy of ITR
8. Personal Bank Certificate Original [must include account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average balance (ADB)]
9. Personal Bank Statement (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
10. Invitation from Korea
– Copy of business permit of Korean church
– Invitation Letter
– Copy of invitor’s ID
* Frequent travellers who have travelled as tourist to OECD member countries within 5 years are exempted from submitting ITR.


Korean’s Parents in Law
1. Application Form
2. 1pc. Passport size colored picture
3. Passport Original(6Mons. Vaild)
4. Copy of Passport First Page
5. Original & copy of valid visa and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years
6. Invitors'(Korean/Filipino) Korean Certificate of Marriage History (issued within 3months)
7. Invitors'(Korean/Filipino) NSO Marriage Certificate
8. Invitation letter from the Korean National
9. Copy of Korean & Filipino’s Passport First page (or valid ID)
*If Filipino in Korea changed name to Korean name, additional Basic Certificate(기본증명서) should be submitted
– Admission Letter from the University in Korea (original)
– Copy of Last School Record, e.g. Diploma and Transcript of Records
– Copy of Birth Certificate
– Employment Certificate (if employed)
– Bank Certificate (if the student doesn’t have full scholarship)
– Original Letter of Guarantee from the shipping company in the Philippines
– Copy of the Guarantee letter from Korea
– Copy of Korean Company Business Permit
– Copy of Seaman’s passport and seaman’s booklet
– Copy of E-receipt (from POEA)
– Copy of Employment Contract
– Copy of Medical Result
– Copy of Marriage Certificate
– Copy of Husband’s Passport (first page)
– Copy of Husband’s Employment Contract
– Guarantee Letter from the Philippine Agent
– Copy of Guarantee Letter from the Korean Agent
– Personal Bank Certificate (original)
– Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original)
– Photocopy of Invitor’s Military ID and/or passport photocopy of first page
– Photocopy of Military Order
– NSO Marriage Certificate (photocopy)
– USFK Form 166
– CFO Certificate
– Birth certificate (photocopy)
– Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original)
– Invitor’s passport photocopy of first page
– Photocopy of Invitor’s Military ID and Military Order
– Mother’s passport photocopy
– Mother’s visa page photocopy
– NSO Marriage Certificate (photocopy)
– Invitation letter from Husband’s company in Korea (original)
– Copy of husband’s passport
– Copy of husband’s alien registration card
– Copy of husband’s contract or certificate of employment
– Copy of marriage certificate
– Guarantee letter/invitation letter from Korea
– Shipbuilding contract between the buyer and the seller
– Dispatch letter from company
– Copy of employment contract
– Filled application form
– confirmation of visa issuance number
– 1 passport sized picture
– 2,250 pesos visa fee
– Employment contract (for E6 and F1 visa applicant or domestic helpers)


  • Qualified Applicants
  1. Applicants who have obtained a permanent residency in any OECD member countries (except Korea) or people who visited OECD member countries more than 2 times within the last 4 years, or people who visited Korea more than 4 times within the last 2 years.

– Required document: Original and photocopy of visiting records in the applicants’ passports (visa and arrival stamps)
OECD member countries
2. Group Tour Guides who has traveled to Korea more than once for the last 2 years.
3. Philippine Government Officials
– Required document: Employment Certificate
4. High Rank Officials/employees of International Airline Companies to Korea
5. Applicants who earn more than $10,000 annually or has Platinum international credit card
– Required document: Official documents proving the financial status of the applicant and original and photocopy of platinum card
6. Applicants who are invited for contract and consultation by Korean public agencies in connection to resources and energy development
– Required document: Employment certificate, related contracts or guarantee letter from invitors
7. Applicants who are invited by the Korean Government to attend international forums, international conferences, international conventions.
– Employment certificate, Invitation letter
8. Executive or high ranking staff of a company that is listed in the  Philippine Stock Exchange market
– Business Permit or Employment Certificate, Individual ITR
9. Reporters, PD, journalists, news editors, etc. people who works in major company for more than one year
– Required document: Identification card and Employment certificate(the period of employment should be indicated), ITR
10. Professionals: i.e. lawyers, doctors, accountants, professors (PRC or IBP card holders)
– Required document:  Employment Certificate, PRC ID copy or IBP copy
11. Popular celebrities, artists/athletes/writers who can be searched or viewed in Philippine major media websites
– Required document: A membership card or an ID, Media records or Records of concerned activity
12. Retired workers aged 55 years above who are receiving pensions of more than P20,000 monthly
– Required document: Any supporting document which proves he/she is a Pension receiver
13. People who obtained a two year college degree or bachelor’s degree, master’s and doctorate degree from Universities in Korea
– Required document: College diploma from Korea
14.  Spouse, minor aged children and parents’ in law of a Korean national
– Required document: Korean couples marriage contract and Korean Marriage History
15. Spouse, children, parents and parents in law of multiple visa holders
– Multiple visa copy and proof of relationship documents, i.e, birth certificate, marriage certificate

REASONS FOR DENIAL (from the Korean Embassy website)

The reasons of the denial of visa application are as follows:
– Your passport is invalid;
– You are prohibited to enter Korea as per Korean Immigration law no.11 sec. 1 (Prohibition of Entry);
– Our record shows that you have previously violated the Korean law;
– You failed to submit the required document completely;
– The documents you have submitted cannot be verified;
– You failed to prove the purpose of entry to Korea;
– You failed to prove strong economic and family ties to the home country;
– Your inviter is not qualified to invite you;
– You failed to prove the relationship with your inviter.
※ In addition, the reasons of the denial of spouse visa application are as follows:
– You failed to give prima facie evidence of your marriage validity according to the
Philippine law and regulation;
– You failed to give the correct information about your spouse;
– You and your spouse failed to prove keeping a normal marital life.
The Korean Embassy in the Philippines is located at:
Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines
122 Upper McKinley Road
McKinley Town Center
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634
And their contact numbers:
Phone number: 02-856-9210
Fax number: 02-856-9024
Extension numbers:
260 – for passport
240 – for family registration and other related documents
220 – Visa 1
230 – Visa 2
302 – Visa 3 (Filipino)
Office hours for visa application: 9AM to 11AM ONLY
Release of passport: 2PM to 4PM
Korean Embassy website: http://embassy_philippines.mofat.go.kr
Call the consular office at 856-9210 (Local no.302)


  1. hi,
    i, along with my bf, are supposed to go to korea in a few days. when we got our passports back last week from application of visa, he was denied while mine was approved. i already have a US visa, so i guess they cannot refuse me a korean visa. my bf’s requirements are complete, he has money in the bank, etc. we applied through an agent. we don’t even know why he was denied of his visa. question is, can we still appeal? what if he goes at the embassy himself, talk to the consul, and ask whatever documents they needed, you think this would work? sayang, we already have plane tickets, and all..

    1. hi mitzie! i have a friend who was supposed to come here with her other friends… she already bought her ticket and they already made reservations… in the end she was denied a visa… so only her friends came here…
      i’m not sure if you could appeal but who knows?

      1. HI.Betchay tnt po ko dati sa korean 6months now po andito nako sa pinas sabi nila kapag may marriage certificate kana daw,ireport ko daw po sa kr imigration yun naging tnt ko.san po ba talaga pwede?ireport para mabigyan ng visa kung ikw ay kasal na sa korean?help naman po ah.tsaka sample naman ng interview sa pagkuha ng legal capacity?

        1. hi miss betchay .. ask ko lang po may possibility po ba na maka balik po ako sa korea for tourist kc po nag run away po ako sa agency nmn kc di po maganda trabaho po nmn .. sa club ako pinasok .. sabi singer lang daw po kaya nag decide po ako na tumakas …. sabi po skn ng employer ko .. d na raw ako makakabalik ng korea .. nag aalala po ako kc may bf po ako na koreano .. gusto nia po mag tour aq sa korea .. ask ko rin po if ano requirments po .. ty po ate betchay god bless po

      2. hi betchay, me to gether with a friend is planning a korean tour for about 4 days however, all tour packages are expensive. is it possible for us to go find a hotel on our own and bahala na kami sa tour pag dating sa Korea. Do you have a contact person where we can stay and guide us on our tour. Thanks.

        1. Hi
          Ngaaply aq ng korean visa pero hinahanp nla bank account n my laman $20,000 hk s loob ng tatlong buwan pero s loob ng tatlong buwan wala laman ang bank account q ngaun q lng nalagyan ok lng b yun sa pag apply?

      3. hi mam betchay,my bf po akong korean mag ka live in kmi sa macau kc dun kmi nagkakilala nd magkasama kmi sa work ,our relationiship now is going a 1 nd half a year,this month nag visit sya d2 sa pinas but only 5 days,b4 he go back korea,gusto nya ko makapunta dun even just tourist,but as of now he dont have a present job in there,at ako din po d2,anu po ba needs ko ipresent sa korean embassy para makakuha ko ng tourist visa,kc kung sya po ang bumalik ulit d2.immigration gave just 2 weeks to stay,but not enough for us,wat will do?thank u,i wait ur reply

      4. hello poh mam,betchay tanong ko poh sana kung ok lang poh bang gamitin yung passport ko nung single pa poh me.sayang poh kasi sa 2015 pa poh yung xpire,kasal n poh ako sa koreAN nung july,.hindi poh b ako magkaproblema nyan sa pagkuha ng visa.kahit sa passport ko poh eh yung apelyedo ko don nung dalaga pa poh me?thankz poh

        1. Hi Melissa! Yes, okay lang gamitin ang passport na may pangalan mo ng single ka. Ako rin, hindi ako nagpalit ng pangalan. Hindi talaga nagpapalit ng pangalan ang mga Koreana pag nag-asawa sila.

          1. Hi Miss Betchay . . . we’re planning to visit Sokor next year ng bilas ko pero we dont have ITR kasi yung bilas ko almost a senior citizen and i’m in mid 50’s na wala ring work parang di kami makaka complete ng requirements . . . yung land titles lang and yung bank cert. Yung sa bank certificate ba kailangan kung magkano ang pera namin sa bank?

          2. Hi Miss Betchay, reading all these I got my visa for korea and will be travelling there next week. hope to see you there 🙂

      5. Hello po I need help, my friend from canada is planning to go to korea on may 2018 its her second time there and filipino din po sya. She wants me to go with her but i dont have a job and a bank account but she will sponsor all my expenses. Posible po kaya yun? tysm huhu

  2. Hello!
    I wish to study in Korea. My Korean friend would like to sponsor my studies in Korea. Will it be easy to secure a Student Visa even if I do not have much money and my Korean sponsor will pay most of the bills? I hope to hear from you very soon! And thank you in advance!^^ ~~Kamsahamnida!^^

    1. Llyod ,ok lng na mag apply ka ng student visa first you need to apply tourist visa then dito mo na aaply student visa mo.now im a student in incheon university.but before you come here your sponsor must call to school what will do.sana naka tulong advice ko.

      1. hello. can we exchange email. im planning to study in south korea. i have 2 degress. political science and law. i want to pursue for a masteral there. i visited south korea last july-august.

          1. so miss betchay i need to find a scholarship first? so pag punta ko dyan dapat student visa? pwede bang tourist visa then dyan ako maghanap ng school?

          2. Hi maam betchay
            Gusto ko lng po sana itanong kung pwede ako magpaksal dto sa korea
            Khit po nag run away ako sa work 5months ago dahil po di ko na kaya ung trbho na akala ko po singer lng pero sa club po pla then ung visa ko po mag end next year 2015 of May ..pero sabi po ng bf ko bgo maexpire yung visa ko eh magppaksal na po kmi sa march bgo po expiration date..possible po ba iyon maam betchay..? Kung sakali po..ano po ba ang dpat kung gawin ? Dpat po ba akong umuwi sa pinas at doon magpksal pra maiwasan ko ung pagkaban ko dto o hihintayin ko po na dto lhat sa korea iprocess ung papeles ko?slamat po
            Sna po mkareply kau agad..

  3. Hi, we’re planning to go to korea, my question is, how can we supply one of the requirements of my brother (student), as my parents don’t have bank accounts, is it possible if I use my ITR as a substitute?
    second question, we also want to go there with my parents, but same question, they don’t have bank accounts or ITR, as they are not working? is it possible that they can go to korea if I used my ITR?

  4. hi, betchay,
    my husband and i are planning of korean “budget” tour next year, pwede humingi ng suggestions, kasi wala naman kc kakilala dyan, at takot kami maubusan ng pera pag nandyan na kami bk pwede naman suggest where we can stay na very affordable lang. because i read in the internet na kasama ang korea sa top ten expensive city in the world. thanks a lot. another thing is, sa estimate mo mag kano kaya magastos namin mag asawa… thanks…
    from: th magpaka jet setter 🙂

    1. hi evelyn! mahal sa korea kung mag-stay ka sa mamahaling hotels… dito libre ang tubig or kahit yung bottled waters eh mura basta alam mo lang kung san bibili…
      hindi masyadong mahal na hotels na nasa gitna ng seoul… Hotel Astoria (Chungmuro)… or stay kayo sa hotel like Seoul Backpackers, Seoulwise… yung nameet ko rito two months ago, tatlo sila nag-stay for 2 weeks at ang nagastos nila sa accomodation ay 500 USD lang na may kasama pang breakfast

      1. HI miss betchay isa po akong ofw pauwe ako ng pinas ds dec 22 plan ko mg apply ng visa pakorea pede b un mg oopen plng ako ng bank account sa pinas nklgy kse dpt 3mos

    2. hi evelyn you can stay in many guest houses in seoul they called it guest house ,seoul backpackers and the price is really affordable ……………just search guest house backpackers in seoul and you can choose where ever you wanted in a cheapest and most affordable accomodation in seoul.

