When I first came here, I was almost clueless when it comes to cooking. I had to call my sister, who really cooks well, in the Philippines for help! She laughed at me everytime because I sounded so stupid with my questions. I really like eating but I don’t really know how to cook. But cooking is a necessity rather than a hobby. If I don’t cook, who will? I can’t and I shouldn’t expect my husband to cook for us. It would be unfair since he’s been working so hard in the office while I just stayed home playing the computer and watching TV.
That’s why I’m so glad for the internet because I can access millions of recipes in seconds, be it Filipino, Korean, Thai, Mexican or any other cuisine in the world. One of my favorite foodblogs is Pinoycook written by the Sassy Lawyer. Her blog is educational and entertaining to read — edutaiment. I guess that’s what I love most about it, it isn’t boring. Another thing is that she features a lot of Filipino foods and she experiments with different ingredients.
Today, I’m cooking lumpiang shanghai. Guess where I got the recipe from? 😉

  1. lol… i really love reading your journals.. it’s really quite entertaining….. i like reading about your daily life in korea… i would love to visit sk someday… i feel your pain.. bwahaha coz’ i’m in my early twenties… nows ^^ and yet i still don’t really know how to cook.. i pity my future husband to be.. coz’ i can’t cook either <.<

  2. HUHUHU its my weakest link grrr..Dont know how to cook either..Should I marry a husband who has a profession related to cooking..A chef for instance LOL!

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