    3. hi…
      me and my wife are filipinos residing in the philippines.
      we recently had fun travelling to other asian countries and we want to apply for a single entry tourist visa to south korea.
      i am a lawyer employed in the government and my wife is a business woman….
      i have read that the requirements for lawyers is the certificate of employment and the proof of membership in the integrated bar of the philippines and if the applicant is a businessman, the certificate of registration and business permit and bir documents.
      a plus is if the applicant is a holder of a platinum international card holder. are all the above accurate?
      if so, what are my chances of being issued a visa? is there any chance we will not be both issued or one will be denied?
      is it necessary that before the application of the said visa, we need to book for an airline roundtrip ticket and hotel accomodations?
      i have experienced that whenever i booked a hotel online, i am not satisfied upon arrival the place and in the end, instead of saving money, i look for other hotels….
      hoping for your understanding and christian hearted benevolence regarding the matter…..

      1. hello,,magtanong lang po tngkol sa requirements para sa tourist visa. Isa doon ay, invitation letter from a korean relative…Tanong ko kung pwede ba akong mag apply ng visa gamit ang letter of invitation from my aunt?

  5. Hi Ms. Evelyn,
    Ms. Betchay is right, makakamura ka sa pag-tour sa Seoul if you know where to look for good deals. My friends and I have been there last March and we stayed at Seoul Backpackers – although a budget hostel, okay naman yung place and very friendly ang staff nila. Plus, malapit lang yung place sa Namsan, Myeongdong, Namdaemun market (may mga murang makakainan dito), and Seoul Station – it saves you a lot of transpo cost cuz you have the option to go on foot to get to key places. What I would recommend is that you buy T-Money para mas convenient mag-tour around cuz pwede un sa bus, train, taxi, pati sa grocery. I got the Seoul City Pass variety (T-Money) which came with discount coupons and some freebies. Compared to Hong Kong, mas nakatipid kami sa SKorea (we even went for a day-tour to Busan) though we stayed there longer. Overall, we spent less than 30K per person – airfare and pasalubong included. I think you should do a lot more research on the internet, to find out more on how to avoid spending too much or paying for unnecessary stuff, like on backpackers’ sites where they share tips re: these matters.
    I don’t know if this would work for you, because this is a little extreme: my buddies and I learned about how pricey bottled waters are in HKong so we brought our own bottled waters and checked ’em in para hindi hassle sa immigration. It saved us a lot of money cuz a 500ml water in HK costs around HK$16. Another traveler I know suggests bringing your own cup noodles, since they provide hot water naman sa hostels for the coffee, so you could have a light breakfast before heading out in the morning to look for a good place to eat. Kasi you’re more bound to make the wrong decisions and spend more kapag gutom ka na. And bring cookies and water with you when you tour around. Hope this helps. 🙂

    1. issa, thanks a lot. your info will be most helpful to me for i am planning to go to korea before classes start on june. since you’ve been there, is there a possibility to find job there too?

      1. you’re very much welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay in Korea as much as I did.
        As for finding jobs, there’s always a possibility for everything that you want to seek. Achieving it only depends on how much you’re bent to find it. However, I do not encourage going on tours and finding jobs on the side, cuz that could lead you to unpleasant situations, starting with having problems with the law and risking your own safety. If you’d ask me for the probability of finding a job while on tour, I cannot give you a good answer since when I go on tour, I only go on tour – no other agenda on the side. That being said, I do not and cannot give advice that does not come from my own experience. Sorry to disappoint you with that.
        When it comes to job hunting in Korea, I think Ms. Betchay and other Filipinos living and working there can give you the advice that you seek. Although I think they would encourage you, like I do, to go through the proper channels of job search so you’d be registered properly and subsequently protected by the authorities. This is important, especially if you’re looking at long-term work there. But if you’re talking about the work-while-on-tour stuff that some Pinoys do abroad (to earn back their travel expenses), I still cannot give you any tips on that since I haven’t done it or know anyone who has. Still, in my view that’s pretty risky. So please consider your goals and options properly and stay on the safe side as much as possible. It’s difficult enough to encounter problems in your homeland, so much more when you do on foreign soil. Hope this helps too. 🙂

        1. ms. issa, sa tingin ko you know a lot on travelling outside the country. so i want to ask if magkano ba ang estimated expenses for a week or 2 travel in korea. i and my friend kasi is interested in going there but then, were still students pa lang so syempre, we want to get there the cheapest way possible..

          1. Hi Thyinn, thank you for regarding me as such, but I must admit that I’m still a tenderfoot when it comes to traveling abroad. However, I (happily) do share my travel experiences & pre-travel activities to others, if only to help with their own travel preps.
            I haven’t stayed for more than a 5 days in Korea, so I can only estimate a week’s trip to cost you around P45K per person (air fare, accommodations and all). That’s already safe, esp. if you share expenses with travel buddies (room cost, food, transpo, etc.), and more so if you only plan to go around Seoul and nearby areas. But I believe you can bring that amount down to 20K for a week’s visit (with fingers crossed and courage in tow) if you can set your itinerary very well so that you can cut on transpo & food costs, and if you can set your trip way ahead (at least six months from intended travel dates) to give you enough time & opportunity to bag very low air fares, like P1,500 one way (That figure isn’t a joke. A friend of mine was able to book a flight to Incheon with that price. Gotta love Cebu Pacific!).
            Also, I know someone who got by with only P10K pocket money during her 1-week visit to Seoul. The thing is, the girl knows someone who resides in the city and stayed at that friend’s house during her visit, so she was able to cut costs dramatically by having accommodations & food provided for. Lucky girl. Her host, probably not so much. 🙂
            To further find ways to cut costs, check out backpackers’ blogs and Ms. Betchay’s tours-on-a-budget posts. Very, very helpful, I tell ya. 🙂
            hope this helps. 🙂

        2. to issa,
          thanks for pointing it all out. yes i know it will be risky to illegally land for a job on C3 visa. i am not going to do it anyway. regarding on the recruiting channels you mentioned, do you know someone or have you met people who talked about a filipino english/university professor being employed? because of what i read online they hire a teacher to be only can, us, aussie, new zealand etc. people. (what a racist, filipinos are fluent in english too). i have been teaching computer subjects in universities for over 6 years, so i am looking for a breather. thanks again for taking time to answer my question. good day!

          1. Hi anj! I know at least 5 Filipino university professors here in Korea, including a high school classmate and cabalen from Angeles. The rules for university professors is different from the E-2 or the visas for English language teachers.

          2. Hi Anj, I’m glad (and thankful) to know that you opt to stay on the safe side. Also, please excuse my tendency to overthink, as I’m also worried that I might have said anything that offended you in my previous comment. Please excuse if I ever.
            No, I don’t personally know anyone who knows someone who teaches in Korea. (Although I met a “TNT” in Seoul – he works at a factory somewhere – who told me about the everyday perils that he goes thru while staying there sans papers, which explains my concern for those who consider to not go thru proper channels.) Again, I must say Ms. Betchay proves to be your best source of information on things related to working and living in Korea.
            Well, mahirap nga yatang tanggalin ang pagdududa sa kakayahan nating mga Pinoy na magsalita ng Ingles. Nakakainsulto nga kapag palagi kang nakakabalita ng ganoon. Lalo na kung nakakarinig ka ng rap music na sabog ang grammar ng lyrics. Siguro, those employers you mentioned are after the twang and the slang – na although kaya naman nating gayahin yun, eh mas gusto siguro nila yung naturalesang meron na nun. Lalo na siguro kung ang mga estudyante nila ay may balak din magpunta sa mga bansa na nabanggit mo. Sabagay nga naman, since mas sanay tayo sa American English, karamihan sa atin ay medyo nahihirapang umintindi ng British tongue. Pati nga pagsasalita ng mga taga southern US eh medyo mahirap ding ma-gets agad. (I have cousins from Texas and it took me quite a while before I got used to their manner of speaking.) Siguro, gusto nilang sanayin yung mga estudyante nila sa pagsasalita ng mga taga-Kanluran. Pero hindi naman lahat ng mga schools ay ganoon ang requirement at patakaran – Ms. Betchay, as she mentioned, knows Pinoys who teach in Korea.
            Goodluck on your endeavors! And I hope you have fun while you’re at ’em. 🙂

        3. tnx ms. issa..another question, uhm, is it necessary for us to open personal bank accounts?


    2. ate nag apply kami mag tour ssa korea kazo na dinied bakit kya agent kami ng aply。。

  6. Hi Miss Bechay… I’m a filipina married to an american. he is a teacher here in korea… twice na po ako pabalikbalik d2 korea since march of this year dahil kailangan ko umuwi every 3 months para mag pa renew ng visa… di kc ako binibigyan ng korean embassy sa pinas ng f3 visa, c3 lang bigay nila sakin… Is there any other way para maextend ko visa ko d2 na di umuwi ng pinas? Magastos kaya kung lage ako uwi… Pls help! my husband will be staying here until next year pa… Thank you! Maria!

    1. ay i’m so sorry kasi nagpost ka ng comment time ng chuseok… anyway, kailangan ninyo mag-inquire sa immigration office na malapit sa inyo

      1. hello Ms. Betchay.. ill be thankful for any info regarding this… plan ko po magpunta ng korea to surprise someone first time ko po..i have the documents n pero i heard that sometimes immigration officers check the amount you have before entering. at pwede daw ma deport.. ung bank cert po sa pagkuha ng visa magkanu po dapat ang atleast minimum amount? at magkanu po atleast ang dala pagpunta jan para di maquestion ng Immigration? plss po need an answer ill stay like atleast 5 days lng po..

  7. hi there!
    is the application must be type-written? or can i simply go there and fill up the form handwritten?
    thanks and more power!

  8. hi mam..
    i have plan to get married to a korean and we have son already but he wanted to me go to korea both single and plan to marry there..why because he wants us to have job first b4 we get married…is it possible i will apply for a tourist visa first? is it hard and how long is d processing so that i can start as soon as possible?does tourist visa needed a working experience here in philippines or ITR from BIR?thanks ^___^
    i am gladly and really thank u if u could help me to answer some of my questions..

  9. hi po MS. BETCHAY
    gus2 ko lang pong itanong kung ano pong kaylangan requirements ng anak ko na 7years old gus2 po sana naming mag tour sa SK this coming december filipino po ang papa nya nag work sa Sk for 4 years na po sya ano po kaya mga requirements ang dapat naming isubmit sa korean embassy.?
    sana po ay matulungan ninyo ako sa mga katanungan ko sa may mga ganitong expirience na rin sa pag kuha ng tourist visa para SK maraming salamat po….

    1. Hello kate,
      Pareho tau ng case, gus2 ko rn mgtour kasma 7 y.o kng anak,pero next year ko na cguro ipalodge papers/docs nmin.better not to say na visit u hubby u don bka mas malaki chance na madeny ka,un kc suggestion skn mga friends,smin kc bday gift ko for my kid and for myself,just want to visit the place and experience the snow,pareho kc km octoberian, pinaprocess ko p lng papers ko now and hopefully early next year ok na for applying tourist visa….ask dn ako help kay ms.betchay if what maisasuggest nya for us…thanks ms betchay….. mslibra

  10. hi.. ask ko lng po kung kailangan po ng personal bank certificate pag invite lng po? or yung bank certificate nung nag invite? tnx po

  11. ksi sabi po ng friend daw ng sister ko na nag invite din yung kailangan daw bank cert. ng nag invite

  12. hello, gusto ko lang magshare ng experience ko..galing ako sa korean embassy kanina, nandun na ako ng 6am, tapos yung mga guard pinasulat ako dun sa form ng name ko at number, at hiningian ako ng id na iiwan dun sa guardhouse, wala pa mga nakapila nung 6am na pagdating ko, tapos mga 8am napapasok na sila, at dun sa pagpasok ko binigyan ako ng form at number, tapos ng fill up ako ng form at nagstart na sila nagtawag nung 9am..tapos nung ako natawag sa window 2, binigay ko documents ko, and wala ko lang eh yung ITR at EMPLOYMENT certificate, pero yung kay bf ko na us army ang pinasa kong ITR at yung ORDERS nia sa army, and problema hindi tinggap documents ko, sinabi ko nga na wala pa ako work, pero napaka walang respeto nung girl na naka usap ko sa window 2, nag eexplain pa ako na wala pa ako work kaya yung sa bf ko ang dala kong itr at orders, tapos di pa nga ako tapos magsalita eh parang pinagtatabuyan ako, pinindot na yung next number..nagsasalita ako na hindi ako pinapakinggan, kakahiya..pero ganun talaga..God’s will..advice ko lang sa mga mag aaply ng tourist visa, pumunta kayo na dala ninyo COMPLETE documents ninyo, kasi baka matulad kayo sa akin..hindi ako nananakot, totoo po sinasabi ko..Godbless

    1. hi shoebe! salamat sa pagse-share kahit hindi kanais-nais ang nangyari sa yo sa embassy… sa experience ko eh hindi talaga sila tumatanggap ng hindi kumpleto ang documents pag magto-tour sa Korea.

    2. hi Shoebe ganyan nga sila s korean embassy ang susuplada nila kaya dapat pag pupunta don magbaon ng mahabang paxenxa

    3. Hi Shoebe pagpasensyahan mo na Lang mga taga embassy. Lahat ng embassy’s staff e mga suplado and supalada and also lahat ng embassy’s, consulate or immigration..ano pa man visa ang I apply mo pag Hindi kumpleto ang document eh talagang Hindi Nola tinatanggap…I’m not working in embassy but I have lots of experience when it comes to visa processing…I have started to travel since 2007 and until now baht travel p rin ako. Hndi ako gumagamit ng kahit anong agency, ako Mismo nag-aaplly s embassy… I travelled in 18 countries..Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Italy, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Pakistan, Japan, Macau, UK, Canada, Brazil, US, Netherlands and .3x in South Korea…South Korea is my favorite country. Sa 18 countries, Korea Lang ako ng pabalik balik and I heard pag naka 4x k n visit s Korea, visa on arrival nlng and no need to apply in the embassy…recently lang naagpply ako ng visa for me for my daughter and for my daughter..Last Dec 2014 to Jan 2015 Lang nasa South Korea ako then Feb 2015 Pakistan and July 2015 Japan,,, still the same prinang procedures and wla nmn pingbago kaya payi ko lang syo konting pasensya at next time n apply ka, just follow the requirements para hndi k Na mag pabalik balik or ireject. Actually, parepareho Lang nmn ang requirements ng visa s Iba’t Ibang country Kc Meron clang sinusunod na visa law code may Ibang country n ngddagdag ng doc but discretion n ng country yun. Tip: sa mga websites ng embassy Meron silang list of requirements and steps on how to apply…embassy don’t need and extra documents not related in the list unless they asked for it..I’ve experienced that Kc..na reject n kmi once s UK, Japan and France…. nang magdecide kmi ng tour UK agad kmi ng apply then rejected then France rejected then Japan 2014 rejected.reason is my extra documents kmi n submitted n hndi match s status nmin.These 3 countries rejected Us For the same reason. I have submitted bank statement which may Mataaas n amount the they said it’s not matching to our salaries as employee..so rejected kami then next time na naagpply kmi I just followed their requirements then tried to remove some amount to our accounts hndi Mataaas hndi rin mababa then finally we got the Schengen Visa for the first time..And also another tip, don’t put some amounts to your account without moving it. Frequent transactions like debit and credit is very helpful for you for them to see that your transaction or relation with the bank is very healthy.Anyway, thank you I just share my experience.

  13. gud pm po, ask ko alng po, ok lang po ba na un ITR ng asawa ko ang ipakita ko kahit na ako namn ang mag totour sa korea? may family business din po cla.. gusto ko po kasi makapasyal sa korea south with in 5 days..

    1. hi grace! kung housewife ka at asawa mo ang nagtatrabaho sa pamilya, okay lang na ITR niya gamitin mo… ganyan din ginawa ng isang friend na nagpunta dito recently… hindi siya nagtatrabaho so yung documents ng asawa niya binigay niya, pati ang NSO marriage certificate nila as proof na mag-asawa nga sila

      1. hi po ulit.. tnx GOD sa reply po, ung business niya may kasama po sya sa kanilang business restaurant nila.. kasama po nya kapatid nya dun sa business nila,ok lang po ba un? at about sa bank certificate namn po kailangan po ba ng passbook titingnan pa po ba nila un? kc ATM po gamit ko.. hoping reply po kau ulit at sa mga makakatulong din sakin kung cno po may experience na 1st tym ko po kc.. thnx and GOD bless us!

      2. Hello Ms Betchay! Tatanong ko lang po sana kasi My mom and I are planning to apply for a C3 visa this December kaya lang wala pong work ang mama ko kasi she is already 62 ako lang meron work. Pwede po ba kami magsabay ng apply or ako dapat mauna? kasi po I am on wheelchair or ako muna. Secondly ang mga cheap hostel po ba may rooms sa ground floor or may elevator?
        Salamat in advance

  14. to grace: nung ako po kasi sa bf ko po ang ipinakita kong itr, kasi siya dapat sponsor ko sa vacation ko sa korea, kaso nung pagcheck ng documents ko hindi po tinanggap kasi daw po dapat yung sarili ko daw pong itr at certificate of employment..pero kasi sa case ko po eh us army po siya,american.. kung korean siguro baka tanggapin..magbasa ka po sa mga blog dito madami ka matututunan.Godbless

    1. hi shoebe! thanks sa input mo… so kung US army ang BF, dapat sariling ITR at COE kahit na yung BF ang magbabayad ng trip

    2. hi shoebe tnx ah.. filipino ung ung hubby ko d2 work nya, pwede kaya ung ganun payag namn xa na mag tour kami with in 5 days or 1 week lang..

  15. to ate betchay: opo ganun nga po, naka base sa SK ang US army kong bf, at siya mag babayad ng lahat pag nasa SK na ako, pero hindi tinanggap documents ko kasi daw kelangan ko ng sarili kong ITR at COE kaya wala ako nagawa.

  16. Ate bechay, nursing student po ako,,eh balak ko pong magstop muna at magtrabaho..eh gusto ko po sanang magtrabaho sa SK khit anung job..5 years na pong nagtatatrabaho ang bf ko jan…pede po ba akong kumuha ng working visa at madali lang po ba ito? tapos magpahanap nlng po ako ng job dun?

    1. Hi esz! Depende kung anong trabaho ang gusto mo sa pagkuha ng working visa. Kung professional ang work, kailangan makakita ka muna ng employer at sila ang mag-aaply ng visa for you sa Korea. Kung sa factory naman, kailangan dumaan sa EPS.

      1. hi miss betchay. im a law graduate. i took the bar exam last month. i want to work there in south korea. pwede ba akong magjob hunt dyan using tourist visa?

      2. Hi Ms Betchay!
        May student ako (online) na may ari ng small company. Inooffersn nya ko ng work similar to a daytime caregiver kaya lang sa mga PWD. Ano po mssuggest nyo na process para mgkavisa ako to work legally ?
        Or gsto ko dn mgtour kaya lang:
        1. been denied twice 2011,2012
        2. recently visited HK, Macau,Sg,Malaysia(within 2 years)
        3. Self employed online tutor with DTI and BIR pero walang Mayor’s Permit.
        4. money in bank is around 60k.. pero declared sa ITR ko monthly salary is 10-14k(to reduce tax hehe)
        5. I have a CTS of a condo.
        6. Students can give me invitation letter.
        Do I have chance to be approved?

        1. Hi Jam! The only way to know kung mabibigyan ko ay mag-apply. Yung visit mo sa visa-free country wala talaga siyang epek sa pag-apply ng visa. Kina-count lang nila visa sa mga OECD countries gaya ng US, Australia, Canada, etc. Yung CTS wala rin kasi dapat title talaga. Yung invitation hindi rin malaki ang bearing ~ nagpadala ako ng invitation last month sa common-law wife ng nephew ko at kasama ng documents niya pero hindi tinanggap ang application niya at hinanapan pa rin siya ng ITR at employment certificate. Yung isang niece ko naman, hinintay nila ang Mayor’s permit bago sila nag-apply ng visa. Kakauwi lang nila kahapon after a week’s vacation here.
          Yung sa daytime caregiver, hindi open ang Korea sa ganyang hiring lalo na at ang caregiver sa mga kindergarten or day care centers ay kailangan may license. So ask your Korean friend to inquire sa immigration office. Kung interesado talaga siya sa yo, siya na ang maghahanap ng tamang proseso.
          Remember na pag nag-apply ng tourist visa, kailangan patunayan sa mga dokumento na hawak mo na may “ties” ka sa pilipinas.

  17. elow po.. tanong ko po sana pwede po ba makakuha ng visa kahit na wala akong work, asawa ko kac nagwowork, na gusto ng kapatid nya na isama ako sa pagtour sa korea para may kasama syang mamasyal duon wala namn kc siyang kakilala pag dating duon. 1st tym nya, namin mag tour pero sya lang ang may ITR AT wala namn ako nun.. pwede po ba nya ako isama nun? kailangan ko rin po ba kumuha ng form at ng iba pang documents?

  18. grace October 9, 2010 at 11:16 pm
    hi po ulit.. tnx GOD sa reply po, ung business niya may kasama po sya sa kanilang business restaurant nila.. kasama po nya kapatid nya dun sa business nila,ok lang po ba un? at about sa bank certificate namn po kailangan po ba ng passbook titingnan pa po ba nila un? kc ATM po gamit ko.. hoping reply po kau ulit at sa mga makakatulong din sakin kung cno po may experience na 1st tym ko po kc.. thnx and GOD bless us!

  19. Hi ms. betchay! If on transit going to US and will be staying at Korea for 3 days only, do we still have to go to the KOrean embassy here to get some papers that we are going to be allowed to enter Korea? Or the transit visa can be given on arrival at the airport? I read in their site and also in your blog that if you are on transit, you can enter Korea without visa as long as you have a confirmed onward ticket to your destination. But Im not sure if I still have to coordinate here in their embassy. Thanks.

  20. pASINTABI PO KAY mS. bECHAY (I just want to share my experience)
    i WAS APPLIED FOR A VISA DIN KASI (LAST SEPT.27,2010) I ACTUALLY BOUGHT 3 PROMO TICKET pARA MA VISIT NAMIN HUSBAND KO WHICH SO HAPPENS NA E9 WORKER ,KASAMA KO DALAWANG ANAK KO, i BEEN WAITING FOR 5 DAYS, BUT THE RESULT WAS NEGATIVE, WERE DENIED, i DID NOT SUBMIT MY HUSBAND’S CREDENTIAL BECAUSE I was afraid na malaman nilang E9 worker husband ko. i JUST SUBMIT MY OWN CREDENTIAL,,,But then bagsak pa din ako. at sayang yung ticket ko..promo kasi kaya nanghinayang ako, late ko na nalaman na may restriction sila, imagine I have invitation letter from my korean friend together with his passport at yung date na nag travel siya dito sa atin..
    Are you employed or do you have business? KUng employed ka nasa blog din ni ms.bechay mga i sa submit mo,
    As I remember dun sa visa requirements for housewife according to the korean embassy ay ito:
    1. Application form
    2. Valid passport
    3. picture passport sized
    4. Marriage Contract
    5. ITR ng Husband mo
    6. Bank certificate mo or sa husband mo
    7. Certificate of Employment ng Husband mo ( if emplooyee)
    8. Business Permit ng Husband mo (if you own a business)
    Ms. Khate ayon sa nakausap ko na travel agent may napalis siyang customer na E9 worker ang asawa at yung mga na i submit niyang requirements ay yun nasa itaas,, so try mo lang,,, kasi iba iba naman tayo ng case..
    Ang requirements ng sa anak mo ay mga credentials mo o sa asawa mo.
    Please let know kung ma grant ka ng visa ,,,

    1. Ms.joy
      salamat sa pag bigay mo ng expireince ha sa pag kuha ng visa sa SK. nag apply na din kasi ako b4 ng visa pero hindi ko kasama bby ko ako lang pero yun gaya mo hindi ako pinalad na maka kuha ng visa ginamit ko ang sarili kong documents pero yun nga hindi pinalad hindi ako naka kuha ng visa so ngayon sanang DEC. balak kong mag apply uli ng visa para samin dalawa ng bby ko kaso nga hindi ko pa alam kung ano2 mga ddalin kung requirements kasi ayaw kong madismaya nnman at hindi maka kuha ng visa. oo E9 ang visa ng asawa ko nag work sya sa korea 4 more than 4years na pinadalan nya ako nuon ng invitation letter galing sa company nila at copy ng bussiness permit ng company nila galing sa employer nya kaso hindi kuna nga yun isinabmit kasi alam kong wala sa policy ng SK embassy na pwedeng mag invite ang filipino worker ng family nya….

    2. hello joy,
      pwede ko po malaman if what nilagay u na purpose of ur visit sa SK,if nlagay nyo na visit u hubby u don,bka un po ang anging reason why nadenied po kau….thnks..mslibra

    3. hi po sa lahat.. i would just like to ask if ano mga requirements to get an F2 visa? im getting married with my boyfriend this friday.. actually he is a korean..ill be following him sa korea, we will stay there for good.. gusto ko lang po malaman if anu ung mga requirements na kailangan maisubmit sa korean embassy..thanks po..!! ^^

  21. and one more thing ms.khate:
    yung mga requirements mo to be submitted at the embassy dapat ay dalawang copy, sa iyo at sa anak mo, kasi i aaply mo din siya e, gusto nila separate, birth certificate from NSO ng anak mo need din nila.

  22. Hi Ms. Betchay! Am an avid follower of your blogs and sobrang natutuwa tlga aq sa mga posts coz am learning a lot from it at nagagamit qng topic sa freetalking class q sa korean students q. BTW, ESL instructor po aq for 3 years now. Wla po qng ESL certificates so far pero Licensed teacher nmn po aq. One of my students is inviting me to teach his kids pero prob namin kung panu nya q mapapapunta sa Korea since hndi pa legal ung Filipino teachers dyan, sabi nio po magregister as tutor sa Educ. Office. taga- Busan po ung student q, engineer po sa DSME and his willing to finance naman daw po..actually idea nya is kukuhanin nya po aq as “nanny” kunwari (para daw po sa working visa since wala pang working visa for Filipino teachers, ano pong masssuggest ninyo?) pero pagdating daw po jan magwork po tlga q as tutor sa kids nya, and pwede rn daw aq maghanap na dn ng job sa free-time q..pwede po ba q dun kahit first time q po mag-aabroad? I’m only 22 years old po. And kung sakali po, san po ung Educ Office sa Busan? Gomapseumnida! ^0^ Anyeong hi-ju-mu seyo!!! Asahan q po advice nio ate Betchay!!!

    1. Hi Mai! Ang pagre-register as tutor sa Education Office ay depende rin sa hawak mong visa. Kung F-2-1 or married sa Korean ay papayagan ka pero hindi kung ikaw ay isang tourist or C-3 visa ang hawak mo. Hindi ka rin niya makukuha as “nanny” dahil wala namang visa for nanny kung hindi diplomat ang sponsor ng visa. 22 years old ka pa lang at bata ka pa, wag mong sayangin na maging illegal dito lalo na at licensed teacher ka naman.

      1. ahh..ganun po bah un ate..panu q po malalaman kung diplomat ung sponsor na cnasabi ninyo? ang hirap lang po kc d2 sa atin mababa dn tlga sweldo ng teachers kaya auq muna itali sarili sa school..actually, inaabanga q po ung CUK try q dn sana dun baka sakaling makuha aq ng slot..nakakatuwang malaman na may Filipino professor dn dun..nainspire nmn po tlaga aq lalo..gs2 q dn po tlga makarating ng ibang bansa, ung asawa po pala ng tiyahin q nasa Busan nagwowork sa isang pagawaan.. ^^

  23. RN September 27, 2010 at 1:09 pm
    Hi Aj ! I am also a Nursing Graduate with one year call center experience. Im an English Instructor for High School here in south korea. Im presently employed in Daejon Gwanjeo High School, its a private school. I was hired by a recruiting agency from south korea who visited philippines last year around july 2009. The recruitment was held at Shangrila Hotel in Ortigas and fortunately I was offered a job to teach here in South Korea. As far as I know a recruitment agency from korea will be visiting Manila on December 2010 but I do not know exactly the date and where it will be held. Goodluck to all aspiring English Teachers!”

    >>I saw this comment on one of your posts. Bonggang-bonggang curious po aq kung anong agency po itong cnasabi ni RN? can I have the details po kc gustong-gusto q na po sana makapagwork abroad..slamat po ng marami!^0^

    1. Ako rin bonggang-bonggang curious kaso hindi na bumalik ang poster. Ano visa niya? Para naman mas marami siya matulungan ;p

      1. hi .. good day..
        ask ko lang po.. gusto ko po sana pumunta sa korea .. stay po ako ng 2weeks lang .. mga mgkano po kaya gagastusin ko pag kuha ng visa?? first time ko po kasi mkakaalis paputang ibang bnsa .. di ko po alam kung pano ako mgsisimula ..

  24. ouch! pseudo lang po kc ung gamit ng nagpost at walang e-mail add kaya dq na po na message..sayang! Sana pO mag post xa ulit soon, malapit lang kasi aq sa Shang. d2 lang po aq sa Ortigas work. ^0^

  25. Hi Betchay,
    I would like to ask if how much pocket money should i bring if Im staying in Koren for one week? thanks

  26. Ask ko lang po sa sweldo po ba may tinitingnan ang embassy para makapasa? kung nakalagay ito sa COE? tnx

  27. hi po, tanong ko lang po. galing po ako ng korea nagwork ako dun for 6 years as e-9 visa kauuwi ko lang nung agust 3 , ngayon iniinvite ako ng girlfriend kong korean, is it ok ? kasi baka magkaaberya sa embassy kasi dati akong e-9 visa pero natapos naman po ang contract ko dun, thanks

  28. hi ma’am bethchay.. ok napo mga requirements ko, ask ko lang po kung pupunta nako ipapasa ko na sa embassy dis oct. un ding araw pong iyon ako maiinterview at ung araw din pong iyon ko malalaman kung pasado o nadenay ako?? pwed rin po ba pumili ng araw o date kung kelan ko gusto makapasyal duon?

    1. hi gia! hindi mo malalaman kung pasado o deny sa araw na mag-apply ka… kailangan maghintay ng pick-up ng passport… dun mo pa lang malalaman kung pasado o deny ka… wala rin silang reservation so basta punta ka lang dun

  29. tanong ko lang po kung kailngan ko pa ng usfk form 166..kung kinasal po kmi ng aswa ko dito sa pinas pero assigned po sya sa fort carson colorado..pero hindi nya po kmi nakuhanan ng papers papuntang amerika dahil akala namin ma dedeploy sila papuntang iraq ..ngayon po etong october lang sya nasa korea pero may military id na po ako..pwede po ba ako mag apply as tourist visa habang nag aantay sa command sponsorship ng asawa ko .sana po matulungan nyo ako..kumpleto na po ako sa lahat ng requirement maliban sa usfk E4 lang po ang ranggo ng asawa ko.

  30. hi ms. Betchay..
    Married po ako sa korean.. balak po kasi namen eh tourist visa lang muna kunin namen ng baby namen kasi medyo madalian kasi my sakit na po yung mother in law ko.. So ask ko lang po sana kung ano po yung mga requirements..

  31. hi! just wanna ask if im still needing the ITR para sa mga OFW na kukuha ng visa going to SK. I have a plan to take my vacation there early next year. i will prepare also my COE and my bankcertificates. any one could help me and give me information about the ITR for OFW. as i know, we OFW are tax exempted. by the way im from saudi arabia. thanks in advance…

  32. hello,
    pwede po bang malaman kung may pagasa pang makabalik ng korea yong nagilegal dati at kusang umuwi ng pinas,kc tinatanong po ng fren ko,..kusa syang umuwi last year,,…ilang taon po ba kung sakali ang intayin bago makabalik uli,…
    salamat po!

    1. hi simeona! pwede naman makabalik, hindi ko lang sigurado kung ilang years… pag nahuli naman kasi, five years bago makabalik or 3 years kung nagbayad ng fine

      1. hi betchay,
        salamat sa info mo,yongfren ko ay nagpakasal na at new passport and family name na sya,,…sana nga makabalik sya uli after ng ilang taon,…

  33. hello po, i’m planning to apply for a visa this november.
    (watching a concert and bday gift narin sa sarili)
    fresh grad and unemployed kaya walang ITR and COE.(1st travel abroad ko ito) ung parents ko naman wala din ITR kasi ofw si papa.
    ok kaya if i pass ung papers ko with my bank certificate only.
    (kasi ako naman talaga ung gagastos) or sa dad ko nalang na bank cert and COE?

    1. Just to be safe, bring your dad’s documents and yours too. Tell them that you’re not employed but you have the means to finance your trip. And just be honest with your purpose and make sure magma-match yung reason mo at desired days of stay. Meron kasi minsan maga-apply para mag-tour tapos 59 days di ba ;p

        1. hi po ms betchay, im planning to go in korea din po tour lng po mga 2 weeks…ganyan din po after garaduation ko parang gift ko na po sa sarili ko…ano po ba mga requirements…first trip ko po kc kpag nagkataon..mamring slmat po..^_^

  34. Hi there Ms. Bethay, hello everyone. ask ko lang pag mag work ka ba dyan may 15-30 days na pondo bago mo makuha yung paycheck? paano po ba yung sa accommodation ng company may kasama ka ba sa room or solo mo? Thank you and more power. God bless…..

  35. me and my husband will be in the phil next year. we would like to bring two of my nieces to korea and visit/tour for 1 week. do i need to get them a visa in phil? requirements? do they have an embassy in cebu?

  36. hi ms. betsay., I’m karen nag tour po ako ng korea last december wala pong naging problema sa pagkuha ko ng visa dahil kumpleto ako ng requirements may letter of invitation rin po galing sa pinsan ko at christmas holiday po ang reason ko…nd now ,i’m planning to go back there nxt year. magkakaroon po ba ng conflict kung iba namn po ang mag iinvite sa akin? ano po kayang magandang reason kapg month of march pupunta dyan sa sk?..tnx po nid your reply.

    1. hi karen, ask ko lang, papaano yung invitaion ng pinsan mo sa iyo nung pumunta ka ng korea? ano pa po yung kasama nung invitation letter nya??,, similar kasi yung case ko sayo.. thanks..

    2. Hi karen, may mga cousin din ako sa korea plan namin invite nila ako last july pa sana, kaya lang nag aalangan kami baka daw ma deny ako hindi kasi kami mag ka apilido, ask ko lang kung yung cousin mo na nag invite sayo dati, kaapilido mo ba? thanks hope your reply.

      1. hi dets,ask ko lng kc may cousin din ako sa korea may asawa sya dun koreano,at may kapatid n din at anak n nkarating dun.gusto nya din akong tulungan makarating dun, s kasalukuyan dto ako ngayon s saudi.tell mo nman skin kung ano ginawa mo at kung nakaalis kna.di rin kmi magkaapilyedo kc yung tatay nya at nanay ko magkapatid at may asawa n din ako.please reply k nman thanks a lot…

  37. hello! ms. betchay..nag tour po ako sa korea last december wala pong naging problema sa pagkuha ko ng visa dahil kumpleto ako ng requirements may invitation rin galing sa pinsan ko na korean citizen, ang reason ko po christmas vacation 1wk. bago matapos ang 1 wk inapply nya po for 3 mos… ms. betchay magkakaroon po ba ng conflict sa pagkuha ng visa kapag ibang tao naman ang mag iinvite sa akin? di rin po ba magkaka conflict kc nag extend ako ng 3 months? balak ko pong bumalik nxt year by april ano po kayang magandang reason kapg april pupunta dyan sa korea? thanks & god bless

  38. gudeve. reader po aq lagi sa mga blog nyo,am planning to have 4days tour sa SK this is my 1st tym, on process pa po passport q new passport pero nabasa q po ung mga blog sa taas eh atlis 6mos valid. pwede po ba un kahit a days or a week palang ung passport q?, meron namn po ako lahat nun requirements na un nga lang po ung passport eh inihintay kopa next week releasing.. hope 4 ur kind reply.ty

    1. “passport not less than 6 months valid” means that your passport should not be expiring in 6 months. Sa madaling sabi, kung ang passport mo ay mag-eexpire ng January 2011, hindi ka pwde magapply ng korean visa ng September 2010 kasi in 3 or 4 months, mag eexpire na ang passport mo. Pero kung mag apply ka, lets say June 2010, safe ka pa and pwde pa mag-apply kasi more than 6 months pa ang validity ang passport mo. Those whose passport are expiring should be the one concerned, not those who have new/renewed passports. 🙂

  39. Last year l was going to South Korea as a Tourist and l submitted all the documents l need to,but to surprised l was denied for no reason. l am thinking to go there again because my main reason is to tour but also to buy a kia truck and send home and then make some feasibility excersice also on a business l want to undertake which l can not get it done perfectly in china. l will like to ask if l still have the chance to take the visa this time, if not l will not border my self to apply. l was in Japan but the prices of the KIA truck is to expensive. So please l will be very happy if you could respond to my mail as soon as possible.
    l am a permenant residence in china and have alll my necessary document testifying that l have a viable job doing in china and l like and satisfy with the income so l am not going to stay and work in Korea. Its very important to me to see Korea to clear my mind from the noise going on that china is the second beautiful country in Asia after Japan. My arguement have no basis to defend korea since l have not been there, But for Japan l always shut chinese people down. So l really need to go to Korea and see my self.

  40. Hello there Ms. Betchay! I’m an avid fan of your blog because I’ve learned a lot about SK. I want to have a 4 days visit/tour may be next year there but i was kinda scared on getting a Visa based on what i read in your blog. Marami nade-denied. I am a government employee and was visited Japan last 2007 pa. Is it true na madali daw magrant ang visa application mo pag me valid visa ka sa US, Australia, Japan and etc.? Thanks po and GOD bless!!!!

  41. my kilala na po akong employer sa korea having their own company there, and they wants me to work with them. Matanong ko lng po,pano po process ang working permit visa ko?what po mga requirements and etc…, they are also willing to help me.ex-abroad din po ako.thanks and godbless…

  42. hello ate, ask ko lang po how much kaya ung pagpagawa ng visa? and ilang days un kung marelease? if ever….?
    I’m still student and obviously I wanna visit one day makapunta sa S.K because i’m a kpop lover but still ang problem lang is ung sa visa, ung sa passport kasi madali nalang yon. May maaadvice ka ba saming mga students? 🙂
    Tsaka ung “Income Tax Return (photocopy)” ba na kelangan, hihingin ko lang un sa parents ko right? Looking forward to your reply po. Thanks!

  43. hi everyone..
    it’s been a week that i’m so worried. I applied visa(i prefer it wud be tourist kc hndi ko alam kung anong suitable n visa ang dapat sa case ko) last nov.24,2010.My purpose of visit is to Attend University Interview and entrance exam. I hve all the complete documents from the University and my guarantor.I also got my admission form from Kongju University.They accept my documents.Releasing of Visa will be on Dec. 02. Im an exkorean an e-6 visa holder. But i overstay in korea for 3 years.KKauwi ko lng last july 3,2010. Sa takot ko, during submission of documents for this time’s visa application, i pass my documents to window 2 (without the copy of my previous visa in korea)( i got my passport renewed).. Good thing is, merong amnesty this year.have you heard of the “departure program”.those who voluntarily exit korea(overstayers)from june to oct this year will be exempted from re-entry ban and fines.And I think i avail this amnesty… My guarantor is working now with the immigration officers there in korea to clear my status, before dec.2 comes.. I heard a lot about visa being denied.. And why in my claim stab, the visa specifications are: e-6, F-2-1, and seaman?… im so confuse.. I need to get to korea before dec. 07 (date of interview and exam).. i wish help from anybody..

  44. will i be advised to tell the truth during interview at the consular office, or not to?… do you think, because of the amnesty program, my status is cleared automatically?.. no need any documentations or it won’t be an issue anymore?.. I also heard some news about some pinoy who’s been deported right after the arrival in the airport for some immigration matters. … Any answers wud be gratefully appreciated…

  45. hi ms betchay!
    i’m planning to apply tourist visa dis coming dec. ask ko lang sana ung opinion nyo kung ndi kaya maakpektuhan ung pagkuha ko because of the bomb news?
    or safe kaya mag tour ngaun don. thanks!

  46. Hi Ma’am,
    I am planning to visit Korea for 1-2 weeks by October next year (and I thank God to come across your blog). I have some Korean friends who visited the country this year, and I said to them that I might go and visit them next year.
    The thing is, it’s gonna be my first time to travel abroad. I might travel alone, too. By next year, I am going to be fresh from college and probably a new employee. As I look at the requirements for visa application, I don’t know where to fit myself in terms of the classification of applicants (e.g. I would probably don’t have an ITR yet, etc). Do you know how likely would it be for me to have my visa application granted if ever? Honestly I am afraid to even inquire at the Korean embassy because right now, I am still unsure what to tell them.
    Thank you po!^^

  47. i would like to ask if meron na bang travel advisory na hindi na nagpapapunta ng tourist jan sa South Korea?

    1. hi emma~ so far parang wla naman,
      nag apply ako kahapon sa korean embassy as tourist at next week na ang result.
      God bless sa lahat ~

  48. Hi! Kasalukuyan po akong ngtratrabaho dto sa hongkong, balak ko kpg ngrenew ako instead na umexit ng pinas pwede ba akng umexit sa south korea as the same time para mkapamasyal na rin..

  49. hi i just want to ask if i still need usfk 166 form to comply with the requirements in the korean embassy for tourist visa?because my husband and i got married here in the philippines when he was stationed in germany.and now hes in korea and planning to get me to visit him to spend chrismas together.
    thank you so much..

  50. I want to go to Korea with my friend but we have a problem, her mom is a TNT in Korea, They’ve been apart since she was 5.. She’s 18 now and we’re planning to visit her parents this summer but how can she get a visa without the embassy knowing her parents are TNTs?

  51. Hi!
    I have been reading your website and I think its good that your helping us by providing us the information we need..I am planning to go to Korea but like some, I also dont have an ITR.I dont know what to do.

    1. Hi tseksi! You can just try to apply since you said you don’t have an ITR. There’s a risk though that they won’t accept your application. We won’t know unless we try ;p

  52. hello. my tourist visa application was just approved last friday. (date of issue: dec 10, 2010). kaso.. the final date of entry ang nakalagay until march 10, 2011 lang. i answered in my application form that my potential date of entry is may 21, 2011. pero march 10, 2011 pa din ang nilagay na final date of entry when my visa got approved.
    is there a rule na yung travel period should be within 3 months from date of issue?
    meron po ba sa inyo dito na pinayagan baguhin ang final date of entry into a later date?
    thanks po ^^

    1. hi! as far as i know po kahit tourist visa sa ibang bansa kailangan makalabas ka na ng country of origin bago mag-lapse ang 90-day period. in some countries, if you do not use your visa within that given period, may tendency na mahirapan na ulit sa pag-aapply ng panibagong visa (for single entry tourist visas po ang alam ko). Unless you include a valid reason sa di mo pagtuloy ng trip (e.g. hospitalized, death etc.)

  53. hi! is it possible to be granted for tourist visa for just 7 days? because my korean girlfriend invites me to go there..nurse po ako dito pero wala pa po akong work..no itr..i dont know what to do rin po.

    1. Hi J.B. It’s possible to get a tourist visa for 7 days. However, just like the experience of some people here the embassy usually don’t accept incomplete documents; but since your girlfriend is Korean maybe you can ask her to send you an invitation letter, a copy of her passport and financial documents stating that she will support your stay in Korea.

      1. If she can send me those 3, i can get visa even though i am not complete with the requirements? i just only have a passport..

  54. hi,yung friend ko gf sya, nung koreano na andun ngaun sa pinas,para dalhin sya d2 sa korea,since ala sya itr at bank account at previous work document,d sya naaprubahan,khit nsa pinas pa ung koreano,ngaun,babalik n sa dec.22, d2 ung koreano n friend ko din ,na luhaan,papakasalan n lng dw nya next month para,mkapunta n d2 ung gf nya,

  55. hi, need your help please. i just got my visa today, but sad to say my friend was denied. He pass all the requirements but the ITR is not updated it was dated 2008.
    Anyone can help, if I can appeal or ask korean embassy regarding the basis of denied visa?
    We already bought ticket for our flights. soo sayang namn.
    Please reply.

    1. Hi Albert! Sorry to disappoint you but the Embassy will just tell your friend to apply again in six months. Marami nang nakabili ng plane ticket na na-deny at wala nang nagawa.

      1. hi, ms. betchay. tanong ko lng po kung pde bang mg jeju island na lng if ever na ma deny ang visa application? dba po, wlang visa na kelangan pg sa jeju island pupunta? btw, incheon po ang asa ticket nmin (manila-incheon).pde po ba yun from incheon tpos pumunta ng jeju island?

        1. While going to Cheju is visa-free for Philippine passport holders, we should be flying in from a direct international flight and not from the mainland SK. if you land in ICN you need to have a visa, as you’ll be transferring airports (Incheon-Gimpo) which are 30 minutes (via AREX rail link, i think) apart. You’ll be passing through immigration and haul your luggage to the next airport (GMP).
          Try searching the net for online ticketing sites. You can come in CJU via NGO (Nagoya, Japan), PVG (Shanghai PuDong), XMN (Xiamen, China) or HKG via Cathay Pacific (Dragon Air). Can be a little expensive than CebuPac. Been searching for budget airfare for MNL-CJU via 2nd country (JP,CH,HK etc) because i need to have Plan B if i will be denied a visa. 🙂 In fact, one personnel from the Korean consular office here in Doha suggested that Cheju is the place to be (especially if you are a nature lover) than the cosmo Seoul.
          Hope these help 🙂

  56. Hi. Im planning to get a tourist visa. Do you know what the requirements are for professionals (ie medical doctors)? I just graduated from med school and got my license this august and i have yet to continue my residency training. Im technically a dependent of my parents (both residing and working in the Phils) who are sponsoring my trip as a gift. Do i submit the requirements for students? I have a valid 10year US visa.

  57. Hi,
    Me and my friends are planning to go to Korea this March for like 3 days… Most of us are employed. some just got back from working abroad and we have a student going with us too. We are going to apply for Korean Visas this January and we’re currently completing the necessary requirements. Any advise to give us better chances of being approved? And how do we answer the parts: 34. Accompanying Family and 35. Guarantor or Reference in Korea? We will just go there for a tour and we don’t know anyone from Korea. Thanks! Hope to hear from anyone soon =)

    1. Hi Ria! You need not worry if you don’t have an invitation letter. It’s optional and you will only need it if invited to Korea. As long as you have a stable job and your documents can show that you are capable of touring Korea, then you need not worry. Your friends need not worry too. If you don’t have an accompanying family member, then you don’t need to answer that.

      1. Thanks for the reply Ms Betchay =) We will apply for the visa soon and im praying everyone gets aprroved coz we have tickets already. Btw, if it’s not too much to ask again, should we attach a copy of our plane tickets as well?
        thank you so much! 🙂

        1. Hi Ria! Not a few have tried to attach their plane reservations and all of them got scoffed at by the embassy staff. They would just tell you that you shouldn’t buy a ticket first before applying for the visa.

          1. oh i see… thanks for the tip Ms Betchay! we bought tickets coz they were on sale last year. we just took the risk even if we are not sure we would all get tourist visas. Should we really book for accommodations for the visa? so we can write something here: Address in Korea? we are less than 2mos away from d trip and we don’t have visas yet =/
            btw, thank you soooo much for the help Ms Betchay!!!! ♥

  58. dear mam at sir,, matagal nakong walang communication sa asawa kong koreano, d k alam kung ano n ang nangyari sknya mag 5 years napo ngaun,, d napo umuuwi sa pinas,, ano po b ang dapat kng gawin. pls reply po plsssssssssssssssss,, inabandona niya ang kangyang mga anak sakin.

    1. Hi Norma! Maraming kaso na kagaya ng sa ‘yo. Yung mga anak ninyo, hindi sila Korean citizen? May Korean passport ba sila?

  59. Hi ma’am/sir,
    ano po kayang visa ang pwede kong i apply kasi emergency po my cousin need an assistance from family or relatives. nakaconfine xa sa hospital more than a week na. she suffer from leukemia, we have to be there as soon as possible. may invitation na pinadala ung korean bf nia here and also the medical record. and problema lang po wala po akong ITR and certficate of employment gaya ng requirments sa tourist visa. ano po kayang advice ang maiishare niyo sa’kin na dapat namin gawin kasi emergency lang po talaga? thanks

  60. Hello! I really need your response, please help me. Our flight will be on January 15, we haven’t had our visas yet. Is there a chance that we’ll still be able to get it if we pass it maybe tomorrow (January 8)? Is their office open during weekends? And do those even count as working days? Please reply. Thank you! 🙂

  61. hi.. we got our E6 visa last december 30… i would like to ask how is the process of cancellation for our visa? coz we had a problem with our agent and we wont be going there anymore.. how long does it take? and who will apply for the cancellation? should it be my agent or me??

  62. Hi po, I would like to ask po I jUst recently resigned from my previous work then I just found out last year that my brother bought a ticket to Korea for me as a gift we will go there together on feb. My mom will cover my expenses though the problem is she is a housewife who entirely depends on my dad’s remittance so she doesn’t have an ITR. Our family lawyer told my mom to make a sworn statement have it notarized stating that she is a housewife etc.. So do u think it is an acceptable document? Thank you so much

    1. Hi Ruth! We really wouldn’t know unless we try. Korean Embassy is very strict when it comes to documents but they sometimes (according to others) make exceptions in special cases. My husband and I talked about that before, like a lot of Filipinos are not working but are moneyed so they don’t have documents to present. Anyway, I have a friend who is also a housewife and she applied for a visa using her husband’s documents instead.

      1. It is true Ms. Betchay… as a matter of fact yesterday I arrived here in Seoul. This is my third time visit, the first two was last year and same always… I don’t have ITR and bank statements.
        Nor, stated that I’m a member of any church or organization. I applied as visitor and frelancer. Just invited by KOREAN family.

        1. Hi gh! You’re lucky that they didn’t ask any other documents from you. However, from my experience and the others too the Korean Embassy would not accept incomplete documents. There is one poster here who tried to apply without an ITR and they didn’t accept her application. So I guess, just to be safe it would be better to complete the documents first.

        2. hello po!ask ko lang po sana.. like u, i dont have any ITR and bank statement…and u apply as visitor, anu po ung mga requirements na pinasa mu?

      2. Hi Ms. Betchay thank so much for your reply I highly appreciate it 🙂
        Sad to say the travel agent called just this afternoon and gave me a very sad news i didn’t get a visa but my brother and accompanying friend was given a visa. Though he informed me I have a letter from the embassy..Hope they will reconsider my application and give me a chance to face them personally for an interview and prove i will be going back here in the Philippines since I will be taking an important exam at the DFA office. I was so expecting that they will call me for personal appearance but they didn’t. 🙁

  63. What are the approval rates for filipinas being invited by US soldiers being stationed in Korea. I have sent her a letter of affadavit from the US army stating i will be taking full financial care of her and providing her room and board while shes here. I also sent her the letter of invitation which were both notarized on a US army installation. She has no ITR. Im worried her visa will be denied?? Does anyone have any insight from past expierences?

  64. i would also like to ask if how long does it take to process the application? like if i will avail of the promo ticket of cebupacificair with travel dates June 16-19, when do u think is the best time to apply and get visa or would it be possible to first get visa to make sure we will be able to get one before booking?

    1. Hi Ellen! The best time to apply would be within three months of your travel. You could apply for a visa anytime in April.

  65. hi!miss betchay
    ask ko lng po,how to get a tourist visa?ng work n po ako sa korea since 2003 up to 2008 pero ng tnt po ako..ngaun po gus2 kong mg apply as a tourist..andun pa po kc ung aswa ko..so what ang dapat kong gawin..ung passport ko po eh issued sa korea..is there any problem po b kung un din ang ggmitin ko..and the requirements,,pls.reply…tnx

  66. hi po ms.betchay sana tulungan po ninyo ako hehe kasi pupunta ako nang korea this ferb.to visit my US airforce husband stationed in korea..tanong ko kailangan ba tagala nang CFO certificate na bibisita lang naman ako doon.salamat po.

    1. hi celyn, yes need po yun katunayan na kasal ka talaga sa kanya.. my bf is us army lahat ng documents nya hiningi icluding yung order docs nya. need talaga yan, and one of important docs yan in order for you get visa 🙂

      1. us army po ung bf ko, punta sana ako korea para bisitahin sya & magpakasal sana, pero wala pa ako work, fresh grad pa lang. sagot naman nya lahat ng gastos. ano pong documents kailangan ko dalhin?

  67. hello po! this is nhey from pasig philippines.
    i just applied for my sk tourist’s visa this morning
    and i am so much hoping na wag akong ma deny..
    my brother-in-law invited me to go there..he is a korean married to my sister…God Bless me 🙂

  68. hi miss,denied po visa ko dku po alam kung bkit. i have my documnts nman pru ung itr ang wla kasi nga minimum lang ung sahud ko.posible kya ung itr ko ang dahilan d ako bngyan ng visa o yung bank crtificate ksi sa amin dlawa ng asawa ko ang nkapngalan o joint acct.salamat po.

  69. hi ms betchay..ask ko sna if pwede ba magapply ung fiance ko ppnta dito ng korea kung wla sya work ngaun..kttpos lng ng contract nia sa UAE pede b nia gmitin ung COE nia from previous job?accept kya ng EMBASSY un?wla din sya ITR kc OFW EXEMPTED nmn sa ITR db?pero meron sya bank statement n proof n kya nia mgtourist..im looking forward for your response..thank you..

      1. hi Ash! i think need mo gawa ng invitation letter stated case of your fiance mas mganda have it notarized din dyan para mas legal, then back up with your fiance documents. total may bank certificate naman siya. why dont you try muna sa ganitong step, then sasabihin naman ni SK Embassy what are the other documents na need pa nila. basta ba importante wala kayong violate na law or mag tempt na mag hanap ng work in the peninsula.. dapat honest din ang invitation letter mo.. goodluck! 🙂

        1. nagawan ko na po ng invi letter fiance ko.and nkapnta n rin sya ng embassy.binalik sa knya ang lht ng docs ksma ang invi letter form from here.ang sabi s knya is “try to see our requirements”.ano pb ang kulang bkit gnun ang embassy?san n po ba c ms. betchay?please naman po help me naman..

          1. ms.betchay..ask ko ung sa fiance ko,gsto ko sya papuntahin dito kya lang wla syang ITR,db exempted nmn ung mga ofw sa ITR?tska my bank certificate nmn ang fiance ko proof n kya nya mg tourist.tpos gumawa rin ako ng invi letter for her..kaya lng bakit nung pumunta n sya ng embassy binalik ung apps nia ang sabi eh “try to see our requirements” ano po ba pwedeng gwin ms. betchay?suggestion naman po.tnx in advance.

          2. i forgot.. ung COE rin pla nia from UAE, dun kc sya ngwork..tas ngaun nsa pinas sya umaasa na makakapnta dito sa korea..

          3. Hi Ash, just to share I tried to apply before ng tourist Visa with an Invitation letter coming from my Fiancée na Korean na nandito sa Philippines ng time na nag apply ako, I wasn’t denied but my application wasn’t accepted because: first I wasn’t working that time so wala akong ITR na maipakita though I had my Bank Account savings from my previous Job and second the Embassy told me that they don not accept Fiancée Visa, I think that’s the reason why they didn’t accept my application. Just tell to your fiancée to visit Embassy of Korea to Phils. website to see the updated lists of requirements for OFW… and this one I just heard from my Husband that It is hard to get a Visa to Korea if you are an OFW but he doesn’t know the reason why he was just informed by a friend working in Korean Embassy.. but still in this case I also would like to confirm it to Ms. Betchay if it’s true that it is difficult to get Visa to Korea if you are an OFW from other country such as in UAE. .thanks!

          4. Ash, punta ka sa POEA… hingi ka ng certificate of proof that OFW are excempted from ITR. Koreans doesn’t know that.

            I heard a woman didn’t accept her doc bec her money in bank cert. P100,000. The korean said, it is not enough… submit other bank certificate. Then, the woman said,” Even for 3 days tour?” Yes, it is not enough, the Korean said.

            To those who received visa … keep on praying still, bec it is not a guarantee that you could enter. I encountered a lot of Filipinos denied when they are already in Incheon airport. They failed in the immigration interview.

          5. Mehyun,ganun ba kasi ive been traveling to korea since 2003 but hindi pa ko nakakakita ng mga pinoy nna encountered ng korean immigration dapat cguro to all Filipino who are travelling in korea be ready for the immigration interview when they arrived at incheon but dont worry hindi naman lahat tinatanong ng immigration officer ramdon selection lang i bet,anyway good luck to all those pinoy looking forward to get a visa Korea is the best country in asia and i really love the country as well as korean people my family enjoyed a lot when they visit korea for 15 days ….

          6. hirap nila ispelengin, i know someone n approved tourist visa nya for almost 50k savings in a bank, employee xa, complete docs nya, un nga lang, my stamped n passport nya fr singapore, malaysia and japan ata un… for 1 week stay p un ha…

          7. 100k pwede mangyari…
            pero ako kasi 52k lng nasa BC ko pero nabigyan naman ako visa… dapat tugma sa sweldo mo and ITR mo yugn pera mo s abank… i ask my friend na manager ng bank di naman daw nila tinatawagan bank…
            very agree… hindi lng sa visa application and paghihirap… kasi what happened to us…
            me= 1st travel outside country, 1st passport
            tito= many travels international, businessman
            pero pagdating sa incheon immigration na hold tito ko ako hindi…
            pero my tita was there and luckily nadala namin yugn old passport nya na full of travel outside country kaya na approve…
            important tip:
            magdala kayo gn printer na website or confirmation ng hotel/lodging house/ geusthouse na stayan ninyo…

          8. ako din, 2nd asian country ko lang ang South Korea, pero wala naman tinanong sa akin sa Korean Immigration..

          9. hello po my name is christine im planning to aply tourist visa this coming oct. ano po ung requirments para sakin first time ko lang po mgtour sa korea…pls help me out wat do i need ..salamat

          10. Hi Christine! Paki-check yung basic requirements for employees (kung empleyado ka) or for students, kung estudyante ka. Kung none of the above, kailangan mo ng financial documents which will prove your financial capability and your ties to the Philippines.

          11. hello miss betchay..anu poh bang requirements for married visa for korea.help me please…?thank you.

          12. hi Ms.Betch.
            Is it possible that my Bf who will work in Korea by Next year,will be the one who will support all my documents needed for tourist visa? dutch national sya na pilot ng isang airlines naka base sa korea.kakatapos lang ng contract nya dito sa pinas nitong december sa isang airline din .tnx for asap reply kc mag aaply ako ng visa by Feb. next year once settle na sya dun sa incheon…have a nice day po

  70. hi good day! question lang po for the second timer applicant do i need to submit again documents na pinasa ko nung una? i applied for tourist visa and luckily nabigyan naman po ako now i need to come back on feb 10. kailangan ko parin po re submit lahat ng documents na pinasa ko before? thanks.. 🙂

    1. hi Ms. Ghe i think so kasi ako nag apply sa travelling agency same as before submit ko lahat i think sa SK Embassy din same din siguro and so far na approve ulet ako

      1. Hi Ms. Emma, alright! ako naman direct naman ako nag apply. madugo lang kasi i have to request employment certificate again and bank certificate again 🙂 I though kasi file na nila yun, kahit 1 month ago lang ako pumunta ng korea? kasi nasa korea ako ng december then babalik ako this feb ulit.. need ko kasi balik agad for my civil wedding there! hayyy… but anyways, thanks sa advice ha sundin ko nalng siguro ulet para mag kasa visa ulet! regards! 🙂

          1. but hey is there anyone from here leaving in korea na? or nasa korea na? sana mag meet tayo wala lang new friends.. 🙂 kakainip kasi sa bahay pag wala bf ko at minsan pag nataon pa na duty siya 🙁
            thanks emma 🙂 hope to see you in SK.. 🙂

  71. hi maam..is it possible for me to go back to korea with out my alien card..i went home lasts eptember 2010 and imigration took my alien card coz i thought im not going back anymore..but now i want to go back and i heard wala na daw re entry sa mga nag babakasyon…my visa is E-9 and i still have more 1 year valid to stay…pls reply

    1. hi amy! yung wala nang re-entry eh nag-take effect ng december 1 at sa mayroong valid visa at alien registration card

  72. im a mother with 3 children, ako at ang bunso ko anak 18 yrs old may multiple of 10 yrs us visa,plano po naming pumunta ng korea,ung panganay ko 23 yrs old at pangalawa ko anak 21 yrs old,wala itr pero may malaki acct sa bank,katulong ko sila sa pagmamanage ng aming business, kumpleto po ako ng requirements,is it possible na mabigyan po ng visa ung 2 anak ko kahit wala sila itr,frequent traveller po sila dahil mahilig po kami magtravel mag anak,ang isusubmit ko lang po ay mga documents ng company namin,mamamasyal lang po kami doon ng 5 days,please pakireply po agad

  73. sa hotel kami tutuloy,at magtotour lang talaga dahil yan ang hobby namin,gusto lang po ng mga anak ko makaexperience ng snow, marami na sila travel dito sa asia,is it okay kung magbobook na kami sa airline at hotel para maattach nnnndin namin sa mga application namin

  74. Hey guys! Do you think there is a good chance of getting a visa for a housewife who doesn’t have an ITR because her husband is an OFW? I think this question has been asked before but I just want to verify.
    Medyo kinakabahan kasi ako na baka ma-approve kami ng mga kapatid ko for a visa since we’re students tapos yung mom ko, who is a housewife, will be denied. My dad, who is our sole financial provider, will apply for his visa abroad, while the rest of us will apply here in the Philippines. Does having a previous multiple US visa help our chances? I hope someone can help 🙁

    1. Hi Ash! As long as your husband is not working in Korea under the EPS system, then it’s okay. Just think positively ;p

      1. Err, hindi husband ko yung OFW. It’s my dad. Yung tinutukoy ko na “housewife” is my mom 😀
        Anyway, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully luck will be on our side. Thanks for taking the time to reply! I appreciate it 🙂

  75. Hello Ma’am. Hidi po pwedeng mag-apply ng tourist visa ang walang stable job?… Kasi po expire na ang kontrata ko sa feb 04. at nakalagay po yun sa COE. Aside from that, not more than 30 k lang po ang nka deckare sa bank acct ko. Malakai po ba ang chance na madeny ako?
    Thanks po.

  76. ma’am ask ko lng po, kung gusto pong bang pumunta po sa South Korea dapat po bang my sponsor kayo?.. kasi po may balak po kaming umalis kasama ko po ung ate ko and un mga pamangkin q, eh first time p pla po namin umalis going abroad. tapos po wla po kming kakilala o friend n tiga Korea, pnu po un? dapat po ba may sponsor?..and kpop lover po ksi po ung mag pamangkin q kaya gusto nilang pumanta dun..for tourist vacation purpose lng naman po, magstay lng kami mga 2 weeks lng..wait q po un reply nyo..thanks po..

  77. hello po ate betchay!
    ask ko lang po kung tatanggapin ba itong marriage contract from korea instead of NSO marriage contract? nakapunta na kasi yung husband ko diyan tapos ang ginamit nyang marriage contract ay yung galing korea…
    yung sister nga pala nya ay koreano yung husband at diyan na nakatira sa korea…

    1. mam pwede pa po ba akong makabalik sa korea,1 year & 5 months nko d2 sa pinas galing korea nag t,n,t,po ako ng 2 months piro somorinder po ako dipo ako na holi makakabalik pa kaya ako thangks po mam…

      1. mam,ano pong bagong law jan sa korea,2ngkol sa nag t,n,t, lastyear tpos omowi den makkabalik pa kaya,ilang years kaya ang antayin ko mam,sana replayan po nyo ako agad mam thangks po

  78. ask ko lng po kase di pa nare release ung ITR namen ng 2010 so 2009 muna gagamitin namen, ok lng po ba?

    1. If you can wait for the 2010 ITR then that would be better, but if not then the 2009 would probably do. Pero dapat may back-up na COE mo.

  79. hi po….ask ko lang po sana kung kilangan ba talaga ng 500,00 thousand ang show money? para maka pag aplay ng tourist visa? anu po ba mga requirements para maka kuha ng tourist visa kasama ko po sana ang anak kung 4yrs.old sya din po ba ay kilangan mag provide ng mga documents? anu anu po ang mga iyon sana po mabasa ko ang reply nyo salamat po…..

  80. Hi mam, need some advice. My husband and I want to travel south korea and so to secure visa. But here’s our sitiuation, we are running family business pero hindi po samin nakapangalan ang business sa father in law ko. Both of us dont have ITR, but we can ask my father in law to isssue us Cerificate of employment. We have at least 2M on our bank acct, our earning and inheritance. We were able to travel at singapore and we would like to try south korea this year. What are the possibilities, chances that we may approved on our visa application, considering we can really afford to travel.
    Thanks, your advice will be highly appreciated.

  81. Hello po,
    i’m working here in beijing and planning to get a tourist visa to korea in june pag uwi ko jan sa pinas.. do i need to present them ITR..? i don’t think may ITR ang mga OFW..
    thanks po.

  82. hi i am a nurse currently working in brunei,for 8 mos. now ; i have asked for the requirements to visit my cousin marrying a korean national there. the first is, i must be residing for 5 years or more here in brunei. do i have a chance to be granted a visa with this length of stay??

  83. Hi! First of all, I’m so glad that I was able to stumble upon your site. It is very informative.
    I have a question regarding applying for a SK visa. My older sister and I are planning to have a 7 day tour in S. Korea in December. We are both employed. I saw in your answers that the bank statement is very important. I’m a recent graduate and just started to work so my bank statement is not really impressive. My older sister will shoulder most of our tour expenses. How can I include that bit of info in my application. I’m worried that they will deny my application because of my bank statement. Thank you so much!! ^^

  84. hi miss betchay, korean po ang mister ko kasal kmi sa pinas at may dalawa kami anak nand2 po kmi sa korea now dahil kinasal po ung bunsong kapatid ni mister, sa ngayun po biglaang disisyon gus2 ng byenan ko makasama ng matagal ang mga apo nila kya nag apply po c mister ng f2 visa ko. ung mga anak po nmin is korean citizine na, ung f2 visa ko po ay 6mos daw po bago ma aprobe dahil jobless po ako at walang bank account, marami po bang case kagaya ko 6mos or more ang kailangan hintayin at dipende daw po sa disisyon kung ma aprobe after 6mos or higit pa??? completo po ako sa papeles at hndi agad kmi nkapag apply sa pinas dati. wala narin po kami magawa ni mister at kailangan nya rin po umattend ng military service..

    1. Hi Franz! Pag nag-apply ka ng F2 visa sandali lang siya. Ngayon may C3 visa ka di ba? So kailangan lang ng asawa mo ang financial documents niya (could be his employment certificate, real estate ownership, lease or money in the bank) at proof na kasal kayo. Hindi naman six months ang approval. Kung legally married naman kayo eh sandali lang nila iche-change ang visa mo. Hindi mo kailangan na may trabaho or bank account. Ang asawa mo ang kailangan na may trabaho or bank account, hindi ikaw. Anyway, hindi ko naman kilala ang pamilya mo pero dapat lagi tayong alert ha kasi baka mamaya pauwiin ka ng hindi kasama mga anak mo, wag na wag kang papayag.

  85. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    Hindi kase na answer yung inquiry above if I am exempted in Tax (means no ITR probably). How can I provide the doc which is very much required? There are cases kse na COE differs from what is submitted in gov.(confi matters). Kindly answer madaam. Thanks.

  86. Hi Ms. Betchay,
    question lang..what if 1st time pa lang mag-travel at walang other visas such as US visa, hindi ba accepted un? I mean pano kung kumpleto naman yung documents aside from that? thanks.

  87. hello miss betchat ask q lang po galing na po aq ng korea 2006.after 4months nag nag runaway po aq.my working visa pa aq nun so after 1 month nag pakasal aq sa us army.at bumalik aq ng pinas..after 3 yrs nag divorce km pero and2 pa rin aq sa pinas until now…ang tanong q po..my new bf po aq na gusto aqng papuntahin sa korea to visit him this coming april..maka2balik pa po ba aq jan..or wala po bang maging problema kc nag runaway po aq be4..wait q po reply nio tnx..

  88. hello again miss betchay…may bank certificate po aq pero wala aqng employment cert..kc every month naman po my financial support naman km galing sa ex-husband q.pwede po ba un kahit wala aqng employment cert.?

  89. hi ms. betchay
    ask ko po kung pwede ba kami apply ng tourist visa sa south korea consulate sa cebu? at hindi na kami ppunta ng manila? wala pa po kaming trabaho ng bf ko, pwede po ba ung bank acct ng dad nya ang ippkita kasali ako na iffinance? what are the requirements po in applying tourist visa? 7days lng po kmi dun and how much po? thank you very much. pls email me po. thank u

  90. Hi,
    I already purchased tickets going to Seoul for November 23rd-30th (sale kasi). I haven’t been there. I have not traveled to a country that requires a visa but I traveled outside the country before (Singapore). I know the requirements and a friend in Seoul told me she’ll ask her boyfriend to send an invitation (is it necessary?). I would also like to know when I should apply for a visa since my departure date is still months away (November – it’s just Feb)?
    Advance thank you for your help!

  91. hello ms.betchay,
    Gud day to u, i just want to know if i need invitation letter from somebody live or work in korea ,if i have my ITR and bank statement and i have also a tourist visa befor in japan..pls. let me know if i still need and i just want to visit korea and see the snow ..

    1. The invitation letter is optional. If a Korean is inviting you, then you can include his/her invitation letter but if it not then it’s okay that you don’t have an invitation letter.

  92. hi ms.betchay,
    natutuwa aq kc ang dami mo natutulungan kababayan natin na gusto mkarating sa korea,sana matulungan mo din aq.6yrs.ngtrabaho ang mr.q sa korea tapos n contrata nya last jan15 2010.at gusto sya ng employer nya bumalik at mgtrabaho ulit sa company nila.at nangako nman n tutulungan sya mkabalik doon. bilang tourist nga lng ang apply nya. kya hinihintay p nmin dumating un invitation letter na galing sa employer nya sna matulungan m din aq at maraming salamat betchay…

  93. Hi Ms. Betchay…
    I’m planning to ap[ply for my visa this August…maybe August 18, 2011… true poh ba ung 5 day processing ng visa??baka poh kasi magpabalik balik na naman kami. Malau poh kasi place namin sa Manila. And need pa poh ba ng ITR and employment certificate if natapos na ng July 2011 ung contract sa work at di nagrenew???
    Ininvite poh kasi akong magtour sa Korea ng friend ko… Please give me some information.. Thank you ver much ^^ God Bless poh.

  94. Hi Ms. Betchay! i am here at korea now, just want to ask something i know i am sound like stupid ano ba mganda shampoo for winter here grabe nasisira ang hair ko dito sa weather.. and by the way saan ka pala sa korea? hope to meet you while i am here i am now at pyongtaek 🙂 thanks… 🙂

  95. i wish to go Korea. i am just waiting for the signal of my family when to process my visa. i want also to experience spring there…^^ also to visit my filipino friends…^^

  96. teacher eden how are you now there. i am still here in Phil. for the reason that he is still in military. my US visa will expire next year and still not processing it to go KR. hehehe! wish to see you there.^^

  97. I went to Korea last year and I had an F2 visa. Di na siya na extend. Dito na ko Pinas now. Gusto ko bumalik sa Korea. Pano kaya? Renewable ba yung visa ko? Wala na kami communication ni Korean husband. Help naman.

  98. my company can’t issue an ITR yet so just want to ask if there might be an alternative to it that I can pass to prove that I am working and paying my taxes.

    1. Hi Gee! I am not really sure because from my experience, they won’t accept applications without the ITR if you’re an employee.

  99. hi ms betchay ask k lng po kung paano mag apply ng tourist visa?at kung pwede ako magtourist up to 3 mos,dun po kc nagwowork ang husband ko,matagal po b processing ng pag apply ng visa?matagl n po kc gusto ng husband ko n makapunta ako dun.thank you po

    1. hi malou! pwede ka mag-tourist hanggang 3 months pero nasa discretion ng consul o immigration officials yan… pero gaya ng sabi ng iba, kung E-9 ang visa ng asawa mo eh medyo mahihirapan kang kumuha ng C-3 visa

  100. hello mam betchay! im working here in makati as nanny and at the same time tutor….sabi ng boss ko he has plan to send me in korea together with his son para magwork pa rin as nanny and tutor….graduate ako ng college and my mga experience na rin in different field…pero matagal na akong di nagwork sa company kasi nagwork me as tutor for 3years..malamang di ako makakakuha ng ITR s BIR and wala din akong bank account….paano gagawin ko kapag pinakuha me ng boss ko ng visa? tapos wala akong maprovide na ganung documents..kung sakali first time ko mgtravel and kukuha ng visa…ano po ba yung mga standard requirments para sa kagaya ko na kukuha ng working visa en malamang boss ko sasagot lahat hg expenses ko s pagkuha ng visa…thanks..hoping for your reply…

  101. hi malou w/regards to your concern i want also to visit my husband there…when is your plan to apply in the embassy since i have no experience i want to know all you did becoz i think mauuna ka sa akin kc sa april pa ako plan na mag apply.if you dont mind pwede i share mo whats your update regarding your application?thans and may God bless you…

  102. HI!! while i was reading in this site i was really thinking that you might help me too since you seem that you have knowledge about the visa stuff in going to korea…
    Can i just ask far some piece of advice? My boyfriend is a korean citizen and he wants me to live with him in korea. Though we are not married yet is it possible for me to be there using the fiance visa? what are the things that my boyfriend and I will prepare and submit? and can you tell me what is the better way for me to go there without spending much. Thanks!!

    1. Hi April! There is no fiance visa in Korea. Your options are to come here on a C-3 (tourist) or student visa. With the C-3, you can only stay up to a maximum of 90 days. It’s easier and less costly to come here on a C-3 visa. A full semester in a university here would cost you almost 4,000 USD for the tuition alone.

  103. paano ako makakakuha ng working visa para sa korea na hindi kailangan na invitation ng aking papasukan na trabaho sa korea?
    salamat po

  104. gud eve po ms betchay,thank you po s reply,ask k lng po ano po b ung C-3 n visa?may iba p b n visa pwede k apply except dun s C-3?thanks po

  105. Hi Ms. Betchay,..
    what poh ang requirements sa visa application kapag employee.
    Iniinvite poh kasi akong magtour ng Korean friend ko. Mahihirapan po ba ko pag di ako employee?? salamat poh.

  106. hi po mam betchay,bibisitahin ko po ang aking asawa na USAF na sa korea na station ngayon sa susunod na buwan,nasa akin na po yong invatation letter,photocopy nang military ID, order at passport nya,pati na rin ang form 166.at my pasport na ako at photocopy nang marriage cert namin at picture.pupunta ako nang manila next week para kumuha nang cfo cert at mag applay na nang visa.itatanong ko lang po sana kung ano pang mga documento na kailangan kong dalhin para hindi ako ma deny.salamat po nang marami!

  107. hello, may concern ako about my student visa. Patay na dad ko na retiree at yung mom ko housewife pero may bank account naman siya for a bank certificate. Therefore, walang ITR ang mom ko. Married na po ako. Yung husband ko, student din at yung parents naman nya may ITR parehas at malalaki ang sweldo.
    Magkano po kaya dapat ang laman ng bank account ng mom ko para sa show money? Kung sakali, pwede kaya ako madamay sa ITR ng in-laws ko or pag ganitong case, hindi kami conjugal? Students kami parehas kaya wala ring personal ITRs. Thanks in advance

  108. Hello!
    I just want to ask, Im Self-employed right now but i can have my employer/boss to give me COE (Is this considered valid COE @ the embassy). In my ITR im going to shift from Employed to Self-Employed (IS this also valid)… Ive already booked a roundtrip ticket to South Korea this summer knowing that it doesn’t need a visa to go there but last week someone told me that i have to have one… Ple Help

  109. hi po ask ko lang kung ano po ang reason at bakit denied po ang nanay ko ngayon,tatlong beses na po syang nkapunta dito sa korea. ano po kya ang naging problema.aasahan ko po ang sagot.thanks po

  110. Hi there. We already bought tickets for SK our flight is on Apr 23,2011. My concern is my passport is expiring by Sept 2011 and already have pending application for a new one but definitely will get it by April 6,2011. How can i apply for an SK visa with that situation? How long is the processing of the tourist visa?
    Thank you.

  111. Hello, Good day, I am Nimfa Moreno Cuadra, I worked as an Entertainer year Dec.2008-April2009. I didn’t finished my contract and just ran away. I’ve worked everywhere, part of South Korea. I’ve worked as a babysitter, housecleaner, helper on a furniture and a waitress on my last day in South Korea, Korean Immigration caught me and prisoned for 2 days, they took picture and fingerprints of me. And sent home on a 3rd day in the philippines. They didn’t put any stamp on my passport like deport or banned or blacklisted.. I just got stamp like arrival and departed. And now, I miss Korea being a worker of those korean people. I treat them as my family and they treat me well also. My last job there is a waitress on american restaurant, I worked there for 5 months. I helped a lot my boss and treat good all the people around me there. I miss my job there and all the people. I apologized if I’ve been illegaly worker there for almost 2 years. I just wanna work for the future of my kids and to help my family. I wanna be true for now, I really wanna go back there and work legally, mY Boss in a restaurant wanna give me a petition to have a working visa and work on Him again. But I am worried that you might not forgive me and forgive my Boss because of what happened. But if you will give us a chance, I promise that I will obey your rules and policy. And whatever your decisions for me, I will accept it. Thank you so much and God bless you all and more power.

  112. Hi ms.ruth,
    Just want to ask if you have any idea why were you denied? I have same case with you. I resigned from my work last feb and we already have tickets to Korea this april. I’m going to travel with my family. My parents will finance my trip. I have Coe, bank certificate and ITR naman. I’m just scared to be denied 🙁
    Thank you!

  113. nakakabagot na dito sa pyeongtaek!! hehehe… sobrang tahimik.. gusto ko pumunta ng seoul pero wala naman ako kasama.. 🙂

  114. Hi! I just wanna share my experience..I went to SK embassy last week with my sis to apply for a tourist visa…They accepted my sister’s documents…She also got her visa 3 days later with 1 year validity/multiple entries…As for me, I’m still a student and I didn’t know when I went there last week that I need to submit my parents’ documents…As you know, they don’t process incomplete requirements…So I had to come back sa ibang araw…But my biggest problem was, my parents are both OFW..So wala silang ITR…I’m not sure what kind of documents I have to present to prove they’re OFW…My mom told me to include their OEC…It’s the official receipt issued by DOLE. Also, I included copy of my parent’s passport and my mom’s Abu Dhabi residence visa…And then I got my passport claim stub… 🙂

  115. hello,im married with korean and im planning to invite my brother to come here in Korea,What is the valid reason to have a visa?If he apply for 6 months stay here how much it will cost or is it possible to get the visa?thank you very much.

  116. hi po ms.betchay,ask k lng po kung mas madali po kumuha ng korean visa kung ininvite ako ng friend k n koreano,at ano po kailangan nya ayusin dun s korea n mga documents pra ma invite nya ako,,,pls reply po tnx GOD BLESS

  117. i was in korean embassy to apply my tourist visa.. my fiance who wroking in south korea invited me for few months.. but the girl in embassy told me sorry maam you cant apply visa without job???well im just shock when she tell me that..what should i do about it??why she dont want me to apply tourist visa if i am unemployee..my fiance will support me for everything i need in korea.. can you tell me exactly what the problem of this???thanks

  118. hi. ms. betchay ask ko lang po may ate po ako sa korea bale korean citizen na siya and gusto ko po pumunta dun at mag visit sa kanya complete po yung mga papers ko pwera lang po yung ITR.pwede na po ba yon o kailangan ko pa po ng ITR?

  119. hi ms. betchay ask ko lng po kung me E7 Visa(Professional Visa) bang n issue ang korean embassy. malapit na po kasi matapos contract ko as E9-2. Gusto po kasi kaming pabalikin ng company as E7 visa. pinag submit kami ng mga documents nmin (college diploma & resume). me possibility po ba na ma issuehan kami ng E7 visa kahit npo over age.41 npo ako gusto ko pa kasing magwork d2 sa korea ng legal. pls reply asap thanks and more power to you god bless always

  120. hi ms. betchay,
    my husband is a Ph.D. student in south korea. i want to apply (together with my 3 year old son) for F-3 Visa since D-2 and visa status ng husband ko. we intend to stay in korea this coming summer vacation. can you send me the requirements before we go to the korean embassy. Thank you very much…

  121. Annyonghaseyo!
    Hi everyone!
    I’m a 17 years old male from Singapore. I wish to visit Korea after my National Service. My ultimate goals are to master the Korean language and migrate to Korea. I really want to do something that would greatly benefit the Korean community and be accepted into their society. I believe in an equilateral world and by that I mena everyone should be given an opportunity to migrate to Korea. Our parents don’t understand whaat we want.. so we must work for it.

  122. hi i just want to share my/our experience in applying for a korean visa.
    we applied as a family (4 adults). My father is a businessman, my mom is a housewife, my sister is an employee and i am unemployed(since last feb16 until present). So we submitted all the necessary documents. As for me I submitted the requirements for Employees – Coe, ITR, Bank Certificate, and since my parents will be the one to finance our trip I aslso submitted Birth Certificate, my parents’ bank certificates, DTI/mayor’s permis of my Dad’s business. I really thought that they will not give me visa since I am unemployed. But through prayers and God’s will we were granted 4 visas 😀

      1. Just tell them you’re not working but make sure to show proof that you can support yourself as a tourist. An acquaintance applied for a visa a month after she quit her job. And she purposefully quit so she could come to Korea and tour for two weeks. Unfortunately, the consul didn’t see it her way. Her application was denied.

    1. This is really giving me a lot of confidence because we are in the same situation.^^ Thank you for sharing.

      1. and I just would like to share that I got my visa today minimum 59days stay. I would like to thank starfish and of course ms. betchay for giving me confidence to proceed with my application. I am going to be my tita and staying with her daughter…If there are questions you can also send messages to me…woohoo! In a few days, we will be leaving for SK soon.!^^again A million thanks to ms. betchay and starfish and to the rest of the peeps here….

  123. dear betchay,
    i will be travelling to Seoul as tourist with my wife and baby. on the visa application form, do we apply as family (i.e. family members travelling with me are indicated in the form already) or does she have to apply on her own (i.e. she is also employed also). what about the visa for our baby (i.e. less than 2 years old)? thanks

  124. Gud day,ms.betchay. Ask ko lng po if may chance pa ko mag apply ng tour visa. Divorced na kami ng korean last year so I had an F2 visa kaso expired n yon kasi di nmn na extend. 4 months ako stay sa korea last yr. Gusto ko lng mag tour ngaun don and I can support it nman. Gusto ko punthan mga places na di ko napuntahan non. Mejo worid lng ako kasi sbi nung head security s embassy e mhihirpan dw ako kuha tour visa kasi divorced n daw ako at expired na yung F2 visa ko. Please help and advise me nmn. Thanks.

  125. hi ms. betchay…
    i read all the comments here and suggestion because i plan to get tourist visa in korea bevauce my bf is in korea..he is a US army and asign their in korea until 2013..and he want me to be their in korea this year..at nabasa ko dito ang mga comments sa iba..at ask ko lng po sa iyo..na last year a may work ako but ngayon wala na pwde ba rin gamitin ang COE?kukuha parin ba ako khit wala na akong work ngayon..at kailangan ba kumuha rin ng ITR?pero mgbigay ng invitation letter yung bf ko madali na ba yun or wala parin assurance???please help me on this….thanks and god bless you always…sana you will reply to me…

  126. Hi Ma’am Betchay. I sent you a question thru the Contact me tab, but the noob in me does not know how to view it, or where (in the site) can I check if you already have a reply. Its about using a cargo box filled with gifts. Thanks for all the help. Your site is a big help!

  127. Ask ko lang po regarding bank certificate. Mag apply kami ng husband ko. Sabi personal account? eh paano yung mga joint account naming dalawa? pwede rin ba i-submit? kanino ko attach yung joint account bank certificates namin? employee siya ako self-employed with papers.

  128. hello po ate betchay,.. may tatanung po sana ako. kc po may anak ako sa koreano ngayun gusto po nmin ng anak ko na pumunta ng korea para po dalawin ang lolo at lola nya.. d po kmi kasal ng koreano. pero sabi po ng lolo at lola ng anak ko punta daw po kmi sa busan at gusto ko po sana malaman kung anu kailangan nmin mg-ina para mgkavisa..? mgpapadala npo cla ng letter para iinvite kmi.. anu pa po kailangan nmin mam betchay para po maready ko before mgpunta sa kor embassy.. yhanks po

  129. good evening ate betchay, ask ko lang po kung possible po ba mag-aral ng korean language with a c-3 visa, kasi po i want to make my visit in korea in a productive way.

  130. Hello Ate B and to everyone!
    Kindly share your thoughts pls~
    I went to Korea December,2010 and came back here March, 2011 with a C-3 visa.
    My korean bf purchased a roundtrip ticket for me for July.
    Is it possible to apply visa again in May?
    additional ques: Im working as an Online English Instructor owned by my bf’s mom. It is licensed already in Korea. Would that be enough for my COE?
    Thank you! ^^
    God bless~~~

  131. Hi ate betchay,
    I’d like to seek your advise regarding my situation. Hope you’d hear me on this. I am planning to apply for a TOURIST VISA immediately. here’s the dillema: 1) my husband is ILLEGALLY STAYING IN SK for awhile and we agreed that I will be going there, no plans of working just visit, will come back home and 2) we have a newly opened business only last year.haven’t filed ITR for the previous year yet but will file this week. Naturally, I will not declare CORRECT SALES/INCOME for me not to pay for a higher taxes a month. here are my questions: WOuld they buy if i say that my husband just left me and we are separated? I will be declaring that I am married with a child and would it be possible if I will be making a new ITR myself and pass it to them, of course it’ll be overdeclared? these are my worries. We haven;t seen for 8 years now and the baby is 7 years old whom he hasn’t seen yet. I terribly miss him, bothways…
    Would really appreciate a response. Your blog helps a lot. thanks.

  132. ms. betchay,
    i want to ask if how much do they need for the bank savings account? magkano ba? roughly magkano yung range? hope to hear from you soon.

  133. Hello mam good day po may lang po kung what ang requirements ko kung mag tourist ako sa korea, mag sponsor sa akin yong bf ko na nag wowork sa korea, possible po ba yon? may mga history na naman po ako ng nagtravel ako sa other country.. puede po paki hep ako sa papers na need ko i provide at ng bf ko na asa korea po thanks

  134. Im going to join a senior citizens tour to Korea next month (May), for 5 days, Im excited and wanted to explore more on Korea, foods ,souvineer, gadgets, places, etc. but my problem is I might be short of budget, Im looking for kababayan living in Korea who can help me to find a job for at least 1 month to compensate my expenses before coming back to Philippines. . E9 work, whatever is ok. Im 40 yrs. old male ,fit , Mga kababayan ko jan sa Korea, baka pwede nyo ako matulungan, I have no friends or relatives living in Korea,. please send me e-mail: akira9424@yahoo.com. tel: 632 542 4845 cel: 639083694833, salamat po….

  135. hi betchay!
    is it possible that they will grant me a tourist visa if im a sis in law of a korean national with their invitation only?i don’t have an itr…im planning to go with my parents to visit.

  136. hello to all pinay here in korea ..
    Pleasant afternoon ^_^ I’m just asking lang po, in my friend situation here.
    She married a korean man, kinasal sila sa pinas but tourist visa lang kinuha nya. and then nagpakasal din cxa d2 sa korea, dito na cxa nag pa F2 she already have a ALIEN CARD to indicate na spouse na cxa ng korean man at yun na din yung F2 visa nya but her problem po she want to go back to philippines but she afraid maybe the immigration ask about the CFO certificate. . she don’t have that certificate because she apply only for tourist visa. . Ano po vah dapat gagawin

  137. good evening ate bechay ask ko lang po kung meron po ba “grace period” o validity ang C-3 visa after applying for it?

  138. Hi,
    I will be traveling to Korea as a tourist next month but I have yet to apply for a Visa next week. I haven’t traveled out of the country yet. Although I do have a job, and I have all the requirements, what are the odds that I will be given a Tourist Visa? And how much money (minimum) do I have to have in my bank (stated in the bank certificate) in order to get accepted? I’m a little anxious!

  139. hello good evening tanong ko lang po kung pwede ba i-consider na national ID number ang SSS #/ Driver’s license #
    nasa number 12 item po sya sa visa application form & i am wondering if i have to leave it blank or put sss #/driver’s license # for it.

  140. hello betchay, i am a married to a korean, am also a korean citizennow, ask ko lang kung pwede maginvite ng brother d2 na wala ciang itr.

      1. thanks for the reply miss bechay..same po ba kaya ng requirements nila sa phil.korean embassy at sa ibang bansa like israel..kc balak kong iintivite sister ko this nov. from israel..thanks..again..

  141. hi miss betchay..i wanna ask..kailangan pa po ba ng invitation letter from my friend in korea if mag apply ng tourist visa? and what if po im not employed..i just have bank certificates..thanks po!

    1. and by the way..i do have additional documents of some of my properties here..is that possible to apply for the tourist visa?

      1. im writing base on my experience~
        they didn’t accept my papers the first time I applied. Even though I have all the supporting documents. I didn’t have work then. They said you can’t apply if you’re unemployed.
        You may try it yourself or may ask for others too.

          1. it was optional~
            but i had one personally written by the Korean inviter.
            Since the requirements are changed, I just dont know.
            it’s not stated in the above requirements though.
            So, I guess that would still be optional.

  142. good evening ate betchay, its me again ask ko lang po if pwede po ba kayo maka send ng sample filled up visa application form, gusto ko po malaman how it is filled up. thank you so much 🙂

      1. good day po, is it possible to write 2 addresses in the application form (university address/ address of girlfriend in korea) because im planning to take short-term korean language course for 4 weeks and also visit my girlfriend

        1. Hello ate betchay. It’s been a year since my last post. Actually i didnt pursue my study in korea for some reasons. Now im currently residing in china. I would like to know the requirements to get tourist visa for filipino expats residing in china. Thank you & God Bless.

  143. want to ask lng f pwede kong ma-invite mga kapatid dito sa korea as tourist?once a time pwede bang 3 ang invite?

  144. hi good thing that i saw this website and how accommodating you are in answering your followers queries i also has a very important question my son is back in the Philippines he is 15 month old and this august we plan to bring him here in Korea because his father is also here in Korea we are holders of a missionary visa do you think he still need a visa in case what do you think is needed thank you in advance.

  145. ms.betchay ask ko lng po if paano mgtourist s korea nandun kasi bf ko kya lng wla akong itr xabroad po ako gus2 ko sana makapagtourist s korea ..

  146. hi po. ms betchay first tym ko po mgttravel and gus2 ko po sa korea pumunta after my graduation or mga november 2012…tpos ung korean classmate ko bbgyan dw po ako ng letter of invitation pra mkpunta sa korea….un lng po b ang kailngan niang ibgay letter of invitation???tpos ask ko n rin po kng ano requirements as a tourist po..kpg my letter of invitation po b at kumpleto requirements sure n mkkpasa sa pag-aaply ng visa?mrming mrming slmat po..^_^

  147. ms betcHAy, pano kung wlang ITR ? may friend kc akong nagwork sa korea military sya , he wants me to go there. ano dpat gawin kpag wlang ITR? x abroad din ako

  148. ms betcHAy, pano kung wlang ITR ? may friend kc akong nagwork sa korea military sya , he wants me to go there. ano dpat gawin kpag wlang ITR? x abroad din ako

  149. hello po.im 17 yrs old and plano ko po sana na pumunta ng korea. ask ko lang po kase 1st time kong mag-aabroad and korea pa kung madedeny kagad yung visa kase 1st time pa lang mag out of the country .. thanks ..hope for your response

  150. hello po.im 17 yrs old and plano ko po sana na pumunta ng korea. ask ko lang po kase 1st time kong mag-aabroad and korea pa kung madedeny kagad yung visa kase 1st time pa lang mag out of the country .. thanks ..hope for your response

  151. hi ask ko lng kc ive been in korea for 4 yrs then d ko na extend ung visa ko ng 6 months so ala akong visa while im working then i decided to go back to phils .. im just thinking if i still can go back der or do i have to wait for another year …?? d na ba ako pwedeng bumalik ng KOREA or pwede 6 months lng nmn akong alang visa .. Kung ban man ako ilang yrs nmn un b4 i can go back der in korea ??? tnx hope to hear from u .

  152. hi ask ko lng kc ive been in korea for 4 yrs then d ko na extend ung visa ko ng 6 months so ala akong visa while im working then i decided to go back to phils .. im just thinking if i still can go back der or do i have to wait for another year …?? d na ba ako pwedeng bumalik ng KOREA or pwede 6 months lng nmn akong alang visa .. Kung ban man ako ilang yrs nmn un b4 i can go back der in korea ??? tnx hope to hear from u .

  153. hi MS BETCHAY,ask ko lng kc ive been in korea for 4 yrs then d ko na extend ung visa ko ng 6 months so ala akong visa while im working then i decided to go back to phils .. im just thinking if i still can go back der or do i have to wait for another year …?? d na ba ako pwedeng bumalik ng KOREA or pwede 6 months lng nmn akong alang visa .. Kung ban man ako ilang yrs nmn un b4 i can go back der in korea ??? tnx hope to hear from u .

  154. hi MS BETCHAY,ask ko lng kc ive been in korea for 4 yrs then d ko na extend ung visa ko ng 6 months so ala akong visa while im working then i decided to go back to phils .. im just thinking if i still can go back der or do i have to wait for another year …?? d na ba ako pwedeng bumalik ng KOREA or pwede 6 months lng nmn akong alang visa .. Kung ban man ako ilang yrs nmn un b4 i can go back der in korea ??? tnx hope to hear from u .

  155. ask ko lng if may nakakaalam po, ung sa numbers 14 and 15 na requirement…if my sister is married to a Korean and my mom and dad could be approved of a multiple entry visa, is it possible for me (a sister-in-law of a Korean) to get approved of the same visa?kasi hindi mentioned sa 14 pero sa 15, kung ang parents ng isang individual ay approved of multiple entry, possible na magkaroon ka din ng ganitong visa…help naman po, thanks!

  156. hi bechay ask ko lang kung panu mag aply ng work sa korea and i very interested work there.

    1. Hi Ronald! The best way is to go through the POEA. Hindi kasi madali pumunta sa ibang bansa kung wala kang sasandalan sakaling magka-problema. Isa sa requirement nila ay mag-take ng Korean language classes. Kung professional job naman ang gusto mo, mas maganda mag-apply ka sa isang Korean company sa Pilipinas at hopefully ipadala ka sa Korea para magtrabaho.

      1. hi ms betchay;
        ask ko lang po may alam po ba kau or kung baka may kakilala kau na may alam san po may korean language school na maganda magturo?dami kase ko nakikita sa internet kaso d ko alam san maganda pumasok…..taga laguna po ako…tnx

  157. hi bechay ask ko lang kung panu mag aply ng work sa korea and i very interested work there.

    1. Hi Ronald! The best way is to go through the POEA. Hindi kasi madali pumunta sa ibang bansa kung wala kang sasandalan sakaling magka-problema. Isa sa requirement nila ay mag-take ng Korean language classes. Kung professional job naman ang gusto mo, mas maganda mag-apply ka sa isang Korean company sa Pilipinas at hopefully ipadala ka sa Korea para magtrabaho.

      1. hi ms betchay;
        ask ko lang po may alam po ba kau or kung baka may kakilala kau na may alam san po may korean language school na maganda magturo?dami kase ko nakikita sa internet kaso d ko alam san maganda pumasok…..taga laguna po ako…tnx